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    Uncontrolled Insanity

    by SnorlaxDreamer on 07-02-2014 at 10:47 PM
    Dream 1 - Soccer Competition

    My friends are apparently playing football through an obstacle course down a road. I have a pointer that shows me their position compared to mine. I run besides this girl, but she is faster than me and is in the lead down the road. When we get down around the corner of the road, the people are playing some kind of shooting inside a target area. They come to a hall with grass as floor. When the last one hits inside a curvatured furniture, it sets fire to a spider at the bottom of it. I take the spider, but throws it away, since I am afraid of spiders. I walk out of the hall, and I am unable to find my usually jacket. I get the feeling that some of the people I know has taken it from me, but to my surprise, I am granted a new jacket I apparently should have recieved a year before. I go outside in the rain, and the dream fades (I wake up to rain and thunder outside, LOVELY! )

    Dream 2 - The Insane Disease

    From the moment I remember my dream, I am engulfed in a slimy green bubble. A small amount of time passes, and I start to feel sick. The same happens to my younger brother. My mom throws me inside of a car (she has no drivers license), and I am feeling the urge to vomit. I look at my younger brother, and he is almost puking like me. When we reach the tower where the psychiatrist is in, I start to hear a high-pitched ringing sound hurting my ears (my alarm. I don't realize this), and I am apparently in belief that I have gone mentally insane. It is hurting so much in my ears that I beg it to stop. When we come to the psychiatrist, I tell her that it is a demon that has made me sick. She replies that it is not a good idea to name the demon, but my younger brother does this by replying. I start to get scared, but I calm down quickly, and I start to feel better. We walk off, and the dream fades.

    Dreams and Journals

    by SnorlaxDreamer on 07-01-2014 at 12:33 PM
    I've had my 8th lucid dream yesterday. I've written it below. My dream journal starts here! I will also post anything from non-lucid dreams to nightmares with my interpretations of them in their respected categories.

    The Dream World of Beauty

    I "woke up" standing outside my current school. It seemed like there were a graduation party, so I stepped inside. The lights were out, and people were dancing. I walked into a secret room, where some of my friends where. The dreamscape had been rather clear from the start. Out of response, I looked at my right dream hand, as I use as reality check. I was right; 9 fingers instead of 5!

    The dreamscape did not become any clearer by this. I kept myself calmed down, and started to walk out. I had suddenly walked out of my house, and stood in daylight outside of it. My first challenge was to teleport to some place I had watched a photo of. I closed my dream eyes, and felt myself wanting to teleport. Instead, I could feel the cold water going up to my knees. I opened my eyes, and stood inside a small lake from the place I had imagined. Instead of being there, the place had been placed right beside my house and the area I live in. Lava was pouring into the water, making realistic red sparks flying everywhere. I am a bit afraid of dark lakes, so without panicking, I pushed myself up on a rock, and jumped down from it. The mountains and the lake had dissapeared.

    My next challenge was to change the skies. I asked for a planet to be seen in the daylight skies, but was unable to make something out of it. Instead, I asked for a galaxy. The skies started to swirl a bit, but it was not enough to make a spiral galaxy. I stated in a very rough and demanding voice: "CHANGE FROM DAY TO NIGHT, NOW". The dreamscape slowly faded from day to night, and I once more demanded it to stop right before the sun settled. It was dark. I saw a dream figure, and decided that I wanted to morph it into Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games. I closed my eyes, but when I opened it, she was transformed to a person I had never seen before. I tried two times more, but without luck. Instead, the dream character had become pretty beautiful. I slowly walked over to it (her), and wanted to see how real the dream character felt. I slowly hugged her, and placed a kiss on her cheek. It actually felt pretty real.

    As a result, instead of morphing, I wanted to summon. Returning back into my house, I really concentrated hard on summoning Dumbledore. He suddenly popped out of nowhere, and was starting to talk to me in a fine manner. I simply walked up to him, grabbed his wand out of his hands and said: "Give me that!". He seemed pretty sad, and I became a bit dissapointed when I saw the wand was broken. I demanded him to grant me a new one, and he did. I placed the wand on my forehead, and started to pull out a memory from my head. I coud literally feel the pressure on my skull, from where the memory was coming out from. I looked at it, as it shined in my hand.

    I returned outside, and went to the last place again where I had tried to morph the dream character. I was starting to feel anxious, as the dream had felt extremely long. It felt like 15 minutes, and I was starting to believe that I might never get out. So I closed my dream eyes, and started to feel my leg return to the real life position. I could feel the sleep paralysis on my body as I transitioned from dream to waking life, and when I completely woke up, I was able to move.
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