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    S2: ep1 [NONLUCID]

    by sketchasketch on 03-03-2012 at 06:38 PM
    Sketch2 is my new journal.

    Anyways, the dream was fragmented, and I'm writing this three hours after it happened.

    I remember two main events; getting my bowl, and getting drunk.

    I'll start with the second event, because I'm forgetting it fast.

    I don't ever drink. Alcohol has never agreed with me, but in the dream I was playing a game where I had to drink certain amounts of alcohol to pass to the next level, where the amount was even greater. I remember getting past 15, 40, 45, 50, 150, 445, so on. I don't know what the number represent, but I remember that if you lost, the whole board got bigger. ie. that 445 started out as like 145 before I kept losing. I don't remember how you lost, but it was probably just defocusing. Anyways, I remember finally beating the game and feeling infinite copies of the world in my head. It was like I was lagging in real life, I felt myself duplicating and falling behind, it sucked. Getting drunk sucks.

    Before this though, I got my bowl in the mail. I ordered a bowl online to smoke legal herbs (salvia) and I paid quite a hefty amount. I am still waiting for it, too.

    Anyways, in the dream I opened the package and pulled it out, and it was only like 2" long. I was pissed, but I noticed it had a bunch of resin, so I took some hits, and that was nice. I didn't really get high obviously, but it was a nice feeling.


    by sketchasketch on 06-25-2011 at 03:22 PM
    Okay, so, I was in a dream in a log cabin. I don't remember anything about it other than where it was from the main road. My roommate decides that we're moving, so me moved like, eight houses down, for some reason.

    Well, eventually, I'm taking a girl home with me, and I take a different route, all of a sudden, the car and girl disappears. I'm on a grassy hill, near a highway, and wouldn't you know it, a trooper about 250 meters away from me. I thought he was coming towards me so I just start running, I see my house after a minute or so, and I run faster. Well, I guess I got to running so fast that I went past my house, I start hearing about the Exit 8 girl that police were setting up a roadblock for, when I run out of grass. I'm now sliding on the road, on my stomach, it hurt so bad, but I kept going and going, I had to swerve a few times, when eventually, I hit the side and fly off, there's this embankment that I crash into with the back of my head, and it hurt a lot, and then I was flipping around and around, cops were after me, when I see this pipe. I slide into it somehow, and it closes behind me once one officer gets in. He gets eaten by a sewer gator.

    It was some weird shit.


    by sketchasketch on 06-05-2011 at 09:10 PM
    I beat the shit out of this kid I know, it would happen the same way if it happened in real life too.

    Not much to it, I just saw him, and jumped his ass.


    by sketchasketch on 05-25-2011 at 02:17 PM
    OK, so it starts off at an airport. Maybe 50 planes, and 150 people. Well, it turns out there's THE STORM on it's way. The biggest storm ever, the end of the world. We decide to get in the planes and try to outrun it by my suggestion. I was appointed leader and was lead plane. We fly for an hour or so and then the storm catches up to us, I call for emergency but nobody responds. We go down.

    I remember laying on the ground, and lightning hit the ground not 15 feet away from me, and I jumped to my feet.

    Well, now there's 150 people, young and old, on the ground hurt with me to look up to. Thinking fast, I talk to everyone and get the doctors and dentists and nurses and whatnot to go around helping people. Two days later, we decide to start heading west. (By the sun)

    So, we walk. It takes AGES, but we manage it to a city. Water and food wasn't really an issue that came up. Anyways, at the city, we find this kid with a cigarette, he has it split down the middle and was like snorting the tobacco or some weird stuff. Anyways, he has a compass. I take it and figure out my headings. All that time we had been going NNW. It was heartbreaking. We had made hardly any progress. I was so upset about how I let them down that I had a spasm, I threw the compass away and I'm siting up in my bed in awe.

    I felt like I had accomplished SOMETHING simply because I saved 150 lives. Without me, they might have stayed there and died. But I took the reigns, and led them to safety. It was tough, I never got to my destination, but it beats waiting for certain death by a long shot.


    by sketchasketch on 05-13-2011 at 10:43 AM
    I had a dream I met my angel, we'll call her Emily, because that's her name.

    Well, Emily was in the shower at my house when I got there and I sat there and listened to her. She was really quiet. I knew she was there though, she made faint sounds and I could hear her voice every now and then.

    Eventually, she finished p and got out, I left the room and waited for her.

    Next thing I know, we're in a car going somewhere. She was beautiful of course, but she seemed very upset. She was really quiet, and I didn't know why. In retrospect, I should have recognized this, because she's usually happy when I talk to her. Anyways, we get to the park and it's this big rolling expanse of grass with a fence all the way around it and a lake. We started walking towards the lake, we had bags with us for some reason and we had a race. I had a duffel bag on my back, and it was quite heavy. Well, we get to the edge near the fencing when we see the lake, it was pretty gross, but it wasn't a big deal. The light kind of glistened off of it, it was really neat.

    I woke up happy and content. I was wide-eyed out of bed and I'm already up and writing this from my bedside DJ.