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      Yeah, it looks like you posted duplicate visitor messages on my profile. I don't know if that was the fault of you or your internet connection. But don't be nervous around other people. Everyone on Dreamviews is really friendly from what I can tell, and I've been here for four years. Though I only started talking to people in the past year or so.

      Send people PM's if you have questions or want to chat, leave visitor messages for people. Read other people's DJs and leave comments and likes. Start discussion and get engaged in lucid dreaming. It will help to keep you motivated and thinking about LDing.
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      Hello to you!
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    "...what we experience is our model of reality, not reality itself. Perception is dreaming constrained by sensory input. So itís a constrained dream, whereas dreaming is perception free of constraint. What exactly is the difference experientially between the dream and waking state? And you see, itís the same stuff. Itís all illusion! "Stephen LaBerge


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    15/03/2016_ WILD-DILD - LSILD, Amazing flight (Huge tree, Ocean, Surrealistic place), ToTM

    by SearcherTMR on 03-15-2016 at 04:40 PM
    This was one of my most wonderful lucids ever!

    Slept 23:30-04:40, WBTB up to 05:00, headphones with white noise on + freestyle SSILD (LSILD).
    I relax for over an hour with free-style SSILD, changed position and at some point I realize I am in bed listening to my white noise, but a moment ago I was dreaming (I have forgotten it by now). So, I know a dream is very close and I simply pay attention. A few seconds later I see my hands holding a book. I know they are the dream ones and try to move them. I feel the familiar bilocation sensation and I transition to the dream, palpating my body and increasing clarity. My feet are somewhat strange and I walk in the room still feeling my head on my pillow. This feeling gradually brings me back to bed. I remain still and wait for the dream to start again. A few seconds later I feel the bilocation again, imagine and feel the movement, and in a moment I am in the dream again. Its semi-dark and I am in an old home. I try to jump and I easily float. Then I tell myself that I will go to an amazing place and I immediately feel a strong pull, dragging me backwards at increasing speed! I am dragged and fly through various locations very quickly (clarity increases at this point and everything is crisp clear now) and in an instant I turn around and I fly straight - through an arch and over old fashioned, almost historical buildings.

    I easily fly and navigate over the tops and on the horizon there is a huge tree. Its bright light by now and I fly towards the huge tree.

    Its top is flat with branches extending horizontally to all directions and on the plateau there are very small buildings - like ancient churches or something. I fly around the branches amazed by the beauty and the vividness of the scene. Its as good as it can get! I feel Iíve been to this tree before. Then I see a lake with people bathing nearby. I fly towards them, they are afraid and run aside, but I just fly over them and continue to land nearby at an opening. I then remember to do a ToTM. I think of the Fly over the ocean. I look arround to see the ocean but I canít. Its getting dark again and I am in the country side, buildings are far away at the horizon, but no ocean. I float up and I see that behind the buildings, there is the ocean. I start flying towards it but have some difficulty reaching it - I am not traveling that fast. At some point I reach the sea and I am flying at low height above the see. The see is shallow and there are big black and white pebbles visible in the water.

    Workers are all over the place with their feet in the water, dressed in black.

    Some are working, some are dancing, dome are doing acrobatics. There are also ships and trucks (halve in the water) among the workers. I fly higher and increase speed, and gradually its totally dark. I keep flying and imagine the sunrise. After a while I begin to see a faint blue line in the horizon. I am still over the see and its starting getting bright again. The image starts to get a strange feeling - somewhat extra-real and I can now see the end of the ocean. I reach now at the other side and its like a surreal painting of Salvador Dali (it looks familiar from some painting).

    I land there and realize I am on a skate of sorts. I skate between the sculpture-like, surreal things (its like a park with statues and exhibits, but surreal, like a painting). I then get into a home (donít remember how) and after looking around a bit and wondering what else to do, I remembered the fire-ice bonus task. I put my hands together palm-to palm and imagine fire within. Thick, white smoke comes up and I feel hot inside. I open them and there are flames on my palms.

    I am a bit afraid, but its not burning, just very hot. I keep walking into the aristocratic house and thing about the ice part, but the dream starts to de-stabilize
    and I find myself in bed. This was simply amazing!

    Updated 03-15-2016 at 04:47 PM by SearcherTMR


    20/02/2016 DILD#127-Galant-ToTM: Call to Essassani, Look at cloudy sky, fly, walk around

    by SearcherTMR on 02-20-2016 at 09:37 PM
    Went to bed at 00:00 after taking 50mg 5HTP, WBTB from 05:50 to 06:00 taking 8mg Galantamine.
    Relaxed deeply but stayed awake for over an hour - turned right and drifted to sleep. I was dreaming that I was in my room moving in the dark having difficulty due to things in my way and sheets cought on my leg - then it hit me: am I dreaming? Finger through Palm:+!!! Yes, This is a dream! I move around in the dark and free myself from the sheets but there is something covering my right eye. I get out in the balcony and take off easily! I fly around over people in a big field moving effortlessly - it's beautilul! I hear an engine sound while flying. Then I loose the image and I am now in a dark room. I remember to do the ToTM. Since I am inside I can't look at the sky, so I try for the call to another planet (I had pre-decided to call to Essassani and speak with Bashar using FryingMan's voice dialing idea). I look in both my pockets (I am wearing a sports trousers) but there is no phone. Then I hear a phone ringing - its in my back bag! I reach and get the bag and in it there is my iPhone. The screen is black but I simply say: I want to speak with someone on Essassani! To my surprise, a male voice answers: Sissassani is not here.....some gibberish and:...here is only color yellow. I say again: I want to speak with Bashar! Voice: ....some gibberish and: not here. I find the door and get outside. The image is very clear now and I am at a yard with trees between old-fashioned buildings. I try again and this time I manage to free my left eye from whatever was covering it. I remembered the "look at the sky ToTM" and look up: The sky between the trees is all covered with clouds. Thick grey-purple rain clouds, no clear part of the sky (interestingly, today the sky was exactly like that while yesterday it was clear...). I start walking through the yard... ... there is more but I will keep this part private

    Updated 02-21-2016 at 07:54 PM by SearcherTMR


    30.05.2015_ WILD_Cramps, nail treatment, landscape summoning, tests

    by SearcherTMR on 05-31-2015 at 01:12 PM
    Lately, due to work I didn't have time to try anything, but today I had a day off and having slept adequately last night I tried WILDing in the midday nap.
    So, I was sleepy (after reading about LD) but not very tired, and lied down with reminders in 60, 90, 120 and 150 mins. I relaxed but remained focused repeating the phrase "I remain aware". I was drifting in and out of awareness and at some point I felt I could roll and separate - but no luck. I then got up, as I had to use the bathroom, reset my timers and repeated the procedure. I remember listening to at least 3 of them ( some while I was lucid, and I was afraid that I will lose lucidity), but after waking up, only the first one had actually beeped...This second time, I relaxed deeper and found myself loosing consciousness much easier - but then I was back again feeling my body. During the deepenings I recall some random imagery (a strange statue, a meadow - that I imagined and then it took on on its own etc) and some hypnagogic sounds that I correctly recognized as such. At some time I felt the familiar sensation of my body starting to roll by itself and I was happy! But right then, I got that painful cramp right were the movement was felt more intense - in my waist - and it blocked the movement. I simply relaxed and just waited, and soon another strong movement started - and the same painful cramp. This time it turned me around and I was now lying on my belly. I knew I was in my dream body - and I was holding my mobile phone. Nevertheless I did a finger through Palm RC - that was positive - and I stood up with no sight. I felt my hands and body trying to stabilize the dream but still no sights - and still some cramp in my waist. I imagined being in a beach and simply waited. Btw I was hearing road sounds and thought that they were real-world and was worried if the dream ones will cover them (when I woke up, I realized that my room was actually very quite). So, gradually I started to hear beach sounds and then I saw a beach - like a sketch/comic and it was moving all around me. I tried to stabilize it and gradually I was on a real beach with my feet in the sand. I then remembered my goal, took of my right sock (I had quite some difficulty taking it off as new layers of it were underneath but I finally did it) and my big nail was as it is in real life - with nail fungus. I manifested a glowing light between my hands - that was actually quite thick, almost pasty - and covered my nail saying that this will cure it. I saw the fungus floating in the light and then my nail was perfectly clear and healthy! I was so happy that I started laughing out of happiness within the dream! Then I got up and thought of what to do next. I was now in a kitchen, so I took a knife to see how it cuts dream objects but the dream faded. Tried to stabilize it but I was without visuals again. Still I was feeling my dream body and I had now moved in a lying position. Tried the finger through Palm RC: positive. Then tried to squeeze and cut one of my fingers but got a very strong, painful cramp in that finger, so I had to stop. I thought that these can't just be dream hands. Some form of energy must flow in them and that's why it hurts when I interrupt it. Then I woke in my bed...
    After waking up, I recalled other times that I had cut my fingers in a LD with no sensation at all...

    27.04.2015_DILD_ Raduga recording_ tests in room

    by SearcherTMR on 05-02-2015 at 12:07 PM
    Didn't sleep we'll that night and after WBTB, went again to bed with the Raduga recording on...
    At some point - don't remember how - I realized that I am in a dream (in a room) lucid. I decided to just play around with the dream (I actually remembered the portable hole TotM, but decided not to do it as the month was almost over - after waking up, I was quite surprised that this was indeed correct). So, I intentionally changed a Mona-Lisa wall picture, teleported a Coffee Machine from a shelf and then made all the stuff from the shelf fall down in front of me. Then I went to the TV set and tried to grab the hostess out of it. I felt her back and neck quite real and pulled her out - she was the size of a big doll. Then I must have drifted into a normal dream that I can't remember...
    P.s. I was quite busy these days and didn't have time to record this...

    15.04.2015_DILD_flight, red shoes, surgery preparation.

    by SearcherTMR on 04-15-2015 at 07:26 AM
    After a normal dream - that I have voice-recorded - I found myself playing with hypnagogic imagery. I see a city street and practice flying by extending my arms and try to fly Superman-style. At the same time, I feel my self in bed pretty well (I am quite sure - now, after awakening - that this was a dream-bed, so the next LD was a DILD). I have the same problem I have in most of my lucids - inability to gain height. I run, jump superman-style and I land and slide with my belly - again and again. I am on a terrace by now and keep on jumping and landing on my belly - but the dream has cleared by now and I am fully there.
    Next jump, I grab my parachute controls, pull down hard and immediately I gain height and I am now flying over the blocks of flats - I am in a city, but I don't recognize the place. I try to get more height and after some difficulty, I succeed. There is a slight covering of my left eye - left from the dream blankets but I know that if I ignore it, it will clear out - as it eventually does. I make a 360į turn on air and enjoy my flight. I then decide to land and accomplish some lucid tasks of mine. I land and think of making some affirmations but it's getting dark fast and some kids are around, so I walk and try to stabilize the dream. My daughter appears and says that her shoes are not right. I notice that she is wearing a red dress and simple, red shoes. I say dont worry! I will change them to better-looking ones. So, I cover them with my hands one-by-one and try to make them pretty - but hey remain quite similar.

    I say, it's ok - they will soon change, we are in a dream now and kiss her on the forehead. I feel a wonderful sense of freedom being in the dream and think, what should I do now? Well, let's rehearse a surgery (arthroscopy). I go into the nearby block and start climbing the stairs, imagining that the surgery room is upstairs. Next floor, it's indeed the preparation room, quite luxurious for its purpose with a large mirror and thick carpets.

    There is my surgery suit waiting for me in a hanger. I take of my coat - wondering for a moment if it's safe to leave it here - but then remembered that yea, it's a dream. I have some difficulty getting dressed - and I find a way around: put my suit in front of me, look in the mirror, take the suit aside and I am dressed (in another one, same to the first). So, I walk to the main desk, greet the stuff - the secretary said that the next surgery is about to begin - and as I walk into the theater, the dream fades
    and I am in bed...next time...
    That lucid felt really good - not only the flight, I had a sense of freedom throughout the dream. Woke up quite happy!

    Updated 04-15-2015 at 10:52 AM by SearcherTMR