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    Very vivid dream about war against some sort of nazis.

    by Seltiez on 12-08-2014 at 06:53 PM
    I was in this 1900 german city. We were in this old building with mu friends from military and we were supposed to backup and save the people who are currently outside battling. I had the same assalut rifle as i had in military.We decided to leace when fear hit me. We were just opening the door and my friend first ran out and i followed behind him. We were in middle of this old city in this town square like are and there we fire every were. There was also statue of military man in middle of it. It was darl but the fire made it easy to see. I ran quilcly to cover to behind rumbled. I wenr into panic mode because i saw my friends die around me. I started shooting the bad guys and started running and grapped my friend and carried him to one of the building. When i was inside i looked at my friend and he was dead but he didnt look like human. It was weird he looked ver disturbing. Well inside the hous i met lots of my military friends from real life and we spole we need to save other ones. Every body in this dark buolding were on mission to save our troops. All most everybody was too scared to go outside again and i als felt the fear. I heard some of my friends were outside so i forced myself to go save them.
    I went to the door and opened it slowly and looked what was hapening town square.
    There were like 100 soldiers in black nazi uniforms in form and their leader was giving soeech to them. I quicly and silently glided to the first cover i could find. I was really scared at this point. I sneaked outside the town square without being noticed.
    There was part i dont remember. Now i was near sead over the submarine. I met this military girl from our side and she told me our situation. At this point the dream had tool weird turn. Every single one soldier was just recovering dead bodies and our wounded troops by themself and bringing them to this submarine. This were my dream fused with my old recurring war dreams from years ago. I got inside this submarine but it wasnt submarine. It was this futuristic place were we lived because of some accident outside.
    I look around the place it wa huge. There were class room, gardens and stairs going every were and the levitating elevator carring you all over the place.
    Nothing intresting happened there just me looking around the place until i woke up.
    My other dreams were just dreams from real life nothin worth remembering.

    Weird mario land and parachute jumping.

    by Seltiez on 12-07-2014 at 04:21 PM
    I was wilded without intention to actually trying to wild. I saw the dream forming but it was hard get sunk into the dream and lose my physical sense. I took it slowly and imgined myself walking in the dream then suddenly i was in the dream but it wasnt clear. I took it slowly and carefully observed the dream. It was really weird place. It look like place from mario games but in more realistic way. I began to walk to this building. I waited for me to go deeper into sleep before i started doing something. I saw my sister in the building and told her just in case she was dreaming. She didnt believe me and i though maybe she is jus DC. I was in this work shop and i saw many lockers there. I was lucid and at this point the dream was really vivid and clear. I looked inside the locker to see any interesting object or food which is really common for me to increase my lucidity. After awhile my dream was as clear vivid and reality so i went outside. The place didnt have solid ground and it was in sky and it had narrow walk places like in marion all over the places so i decided to fly. I looked around and decided to travel egypt. I flew for awhile but i didnt get there even though i had intention it been really close. I landed from the sky to this land. It was small and everything else was covered by ocean. I started doing dream control moving water rocks and then tried to make food appear. My hands started creating colorful light and i ended up creating white ball. I ate it and it was sweet dou/toffee candy. I tried to do kamehameha but it ended up being match smaller and less powerfull than i tried to. I heard someone calling me and i woke up to this banging noise and it turnes out someone was ringing door bell.

    I went sleep again later and ended up dreaming about my work. I work at fixing and painting 6 floor building and for some reason my brother was there. He had i parachute and i asked to try it and lets go it at mcdonalds. I jumbed of the building but the parachute got to this know and i fell way too fast and i though i was dying but when i hit the ground the inpact was very mild and nothing hapoened. I almmost became lucid but some dc distracted me and i saw some burger place in front of me. I was going to buy the food but i didnt have money and my brother wasnt there. I walked to the building and walked the stairs to the roof. Now there was my brother and work friend and we were going to end the day of work. I looked at my legs and i was wearing shorts which i wear usually at home. Again i was really close to lucidity until i saw my pants laying in the floor with mess of our work tools. I changed them and decide try the parachute again. It was wet and cold outside i remember the view so clearly and it looked like the place i lived but there was it still rea÷ly different. I jumped down and this time the building was taller. I jumped and began to faln i pulled my parachute imidientally buIt didnt open properly i look at it in panic and it just before ground opened and again i didnt feel the inpact. I was thinking this is weird and all most became lucid but then i thought but yeah the parachute just saved me and quit thinking if i could be dreaming. Again for some reason i decided to walk stairs bacl to the roof but now there was my brother and we decided to go to sauna and i wone up very soon after that.

    End of earth and travel trough space to other planet:D. Cool dream.

    by Seltiez on 12-06-2014 at 09:13 PM
    I have had like dozens of dream which are based on escaping earth to other planet.
    Yesterday i had one of them.
    First thing i remember being in airport and knowing that we had to escape earth. I dont remeber how excatly i got to this space ship but there were like 5 other people with me. The space ship wasnt a rocket it was more like round ship. It was very roomy inside. It hard to describe how it looked but there was this normal seats and screen and control room. We sat into benches and launched to space. I felt really sad at this point because it felt like end of everything. When we launched to space i went outside without any space suit. I had this rope attached to me so i wouldnt flew away. I got out and saw the earth. We were just spinning around the earth in space me attached to the space ship by only a rope without any suits on. I looked at how beautifull the space was. I noticed the earth was much smaller and it was spinning way too fast. It didnt look like you could go into the earth it looked more like huge ball. It didnt have much depth in it. I looked around the darkness of the space and began to move farther away from the space ship. It was amazing and scary at the same time. I felt like i was going to get lost into the space so i made sure my rope still there and i told everybody to go in and continue trip. It was sad experience because we knew there was no going back it felt i truly left my home with no hope coming back.
    Well we got to this planet that looked like mars and stepped out it was completly dead and there was only land. We spoke about how this is it we made it. From there we walked around there it was different from mars though. There were flat surface and sudden huge mountain spears reahing as far as i could see. I felt very empty- There were supposed to be small society there that we could live there. I dont remember excatly how we got this point but we lived in that society few weeks. I had become close to our small group. There were like 20 people there and everything was build out of rock and there was no nature there. The sky was dark but you could live in this place. One of us decided to leave this place and look for something else. I followed him. This part burned to my memory. I was walking out of this stone building and just waving good bye the people along the way. Everybody looked sad and it was just one good bye without the exchange of words that we said. We got out and there was this one guy who was really good friend of mine. I told him i need to look for better place and the one i was following just continued walk road to ship. I looked slowly away and continued follow him. I looked around me and there was nothing same thing flat mars like ground and this very tall but narrow montain every were. We just walked around them and walked for awhile until we saw the ship. I felt really lost because i felt like i was continuing looking something for eternity. We got on board just the two of us and i became sad because i knew i wouldnt see those people again and maybe never finding anything again. We flew to space and soon after that i woke up.
    I very often have this type of dreams since child. Always leave the earth looking something but there arent anything better. All most excatly same ship in every on of them but i had pretty cool visual experience in this dream. It was beautifull but sad.

    My Obe experience. Happened 7 months ago in military.

    by Seltiez on 12-04-2014 at 06:33 PM
    I was military at that time. We just previous day had marched 60km and i physically really tired but mentally very alert.
    As the night came we had to go to sleep and as soon as i hit the bed bam! i felt this complete wave of full relaxation. I wasnt mentally tired but physically i was so comftrable. I started to feel that my bed was spinning and then felt that my head was expanding. I felt like pac man and suddenly my awareness started to move from my body to that huge head. Then i felt strong pull like i was leaking out of my body and i just started to little by little saw our room. I saw my military friend closer than usually from my bed and i looked around and i was all most in middle of our room and saw my body laying there. This freaked me out and i snapped back to my body. It felt real. I really thought it could have actually been my consciousness leaving my body but i cant be sure from only that experience. I was mentally really awake all the time there was no lapse in my awareness and i didnt mentally feel even for a moment that i was about to sleep.
    So when i was back in my body i tried to look around and here were something really scary happened. I was at the bottom bunk and the whole room was really dark i look at side of me and i fucking saw hand reaching for my face and near the cabinet i saw face peeking at me. I tried to smack that hand away but it went right trough it and i realized it was hallusination and closed my eyes for a sec and it was gone. Thats it.
    I have a lot of crazy experiences like this from military because excaustation and lack of sleep cause really funny things.

    Mountains and flying. Really cool lucid dream.

    by Seltiez on 12-03-2014 at 11:54 PM
    Tried to wild and failed but still became lucid.

    I was in a forest but the nature was different from my country. I looked around and it just didnt seem right. The trees just were really different. I looked around little bit and realized i was dreaming. I looked my hands and they looked really clear and focused. I looked around again while thinking what should i do. I saw mountain up ahead and decided to walk there. I climbed the mountain normally just to see how it would feel compared to reality physical toll on body. It felt excatly the same. So i started jumping from rock to rock and it felt really clumsy because it was so clear and i kind hesitated because of the realism of the dream. So i tried to jump faster until i decided to give up and flew to top of the mountain. I looked around and it was beautifull I saw only forest around me and really bright sun up ahead. I walk towards the edge of the mountain (It had flat surface). I thought i should see drop down and stop right before the ground. So i took one more step and began to fell really slowly. I tried to make my fall faster but my mind was stopping it. I decided to just fly as fast as i could.
    As i started to increase my speed i just couldnt get faster certain point it was really slow. I felt the cool air and the tug in my stomach but i couldnt just push myself go to faster. I just stopped in the air looked around and thought how amazing and clear the dream was. It just were so vivid. I began to notice dream fading and tried to fly faster and grap something but the faded and faded until i saw everything really blurry i grapped the tree before i lost my vision and fell to darkness. I still felt the tree in my hand but nothing else everything were just dark. I the began to lost the sensation of the tree and i lost all sense and was second in a complete darkness and until i suddenly just darkness changed and i felt my body. I opened my eyes and was awake. This dream was one of those really vivid and high lucidity.