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    1. Hi Zoth, thanks for the video. It has amazing footage, and is expressing my world view so well. Thank you for thinking of me when you saw it. That makes me smile.
    2. Made me think of you ^^

    3. My father died last year. He was famous in the coral reef tank hobby. I decided to inter his ashes in ceramic artifical rocks and place him in a reef. So,,, then I needed a reef. Also, learning what he was doing has been motivating for me.
    4. That seems quite interesting! I guess for some people fish is just not enough challenge ^^ I can only imagine the effort it must be to maintain the corals in good conditions, from water temperature to....*googles* lightning...who am I kidding, what makes me really curious is knowing what inspired you to such a task xD Hope we can see some pictures in the future
    5. Hi there. I have been doing some very cool, but very time consuming things. I have set uover 400 gallons of salt water tanks and now am learning how to keep coral alive. I am almost done, so will be back to the forum in a few weeks. Thanks for you intrest. Lately I have been posting as a total newbie on reef central, begging for answers as to why this or that is dying; challenging thing coral husbandry.
    6. I haven't seen posts of yours in a while, where have you been posting sir ?
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