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      Noticed it's been a while since I last said hi. How's it going?
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      So random.
      >Doesn't post for 2 months
      >says hi, lol.
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      Ah, you're still around! :] I thought you disappeared.
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      You should get on chat!
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      Well, you have a Nanalan avatar. I'd love to be your friend.
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      besides, you've been around longer than i have XD
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      Naw, don be shy~ we're all friendly. Maybe a little bit weird, but friendly
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      You~ why do i never see you on chat?
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      Oh ya, that's what it was called; had the name on the tip of my tongue. And you're right about the laugh.
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    Tidal Waves, Debt-Ridden Chickens, and the Vampires

    by Somniloquist on 09-04-2011 at 07:31 AM
    DATE: September 2, 2011
    LUCIDITY: 1/5

    I was with a friend in a maze of clearings and paths through a forest of palm trees next to a sandy beach.

    I looked over the treeline in time to see a massive tidal wave rising maybe a hundred feet, rushing through the trees toward us. The peak stretched inland, blanketing the sky, but I don't know what happened to the foot of the wave. I contemplated diving in and somehow beating the force of the rushing water and swimming through to the other side.

    Most of the wave escape is a blur. I remember being inside a huge, warped version of my house, next to the ocean. The back wall of the kitchen was several metres tall, and I was on a ledge near the top, clinging to a little metal ring in the wall with a few other people, hoping that we were high enough to avoid the tidal waves, which were still sweeping over the beach toward the house.

    When the waves passed, my house returned to normal, and I was standing in the sun room with another person. My house was supposed to be some kind of store, and this other person and I were the employees. I had just finished my shift and it was around 6pm, but my coworker had to stay until closing, around 9pm. We were staring out the window as jets flew by overhead, putting on some kind of air show. I have no idea how long that went on, but we lost interest.

    I think my coworker might have been my brother. I thought about staying to keep him company, and we ended up hanging out in the living room. I don't remember what we were talking about, but at some point I went upstairs and looked out the window, and saw two furry dark figures in the yard. It was getting dusky, but I could still see them well enough to decide that it was a porcupine and a raccoon. I hadn't locked my chickens in the shed for the night yet, so I ran downstairs and grabbed my boots on to go get them.

    I dashed out the back door and skidded to a stop. Somehow I hadn't noticed through the window that there were several other figures in the yard. One was a black bear, and the others might have appeared human at the time.

    I started yelling to scare the bear away, but for some reason it wasn't bothered. It seemed to be really smart and aggressive, and it started moving toward the open shed door. My brother ran out onto the deck next to me with a sledgehammer in his hand, and slammed it down on the deck. It sparked as though it had scraped against metal, and the noise finally startled the bear a little. It started moving away from the shed and back down the driveway, so we kept screaming and making noise to scare it farther away.

    The bear disappeared around the corner, and the yard was momentarily still. Then a large group of people from inside my house suddenly spilled out onto the deck with us. I wanted to close the shed door before the bear or any of the creatures returned--and we knew they would eventually--and a couple of the people joined me so we would be safer together. As we ran down the stairs into the yard, I vaguely registered the pitch-black forest at the edge of the yard, filled with glowing green eyes. I don't know what kind of creatures were waiting in the woods, but somehow I knew that they would stay out of the yard long enough for us to close the shed door and get back inside the house.

    I dashed into the shed and found that a couple of the chickens were up on their perches, but one was still down on the ground. Apparently this chicken was living some kind of human double life and had accumulated some debt. The only way she knew how to get out of it was to kill herself, so she huddled down in the wood shavings in their pen and threw some shavings on her back. I picked up my debt-ridden chicken and set her up on the perches with the others, and turned to leave the shed quickly.

    I hadn't even noticed that my friends had disappeared while my back was turned. Two vampires, a woman and a man, had snuck inside the shed and were waiting for me. I knew the man was the leader of his vampire clan, and that the bear had actually been him in disguise. The woman looked a lot like Anne Openshaw from Supernatural episode 1.20:

    I backed up until I hit the wall as she moved closer, and soon she was so close she was nearly pressed against me. I don't remember what happened at that point, but somehow I managed to grab the top of the metal trash can next to me, and started hitting her in the forehead with the rim. It clearly just shocked her at first, and was a bit annoying. I kept driving the cover into her forehead, leaving marks on her skin, and she didn't even try to stop me. I don't remember if I killed her like this, or if I drove a wooden spear through her--but next thing I remember, I was tossing her corpse to the side, and then I had a makeshift spear in my hand, ready to go after the leader.

    The leader was laughing a bit, but seemed like he was drunk and only half aware of what was going on. I stabbed him once shallowly, and he looked a bit stunned, so I tried it a couple more times. Finally, he started to fight back, stumbling through the open door into the yard.

    I chased after him with my spear, struggling to keep up and drive the spear in farther. He ran along the edge of the yard toward the pond, quickly slipping out of my reach. I thought I had lost him before managing the fatal blow, but as I watched, he suddenly slowed down and started stumbling around drunkenly on the spot.

    I closed the distance between us and drove the wooden spear straight through his torso this time. He collapsed face first on the ground in front of me, and I drove the spear through him a few more times before I was finally satisfied that he was dead. At that point, I woke up.

    Depp and Matsumoto Battles, Late For the Job, and the Singalong

    by Somniloquist on 07-24-2011 at 04:07 AM
    DATE: July 22, 2011
    LUCIDITY: 1/5

    The whole dream was set in an unfamiliar building somewhere next to an old highway or railway, with many other people present.

    At some point in the dream, Johnny Depp and his supposed rival had to fight against each other for supremacy, by repeatedly running and colliding with each other. A couple other rival actor pairs were doing this, one of which involved Matsumoto Jun, I think.

    Then I was a police officer and I was a few seconds late for duty. I tore out of the building and down the short pathway to where I was supposed to be stationed at the edge of the highway, but my boss was crazy about punctuality and I was punished for being several seconds late. There was some kind of emergency or chaotic event going on in the area, so they had desperately needed all officers' help and that would explain why they were pissed off about my lateness, even if it wasn't that bad.

    In another part of the dream, a guy sitting across from me tried to initiate a singalong, and for the first few seconds my voice was weak and shaky and I sounded far worse than usual. I don't remember what song we were trying to sing. There were a few others singing it with us.

    I think in part of the dream I was fighting with some friends, but my memory of that part is too hazy to form into words. Darn my laziness, it's so much harder to recall the details with so little recent practice : <
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Malia Jet Trial Run and the Slanted Store

    by Somniloquist on 07-21-2011 at 05:30 AM
    DATE: July 18, 2011
    LUCIDITY: 1/5

    I was inside the house at dusk one clear night, when the military sent out a notice to everyone in the area to stay indoors while they performed trial runs with their new fleet of fighter jets called the Malia, after Obama's daughter. I and a few others were eager to get pictures of them, but didn't want to get caught because we weren't sure how severe the consequences would be. We couldn't figure out why they wanted us to stay inside. If the planes crash landed, being inside the house wouldn't offer much protection.

    I grabbed my boots to go find the best photography vantage point somewhere in the yard, put them away as I decided it was best not to leave the deck, and finally grabbed them again so I'd have the option in case I saw a really awesome shot. I snuck outside with the other few photographers, cameras ready. The stars were glittering faintly as the last of the pink sunset faded. The jets seemed to be putting on an air show, swooping around in various formations, relatively quiet for fighter jets. Each of them glowed with a pinkish red light. I don't remember many of the details beyond that point—we just watched the jets fly back and forth over the neighbourhood in the wide open sky, a few times thinking that the glow and formation made them look a bit like UFOs.

    In the next part of the dream, I was at a Zellers or some other department store, located on the hillside of the Halifax waterfront—though I don't remember actually seeing any water (I think it might have been blocked from view by another much larger, solid row of buildings). The store was surrounded by other large buildings, and a few trees here and there, especially farther up the hill. A large part of the store was built on a slant, so you could just barely avoid sliding into another department as you shopped. Part of the store was illuminated only by the sunlight streaming in through the windows, and many of the surfaces were made of smooth black stone.

    I was shopping for clothes with Mom for a short while, and left the department store briefly to go look for Dad, who had left a little earlier than us since he didn't have the patience to wait around. I think he had gone back to the car, but it was parked a ways away down a different street. I then decided to buy a couple of colorful floor-length summer dresses I had seen that were $50 on sale for $7, so I ran back to the store without bothering to find him first, and then I woke up.

    Lately I've been shopping for pretty clothes a lot in my dreams :/