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    Woman in the high rise

    by Skipper1100 on 02-04-2019 at 02:49 PM
    I woke up in bed after feeling a bit uncomfortable, i didn't feel too well, and i had a bunch of swirling thoughts in my head.

    I put on an indie rock playlist as i fell asleep, its on YouTube somewhere called "Slowcore/shoegaze mix" or something.
    It was very relaxing and i started to feel really good.
    After a while, i begin to visualize, visualize my PR, then another while passed and i started to feel insane vibrations, like i was floating, i knew for a fact i was astral projecting, but i could still feel and tune into my physical body.

    I start floating like a ghost around my house, down the steps, next to the front door. Even though the eyes on my astral body didnt see a damn thing... I sorta felt what it looked like. Hard to explain.

    Then i started visualizing again, i tried to go outside but something.. OR someONE... told me not to go out there, it.looked dark and spooky so i just kept visualizing again, but this time i popped up in a place within my PR!

    It was in a separate universe called "the heartscapes", has a very nostalgic, big city nights vibe to it.
    (My pr is insanely massive, it spans 3 universes..)

    Anyways we are in this high rise and there is this beautiful woman there, we started talking about something idk... I was just so damn mezmorized as to how awesome the buildings aesthetic felt, how high up we were, the lighting, the mood, it was all so lovely, and i was especially interested in her.

    We were in this lounge sorta deal couches, open space, ect.
    She had on a light blue/periwinkle type of outfit on, and i felt insanely good around her. Like. UNBELIEVABLE.

    I think we were talking about how i got there, what i needed to do, and such, just like a guide, well. Spoiler alert, she is a guide and i knew her wayyy before this dream/obe

    So yeah that was fun!

    When i woke up, i felt amazing and had this new perspective on life as well
    lucid , memorable

    The Three Turtles

    by Skipper1100 on 11-25-2017 at 02:54 PM
    It's about 5:25 AM. I have missed my 3:00 Alarm to do my wake-back-to-bed so I'm a little pissed. That didn't stop me from trying anyways. So i spend the next 30 minutes tossing and turning and tossing only to get more irritated that im not falling asleep and so i get on my phone for 10 mins, do some.....other stuff... and then i go back to sleep even more sad that i just did said stuff..... and i was on day 3 of no fap

    So i go to sleep thinking "Okay, I'm just going to let my consciousness 'float',"meaning I'll just let it do whatever. I start thinking of some random words put together, i start hearing voices and all that other mess, but it didn't disturb me. i thought of a quick mantra to use and it was "Lucidity will happen when im in this next dream", and i truly believed it. (Maybe it was because I was so proud that I came up with a good mantra on the spot).

    Anyways I drift off to sleep, and I notice that I'm in my living room held hostage by some people wearing blue overalls and then i noticed my fish tank. It had 3 turtles in it swimming simultaneously and I thought, "I only have one turtle, I should check my fingers." And lo and behold, I had 6 fingers! I immediately know what was going on. So I rushed to my backyard with the intention to spawn my dream guide as I normally try to do within a lucid. At first i said "Spawn my dream guide," quietly, (because I somehow thought that I could actually yell with my physical body within a dream), nothing happened , so I yelled louder and louder until it appeared.

    and when it appeared.......


    It appeared in a brilliant white light, but this time it paralyzed me. I couldn't move, and to top it all off some horror themed sound effects were playing....

    After about 5 seconds of this I am teleported to a different street on my block. I instantly thought "So looks like I spawned the damn devil himself, so looks like im going to have to find info on my own."

    So I start walking down this block and It occurred to me that I can just ask my subconscious questions directly through a message system. I would ask a question out loud and the answer would appear in my pocket in the form of papers, almost like an email system.

    I asked it the first question. "How do i make my dreams as vivid as real life." The paper then spawned in my right pocket and I read it and it said:

    "1. Pay attention to life

    2. Sing in the shower

    3. Do what you did before you entered the dream dummy

    (okay maybe number three wasn't actually there, but I forgot what the rest said so yeah that's that)
    It did say "Sing in the shower" thought I kid you not.

    I took this answer and I got it after a few seconds, my subconsciousness wants to tell me that the best way to achieve this is to simply BE. I did this the night prior to my dream in meditation, I just sat there, and WAS THERE. Nothing else, just being present. So I got that right away.

    Then I asked another question, (forgot the question), but I remember the answer.

    .....It pulled out an adult comic book..... I guess it had to do with dream vividness again because I was so focused on getting my dreams vivid. Then I found a girl, did some weird stuff to her, and then kept walking down the street.

    i asked another question. "How do i lucid dream every night"
    and this time I pulled out HEAPS AND HEAPS of papers, it was all unorganized, had no purpose but to annoy me, and I interpreted this as my mind telling me to "Not be stressed", witch kinda echoed my top question.

    Then something exceptionally weird happened.....

    I suddenly appear at my high school and I have no lucidity at all, I even counted my fingers and I had the normal five, but I knew deep down I wasn't really awake because I DIDN'T REMEMBER WAKING UP

    So I literally try to piss the staff off so they can get mad at me and hopefully I could throw them across the room witch triggered lucidity, but it didn't work. For the last part of my dream I end up in the office talking to a girl I know about a strange color called "breen" or "blugreen" something that's a mix of blue and green I don't really know.

    Then the dream ended, and I thought "SEE! I knew I wasn't awake!"

    (also that girl that I was talking to at the end, has appeared in at least 30 of my dreams by now...)

    Vividness Level: I'd give it about an 8/10, just needs a more active state of being and a hint of detail.

    Updated 11-25-2017 at 02:58 PM by Skipper1100 (Forgot something)

    lucid , memorable