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    1. Sorry it took so long.

      A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy - A crash course of stoic thought. It offers a quick run down of the philosophy, it's history, and points you in the direction of other works related to stoicism.

      The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (Oxford edition) - This was my introduction to stoicism, and it's definitely my favorite book on the subject. It's the personal journal of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius who happened to be a practicing stoic. I think you'd you'd really like this one.

      The Stoics: A Guide for the Perplexed - This one offers a more detailed/scholarly take on stoic philosophy. It's a bit dry in the sense that it's very analytical, but it really hammers away at the fundamentals.

      There's plenty of other books available on the subject but I think those three are a good start. I went with Meditations, A Guide to the Good Life, and then The Stoics, but it might be best to go in the order listed above.
    2. Sure thing, I'll have to do it tomorrow though because I'm about to go to bed. Remind me in case I forget, I meant to message you a few days ago but it slipped my mind.
    3. Hey Gavin, I'd be interested in reading those materials if you wouldn't mind sending me links
    4. Hey snoop, I saw your thread in the Help! section and parts of it reminded me of my experiences with bipolar disorder. Stoic philosophy has helped me a great deal, probably even more than the medication and therapy, maybe it could do the same for you? You clearly have a very analytical mind, so you might enjoy learning about Stoicism. If you're interested, I could recommend a few books/resources?
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