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    1. A while back I tried summoning a ball and using it as an anchor, but that didn't work too well. I don't think it motivated me enough.

      I'm thinking to have a stable dream I have to stay asleep, yet my imagination has to be active. I think both of these things is a matter of staying motivated. When I fail at dream control, it doesn't do much for my motivation.

      I had an LD this morning that lasted a few minutes, which is pretty good for me. I lost lucidity due to a false awakening, so I could have been lucid even longer.

      In the dream I had last night, I first tried to transform into a dolphin but failed. After that I tried to summon a pretty lady but failed. After that I tried several more times to summon a pretty lady.

      I stayed motivated by moving on to something different when I couldn't do something else. I think this sort of win-win mindset does well for my motivation, which does well for the stability of the dream.
    2. Hmmm... It bothers me that you struggle with stabilization. Have you tried some in dream abilities to fix stabilization? Like a machine or a DC or something similar to fix it? I find that stabilization is usually a result of dream control, so dream control is really helpful to fix it.

      Glad to hear that you are still LDing. It saddens me when people stop LDing.
    3. I've been having just a few LDs a week and am still struggling with dream control and stablization. I still enjoy LDing though, and look forward to it each night.
    4. Hey, how has LDing been? I haven't talked to you in a while.
    5. Thanks Sensei!
    6. Dang it! dreamer beat me here! Awesome avatar! It is quite "you" .

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