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    [QUOTE]Now here is where all the video games enter my dreams. I had the Captain America shield that I used to easily block the attacks coming from a blob monster out of Epic Mickey and counter with my Wolverine claws. Oh and the Captain America shield popped up in my square-divided bar that looks like it came out of Minecraft as well as a game-ish pickup icon[QUOTE]


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    Best recall after all-nighter

    by Smashem on 12-30-2014 at 08:50 PM
    Okay, so I'm sitting down, playing some video games (I realize I need a life, so don't tell me) but now there's a war going on.(scene change) I have no idea why though. I disguise as an enemy and injure myself. Ooh, yes everybody else is dying. Now it's time for me to stab the stupid combat medic, though I end dying trying to stab everybody else. now I am lucid and decide to rewind time (in the most literal way possible, winding time around my finger) Of course I kill everybody this time.

    It is a very dark night, darker than a new moon. A bike race that's like twenty feet and I win. Oh, and I remember being at this random castle that's pitch black.

    My Totm: hostile takeover

    by Smashem on 11-26-2014 at 03:56 PM
    (Originally I was going to be fancy and copy paste leaves so there was a pile in my old dream, but that never happened)

    I'm in a random blue room, lucid now. I gear up and start the seige on my neighbor's house. The sunset cought my attention. Normal autumn stuff, but it looked nice. Going back to the mission, I go prone on this hill about 80 feet away from the house. Silent sniping ftw! I'm not really all there anymore, and I kind of thought I'd reward myself by burning my eye using the scope and the sunlight. This somehow created a lot of smoke. The swat team came in and shot me a thousand times. I'm only semi-lucid now, and I matrix dodge. Too bad my dream-self has bad balance. I fall over into the treeline, where there were mass collections of leaves. END
    lucid , task of the month

    Hotels galore: the scatterbrain

    by Smashem on 11-15-2014 at 04:34 AM
    I remember I was on vacation and I came back to this hotel. Very vivid and semi-lucid. I lose lucidity and come back to the very orange hotel with one of the capacious foyers visible from space that recur in my dreams. Nevertheless I show up and my $200 room is 12 square feet. I'm calling the cops on these assholes now because I am angry, but feel calm (dream emotion?) I just leave and stop at a different hotel. It's surrounded by trees. The road pattern is similar to the development I live near.

    The second building came right out of SC 2013. I walk in and go to the elevator, but my luggage is missing. I have to go back to floor one. That is very unpleasant. I am on floor 64 and the time the elevator moves is always the same. At this height, the elevator might as well be free-falling downward. It's slightly painful when I "land", (at least the dream is vivid, I guess). With that bad memory, I leave.

    Skating down, the neighbourhood, I fall after a complex series of tricks. I'm on a bike, running from a blob eating away from existence behind me

    Now I'm in a car driving away from a wall killing everything and moving along the road. Now it's a twisted BMW commercial where the driver needn't worry while carnage and screams of horror are emitted behind him. I point out eventually he'll die too.

    I go to a third hotel, somewhere where I won't be scammed. You have to climb scaffolding not very sturdy, but it's a nice room. Yet again, it's the foyer that seals the deal. It's like they care more about attracting than returning customers. Everything's white or wooden brown. Not Mirror's edge white, a wood paint white easier on the eye. There are tables for a buffet and obligatory steak joint. New dream exposition. I visited a relative and I'm leaving now. I feel oddly satisfied.
    non-lucid , memorable


    by Smashem on 11-10-2014 at 01:20 PM
    Not much this time. my house was a freezer. I honestly couldn't sleep, and it was unnatrually bright for night. (this in the dream and not in the dream). Of course, my sweater is missing.
    That's all this time. It was very cold irl too, so I couldn't go back to sleep

    I finally got lucid again, not much done

    by Smashem on 11-07-2014 at 11:45 PM
    Many dreams.
    I'm chasing down a king to an overhang I know is close by. Ignoring the Minecraft forest, all that you need to know is that to get there [to the overhang] you could make a jump down or take a slope, but the slope is some eighty feet out. It was all grass and rockiness, but the overhang is paved. I saw where my target jumped and prepared to jump to the right, while my friend who looks like he came out of MIB tells me it's only sixteen feet and he'll go around. I jump down and the fall, which was really forty feet, took longer than expected for some reason. Needless to say, the impact hurt and I couldn't pursue the target. One thing worth noting is that this event was not planned or scripted in my mind beforehand. Almost everything in my dreams was usually pre-planned by my subconscious mind. He got away. Apparently, the way back is like a 200 foot cliff I need to climb. To circumvent this, I just used a rocket out of nowhere. On my way back (my partner didn't have a rocket) I almost reach the city, but there's a ridiculously large moat around the whole city. I get there via chain link climbing, and when O get there, I find evrything to be made of sandstone. Some random ancient Egyptian dude crowns me king for good effort in my assassination attempt (I'm serious here!)

    Second dream involves me getting on a bus and talking about how bad these random coaches hate me. There are some weird things like my door being big and teal, but nothing noteworthy

    Third dream involves a figurine battle, but until this fully living caped guy with crazy jrpg hair shows up, I was winning. I recieve random awareness, and jump out the window. There's a real battlefield. That dead body, mustard, but it tastes like sour cream. I obviously need to sharpen my senses, and then I wake up about a minute later