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      I found it. It reads


      Change UsernameYou Have: 1,928.00

      *Points Purchase Price: 2,000.00

      Type in the new username
      you would like to use on these forums.


      I need another 72 points
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      I have1,941 points in Comunity Hall
      How much does it cost
      to change my Username
      from Ebbtide000
      to my real name "DebraJane Dixon" please.
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      Even tho we disagree on a lot you are one very thought provoking dreamer. Come back and be awesome more if u can
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      Merry Christmas, sivason! I knitted you a scarf:

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      You featured in my non-lucid dream last night!
      You made a voice recording for me, and you had also made some plasticine models of people, with armature skeletons inside like they use for animations. The dolls had a healing effect on the people represented, and by making one doll, you brought a girl out of a coma.
      I accidentally got one doll wet and it started falling apart, and I worried that I may have done some damage to the person like a voodoo doll effect.
      The dream was positive overall though, and one doll even helped to cure my high school bully, who I've been trying to make peace with lately in my dreams.
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      Happy Birthday
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      Happy birthday, sivi!
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      Birthday wishes to you, Sivason!
      I'm sorry to hear about your bad news today.
      May the following year have some nicer surprises in store!
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      Made me think of you ^^

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      Thanks for adding me as a friend !!
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    Zen Gardener, Martial Art Tinkerer, Fish Tanks, Meditation, Occult studies
    Better than I could dream, wait,,, exactly as I have dreamed, this is fun, glad to be me.
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    Random Chance, a strange thing that.


    Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

    "Instruction in Dream Yoga"


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    Well, You are a Criminal

    by sivason on 03-05-2021 at 07:29 AM
    I am having a basic lucid and am on a familiar street but seem to have lost the car I was just in. I pretend I still have a car and steer my imaginary car down the road until a little orange car swerves over toward me. I place a hand on the car and jump higher than the car. It stops and my aunt is in it with someone else. She says my cousin is in jail and will I lone him $5K so he can be home with his family. I make it very clear to not bring it up again.
    A girl puts her head over the fence behind me. See says she is Trina and I had met her in my last dream when hanging out with that girl. Now that girl shows up. I realize what I took for a DC of a girl from my past was actually the younger daughter, and this was her sister, who I know little about as she has never seemed to talk to me. We talked for a little while.
    Next I am in front of a gas station and some joker puts something in my back and says he will shoot me. I whip around and joke that I will bite his face. I run into a girl from Jiujitsu and she shows me a new studio she helps run in the strip mall. I leave and go to the gas station. It goes back and forth between my cousin being there and him being on the phone. We argue and I refuse to lend him money. He mentions Moses is around I do not want to see Moses. He brings stuff up from a false memory. I walk off and tell him "Yeah? Well you are a criminal."
    I walk away and go past a church when I hear an engine. I assume it will be him in his crappy truck so I walk behind the church. I levitate up off the ground between buildings until the vehicle (dump truck) I try to leave and I am inside the cab of a truck. I get out and am back between the two buildings. I decide to go flying but heavy branches get in my way. I phase through them rather than deal with it. I fly to where I think my body is sleeping (I was wrong). I land in the yard and then open my eyes.
    I am in bed but figure out this is a FA. Despite realizing the FA I ended up actually waking up.

    Witch Darts

    by sivason on 03-05-2021 at 07:06 AM
    Me, dad and a girl from my past are sitting around talking about witches locking your soul in crystal. She is carving weapons that look like darts out of calcite. At one point she gets topless and does a sit up. We are clearly dating and there is closeness and such plus one short kiss. A cat outside in real life starts howling and I must incorporate the noise into the dream to avoid waking. I cause a cat to walk inside and say it is in heat and I will pay for the bill if someone will take it to the vet. Thee real cat is a noisy bastard but by putting a howling cat in the dream I did not wake up. The dream went on awhile with the cat noise going on. She started telling people flattering things about me which made me feel good.

    Magician got Slapped

    by sivason on 03-04-2021 at 07:08 AM
    We are in a basement bar and a man comes up dressed like a magician. He wants to challenge us. He pulls out some cards and flourishes them. Suddenly the actor who plays Picard comes up and tells him to knock it off. He turns to a showw girl and tells her to punish him. She slaps the magician twice and hard. Now her and Picard go off to have sex. People are saying he is flexing his social muscle.

    Crazy Golf Clubs

    by sivason on 03-04-2021 at 07:02 AM
    Non lucid at first. A beautiful day on a golf course, vivid imagery. Tammi is there and I am talking to her about golf while we have to wait for others to play. When it is my turn a weird scene happens where every club I pull out is wrong in a silly way. The driver has a very large meat tenderizer for its head. I go to swing and someone runs in front of me jokingly acting like they were going before me. I noticed a ball stuck to the side of a tree where no one would have hit it. I see a guy on a green nearby through out a thing that folds out and is like the track for hot wheels and he tapps his ball onto the ramp and raises his end to get the ball in. My alarm interupted the dream here.

    Rat Tail Arm

    by sivason on 03-04-2021 at 06:51 AM
    Laying in bed next to thered head and for some reason I am eating a large cucumber, which she tells me to put away. I lean off the side of the bed and eat it and it is dripping everywhere. She has reached over and i start nibbling on her arm hairs which she thinks is a turn on. Arm morphs into a rat tail so I am lucid because duhh that is not right. I do not look at it and just go about moving up the arm/tail to her neck. The next scene we are at an airport in Denmark and something has happened, false memory reveals that in order to not get in trouble we had to get married and we are hoping a USA judge will be able to annul it.