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      Nice avatar, I love frozen (^o^)
    2. I even don't know what to answer - i don't have TV at home. And try not to read about news in internet. I think you know about our politics more than me.
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      You're from Russia? That's cool. I heard Vladimir Putin is being made Chancellor of Russia for life, is that true? I'm curious.
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      It counts separately
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      hi there, add u , your dreams is very interesting
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    cruel world

    by she on 03-06-2016 at 09:25 AM
    I was in my bed, and heard that my son was in the room, but I didnít see him. I asked husband and counted fingers. Too many. I jumped into the window (it was 8 th floor) and I new that the ground would be like trampoline. It was. So I stood in the street and remembered about TOTM with the guide. I cried several times that I need a dream guide and so on. People around me were waving hands to me. It was funny. I couldnít remember other task and I decided to fly. I wanted to fly above the forest ( I like it) but there were only roofs and markets. I was tired of all this civilization and flew to the fields of vineyard, but there were a lot of bulldozers. I was really upset and found myself in front of a big broken mirror. I went through it several times and found another broken mirror behind it. At last I found myself in the room and I went through the door. There were several voices, but I didnít see anybody. There was a window and I thought that it was a good way to escape from the room. I jumped through the window ( high floor as usual) and saw tree boys about five years on the ground. I decided to cry as I really fell from the roof. They were scared and began to cry. I landed on my feet. The boys smiled. I said : Never repeat this!!! I tried to remember TOTM and remembered with fire and ice on the palm. Iíve made the fire before but never summon ice. First I summon fire. On my palm appeared a red spot and then a little fire like from the candle. It was a bit tickles. Then I decided to summon an ice. I felt nothing. It appeared from the line in the palm and looked like a diamonds. Then I heard kidís voice. A boy was talking on the balcony on the second floor. I flew to him. I showed him how to make fire and ice on the palm and even to mix them . There was a steel locust on my palm. We were talking, but I donít remember the subject. The meaning was all the world around us is cruel and strong one eats the weak one. I didnít see a boy Ė only his voice and saw a picture of a boy on the sheet of paper. He played with the toys and his game was cruel. I looked at my palm. My locust ate some paper and was in fire. I didnít like my locust and put it on the balcony. I didnít like the boyís games and said bye-bye and flew to the street. I tried to remember other TOTM, but couldnít and decided to wake up.
    lucid , task of the month

    sex with little mermaid

    by she on 02-08-2016 at 06:29 PM
    I was in my car and my car was swimming along the river-street, I saw a submarine and thought about light traffic Than i looked at my hands and understood that it can be a dream. I desided to make a TOTY with fairies. Put my hand in the water through the open window and picked up a litlle mermaid. I was interested how mermaids have sex and began to explore her tail. There was some moving flakes and they opened a hole enough to put a finger. Than i lost my awareness and had sex with mermaid.

    Totm done

    by she on 02-08-2016 at 05:55 PM
    Near my house one man is hiding his backpack. For the three days ( in dream world) i saw him hiding and picking it up. On the third day ( It was raining) i came to him and said : "you can keep your things in my house". He looks at me and says nothing. I went to my house. In a few hours a lot of people were in my yard and that man and his mum ( maybe) came to my door and looked inside ( the door was opened) I came to them and said : hey, stop it! We were talking about things, i don't want you to live here! Than his mum said that i stole something from the backpack. I became angry in a moment and beat her. We were fighting a bit, and i thought that i never fight in RL. So it must be a dream. I gave up fighting and went away, but i was really angry, made a fireball and threw it in my yard. I remembered about TOTM and looked at the sky. Nothing intresting. It was night, some clowds and some stars. I looked around finding some wall, but i had only fields around me and my yard with some smoke. I summoned a shop behind me. It was old and i tried to go through the wall, but couldn't even come to it. There were some forse between me and the wall I imagine that i'm a superman and flew to the wall and went through it. After the wall i saw a big room with a lot of chairs upside down. And i awoke.
    lucid , task of the month

    TOTM done:)

    by she on 01-20-2016 at 10:46 AM
    I went home by car and noticed that there were a lot of snow. I turned to another street and found myself in unknown place. I went into a shop, and when leaving ,remembered about LD, count fingers and remembered about the TOTM. I went to the shop once more and took a book from the shelf. The name was in big letters. Something like SOOSAN. But in russian. I looked at it onse more. It was SAANSOS. funny. I put the book and went out. I had to find a DC to make him fly. First creature i met was a small white dog. I made him fly, but from the second attempt. Then put it on the earth. Some old woman came to me and asked some money for the food for dog. I had nothing in pockets, but imaging, that i had money in rucsack. I opened rucsack and found enough money and gave it to the old woman. Then i desided to do TOTY and turn into the dragon. I had a nice plan in RLife how to do it, but i forgot about it and flew, and tried to turn into a dragon flying. I failed and had a false awaking. My sister and her hustband were in my room. Then i woke up in real.
    lucid , task of the month

    petard in fire

    by she on 01-18-2016 at 12:34 PM
    I was in some flat with my mum and 5-years-old niece. Went to the kitchen and saw a big petard in fire.on the table. I was scared and count fingers,then went to mum and niece and said:"don't worry,its a dream! just close the door to the kitchen and all will be ok". several times i opened the door and looked at the petard. it was burning,but not exploded.