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      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    2. yeah I'm getting around to it. I've been really busy recently.
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      Hey man have you had any success with the binaural track you made? Are you going to post any clips soon? I posted some of the ones I made in Lucid Aids if you're curious what Gnaural is capable of.
    4. I program mainly shell based applications but I'm working toward games. I know C99,
      Java, HTML, and PHP. Why do you ask?
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      Hi Shadow27,

      I'm curious--what do you program?...and could you program a game? A very simple game?
    6. Hehe
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      Lovely forum avatar. I stop reading to look at the waves it makes
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    About Shadow27

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    About Shadow27
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    I have been programming since I was 13 and playing an
    instrument since I was 12. I now know 4 programming languages
    and 5 instruments. I have a wide range of interests but my life
    essentially revolves around computers and music. I can recite 97
    digits of pi. My favorite food is Calamari.

    I am currently a student at Millersville University of Pennsylvania,
    with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Music. I know
    C99, Java, HTML, and PHP. I play the Alto Saxophone, Soprano
    Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, and Trumpet. I aspire to march with
    the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, hopefully in the summer of
    2012. I practice parkour. I like cars. I am interested in graphic
    design. Thats about it.
    Country Flag:
    The Bunker
    Computer Science, Music, Lucid Dreaming, Firearms, Graphic Design, Mechanical Engineering
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    03-31-2011  03:01 AM
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    Recent Entries

    2011-03-27 | mild

    by Shadow27 on 03-31-2011 at 03:01 AM
    Again, I wake up from a dream I do not recall and decide to MILD

    I am walking through an alley of a town and it is dark. It gets light and for some reason
    I do a reality check. My finger goes through my palm and I am surprised. It is now daylight
    and I know I am dreaming. I get out my phone and, unlike most of my dreams, it works fine.
    Unfortunately, My crush's number is not in my contacts. It doesn't even cross my mind to
    enter it in manually as I am only partially lucid. I try the "open door" technique several times.
    The first time, it brings up someone completely different who attacks me. After fighting her
    off, I try again several times to no avail. The time is actually brings her into the dream, she
    is about six inches tall. I try a few other things all of which fail.
    The dream ends.

    2011-03-26.3 | nonlucid

    by Shadow27 on 03-31-2011 at 02:54 AM
    I am at a building and I have just received a letter. It is a company offering me a job because
    they are so impressed with my piece, "Dance of Dreams". I am excited. I walk out of the building
    into a grassy area and I find myself in a grocery store with my mom. I see my marching band
    director, Mr. Decker, and show him the letter. He says "Good job". Later, in the checkout, I show
    the letter to my mom. She is delighted. The checkout comes to $700. I then find myself in a dorm
    that is apparently for my high school even though it is not a boarding school. I am visiting. I walk
    down a hall to a place where a bunch of people are sitting I see one of my friends, standing, and
    I talk to him. I notice that sitting in the group of about six or seven people, is my crush. I say "hi"
    and awkwardly move to the end of the hallway where it turns right. At the end of the next hall there
    is an open door and I see another friend from high school. He says he has to get a shower but we
    should get lunch later. I agree, then go to the next room which is mine. I examine the letter again.
    It has a lot of information about my piece including the key which was listed as D ( it is really Eb )
    as well as the solfege progression, all in the some table. It had then turned to being a college
    asking me to transfer which I am quite disgusted by as I love Millersville and would not transfer. I
    decided I would turn them down.
    The dream ends.

    2011-03-26.2f | nonlucid

    by Shadow27 on 03-31-2011 at 02:42 AM
    This dream is 3rd person camera view

    Edward Norton is being chased by cops for comitting murder or something. He is driving
    a red pickup truck. The cops finally pull him over and check his car. They find a gun. His
    grandmother comes out of a nearby house and claims he is innocent. A guy is after him for
    The dream ends.

    2011-03-26 | mild

    by Shadow27 on 03-31-2011 at 02:38 AM
    I wake up at about 4:00AM and decide to try MILDing. I say to myself that I want to
    have a lucid dream but I don't repeat it like a mantra. I think about what it feels like
    to be in a lucid dream and let my mind wander. I drift off and have this dream:

    I am in a store. My "family" is there with me and some other employees. The store
    is being watched by robbers or something and we are defending it. They have tapped
    into our security cameras to watch us and we know it. Our leader says "Don't move
    eradically or they will know we are aware of their tap. A guy moves and somethings
    happens with the camera but the robbers don't notice. "See?" the leader says. We
    get everything ready for the invasion then start jumping around to attract the robbers'
    attention. I wake up on the couch at home. I get up and have a feeling I am still dreaming
    I am also fearing that the robbers are coming. I have to go to the bathroom so I go to the
    one off from the kitchen. Afterward, before I leave, I decide to reality check. I stick my
    finger through my palm. At first, it won't go through. I try again for the hell of it. It works.
    I then look closer and find that it just went between my fingers. I try this several times and
    the same thing happens. I think "If it is a dream it is quite clear and vivid." I leave the bathroom
    with some sort of porcelain discus in my hand. My mom and dad are in the kitchen. I throw it
    and think about it coming back. I am almost making it do so. I do this several more times
    making my way to the adjacent dining room. My mom is beside me and my dad across the
    table. I turn to my mom and tell her I am dreaming. I would not have been able to do this
    otherwise. I give the discus and she tries.
    I then wake up for real.
    lucid , false awakening

    Programmer's Haven

    by Shadow27 on 03-26-2011 at 03:37 AM
    Here is where programmers interested in working on the Lucid
    dreaming game can come to chat about things that need to be
    done and share code that they have written for the project.

    If you are new to programming, don't fret. I will be giving a crash
    course in C ( Programming Tutorial )

    I will also use this page to keep track of the contributors to the
    programming aspect of this game. If you are on the team or
    are interested in joining, if I have missed you, please post here
    to have your name on the list.

    Current Programmers: