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    1. Aw mah gawd, it's ShilverDreamsh.
    2. Ermahgerd, It's Matte.
    3. Yeah, I remember now. Everyone was using it as a masturbation joke.
    4. January 2010 haha. Same time I started with this hobby. God doesn't want me to have too much fun in my life
    5. Shiit. Still? How long ago did you hurt them? I do remember you telling me a few months back.
    6. Yeah man, we'll see for how long though. My wrists are still hurting and I'm getting sick of being worried all day long.
    7. Ah, I see. You still working in construction?
    8. Been busy lately man, started working last Monday
    9. Where have you been lately? :c
    10. You ass, You arent ever on when I am.
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