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    1. That sounds fun. I shall sign up. Thanks for letting me know.
    2. Hi Are you gonna join the next comp? It's going to start next friday. Hosts are me and dolphin this time around.
    3. Mastering DILD is gonna be ★ and mastering WILD is gonna also be ★
      Right now I am getting very close to both, so I'll have it replacing the ✩✩ when I achieve them. When I get both of them, I will have mastered achieving lucidity.
    4. What do the two stars represent in your LD count?
    5. Aw, okay
    6. nope. I'm retired from competitions. They don't really help me anymore. They used to help a lot with things like pushing myself harder and keeping my attention focused on LDing, but now they just distract from my work of LDing.
    7. Hi dude Are you joining the next comp?
    8. Late reply. Glad you liked it. I have a new updated version coming soon.
    9. Hi! Iv been using your dream-goal journal "technique" and it is giving great results. Thank you for the idea!
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