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    1. I don't have any experience with Ambien but I know a friend of mine who took it while trying to take a nap and use the WILD method and was very successful most of the time.
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      Can Ambien CAUSE Lucid Dreaming? And after I take it and it kicks in -------- my computer screen looks different ---- more like in 3d. Notes that I've written on paper look like they are above the page. It's weird, but quite enjoyable actually. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    4 days of Lucid Dreaming over the past week or so.

    by shooshtime on 02-19-2018 at 01:02 PM
    4 different days of LD's combined to catch up.

    Can't recall much from the first few, they were dark / black and grey type of LD's that came from the roll over technique of being partially aware that my body is tricked into thinking i'm asleep but I ended up rolling out of my body into my room each time and had very little to no control in the Dream state for some reason..

    2nd day which was about 3 or 4 days ago I believe I became lucid while in an airport. I was putting things into my duffel bag and I put away my Toiletry bag and then I ended up putting away a second Toiletry bag and that made me realize something was up. I knew that I only owned one of those so when I started putting a second one away it made me think I may be dreaming. I did a RC and checked my fingers and had 5 fingers on each hand which was odd but I could feel I was in the dream universe and checked again and I had little heads of different people on the end of each of my finger tips on my left hand which confirmed that I was indeed dreaming.

    From that point I decided to go have some fun, I flew off out of the terminal showing off my flying skills which was funny because some of my dream characters seemed impressed I could fly, most of the time they don't really pay much attention but this time they were watching in awe. I flew around and hovered and had great control and then flew upwards by a building. I wanted to try to walk up the building like in inception vertically and after a few tries I was successful and was able to walk vertically up the building which was really cool. After that I let my body fly down towards the ground while people were watching and decided to do some fun front flips on the way down before landing on the ground and that caused me to wake up for some reason.

    The next LD I had was a couple of days ago, I was in a room and I don't recall much about it but something made me realize I was dreaming because of the walls or the room itself. I recall doing a RC and had 5 fingers on both hands until I rechecked my right hand and noticed 6 fingers confirming I was dreaming. I'm starting to notice my RC with my hands are starting to more often show normal sets of fingers which has never been the case int he past which is very stranger. I recall busting through walls to get outside as I was inside a building and remember flying off to feel that amazing feeling I love of flying. I also was doing some TK with some items and objects around me and tried on some people and I notice that with items I can easily use my TK powers but with people it's much harder for some reason but still possible just not with great success. I wanted to try some different things I hadn't tried in a while so I tried shooting a energy ball like "Ryu" from street fighter in a way and it worked fine but there was nothing spectacular about it. I then finally remembered to try out a couple of my dream goals which were 1 create a delorean time machine from back to the future and go travel to the future to the year 14,000 or some great distant future and also to Draw a door and make it open and travel to a destination i'm thinking of as a different way to try to teleport to new places. I was successful at creating a car that looked similar to a delorean but unfortunately when I went over to it to check it out it was like a huge mess of random wires and gadgets and seemed like a messed up version of what I was trying to create so it didn't workout completely. I don't recall what woke me up but that's the last I remember from that LD.

    Yesterday I had another LD. I was in a building up high in what seemed like some really unstable top story building on the beach and went to get some sort of drink from it and had feelings of it's unstable issues. Something about that or about me being worried about being hurt or dying from this caused me to realize this was a dream. I decided to go a long with the dream for a bit before going onto other tasks I wanted to do and drank out of the bottle to see what it tasted like and it had a really good nectar type taste which I enjoyed. It had a weird bandage like top to open up which was strange but I remember drinking out of it twice and really liking the taste which was cool. My vision began to fade out and I just went with it and then somehow tried to make it back and I was there again. I don't recall much after that but I was ready to go do some fun things and explore but I can't recall what I did or what happened but I believe I woke up shortly after looking around the environment and enjoying some of the senses I was feeling of the ocean breeze and smells.

    I'm starting to think that when i'm in situations that make me worried about being hurt or dying from a building or being in a odd situation that I wouldn't normally put myself into is helping me become Lucid.

    I think i'm hitting in the mid 200's for LD's now. I don't really count many that are brief that don't have much substance to them and the past few months I've been having natural LD's a couple of times weekly without trying my usual WILD or WBTB techniques which have been great as that has always been my long term goal to have consistent weekly LD's .
    lucid , memorable , side notes

    Random LD's from 2 nights ago 5 - 8 Lucid Dreams

    by shooshtime on 01-26-2018 at 11:06 AM
    All of the Lucid dreams started off in the same manor, I was laying in bed and got my usual vibration feelings after I was woke up from my phone or some noise. Once I realized this I was able to keep still like usual and then used the roll over method to enter the dream world. Each time I would randomly wake up my Lucid dream for whatever reason I would continue to lay still and do the same thing and guess on the timing of when my body thought I was asleep and would do the same thing ending up in the dream world. Occasionally I would be lucky enough to start to see imagery which made it much easier to realize I was ready to move into the dream world and start controlling things.

    Each instance I ended up in my bedroom for some reason and it was slightly different each time.

    Sometimes the lights were on and others they were off, a few times I was able to use TK "telekinesis" to turn them on to brighten things but other times it wouldn't work for some reason.

    One of the Lucid Dreams I decided to fly this was probably the 4th or 5th LD that night because I recall wanting to try different things other then my favorite thing of flying around. I flew up and around and felt the usual rush that I love of flying and was able to do the one arm out to go much faster and felt the speed increase with better control than before. At one point while flying up I saw what seemed to be another level of a city or existence like something was up there and I was barely able to get up to it when it almost seemed like it vanished and like it was a large astroturf area that was empty and I sorta floated back down to the ground as I was sort of confused. I don't recall anything after that.

    Another LD I recall doing a full body RC I saw my arms, legs, hands and everything, as usual I had 6 fingers or odly shaped hands on the different RC hand checks I did. I tried to drink some liquid to taste things and I recall drinking what looked like sprite essentially from a salt shaker looking object and remember it actually tasting like sprite or 7-up, sweet but tasty.

    In another instance I looked up into the sky and it was very cloudy with a small opening of blue bright sky, I again used my TK to try and open the sky up and was able to part the clouds and open the hole much bigger to make things look brighter and more beautiful looking which was really fun and amazing.

    One of the LD's I remember it looked very cartoonish like bright and fun but I don't recall much more from those as my memory is fuzzy from the different LD's I kept having. None of them seemed to last very long, no more than a few minutes I would guess, maybe 5 minutes at most, I would keep waking up randomly for no particular reason other than sometimes I kept thinking too much about not waking myself up. I do also remember it sometimes not being very clear and seemed a big hazy so I would say something like increase clarity or lucidity and it did seem to help.

    In one of the times that went into the Dream world I remember not being sure I was in a dream world and was about to bust through the doors or walls and I recall going for it and feeling the pressure of things, no pain but almost as if I could feel it like it would be in the waking world just without the obvious pain I would feel if I tried running through walls and doors.

    Did some random clap on to make lights turn on, worked sometimes other times it didn't, saw some girls at one point and was thinking about sex and was walking to go ask them if the were interested but before I got to them I woke up for some reason.

    Much more happened that I just cannot recall. I need to stop thinking so much about worrying about waking up and I need to do more focusing on my surroundings to get more into the state of mind of being controlled and focused in the dream world. Get stability, get things perfectly clear and then come up with some goals / ideas of what i'd like to do in the dream world. I need to start thinking about some more new things to try before the usual things I do in the dream world.
    lucid , memorable

    Futuristic world

    by shooshtime on 12-05-2017 at 11:09 AM
    I was talking to a Future Tech person that I think was military. I knew I was dreaming and was trying to ask them how to get back here but I remember for some reason telling them I was from another dimension and wanted to know how I could come back to their dimension to help them fight or something. At the time I remember wording another dimension to try to convince them to give me answers about coming back to their world / the lucid dreaming world and from what I can remember he just said Try Harder. I believe I woke at some point but fell back asleep and came back to this dream where I was again Lucid. I don't recall how but I decided I was over this and I remember flying away. I recall flying for a while and wanting to try to fly faster as sometimes I have a problem with speed. I remember doing the superman style switch arm / pump out which worked and made me fly faster like I was trying to without it working with just thoughts.

    I also decided to finally try and fly into space, something I've been wanting to do forever in a LD but I always forget to try or haven't remembered trying. I went flying straight up into the sky and started to see stars and space when I was suddenly being pulled down by something or someone. I remember what seemed to be like some sort of man in a white / grey looking iron man type suit. Something made me think it was the people that I had encountered earlier that sent him to stop me but I used Telekinesis to push him away from me and he was thrown off / away and was gone.

    I then recall trying to continue to fly into deep space but I couldn't get to where I was trying to go. I was seeing what I thought was some sort of super advanced space station that was like some very big building in space. It was like I kept going higher and higher and the thing never ended. I remember seeing random other things as I continued to fly further and deeper like even going through some sort of wormhole or portal or something that didn't take me anywhere but it was full of colors and and was sort of in a warped spiral shape. A F*cking phone call woke me up...

    Updated 12-05-2017 at 11:14 AM by shooshtime