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      hii.. i found your profile and you seemed cool. i'm new here lol. but your dreams are pretty cool. so hii. talk to me if you wish. J'aime bien jouer avec allumettes....
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      Un québécois
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    Meteor strike

    by Sora on 11-25-2014 at 11:42 PM
    I was at the beach with a friend, it was on the shore of a large river and it looked like we were in san Francisco because we could see the golden gate from there. We were casually talking about stuff, I remember him talking about going camping with a bunch of friends which I didn't know, but I said yeah why not, suddenly while I was looking In the distance I saw this HUGE meteor fall from the sky and hit the water pretty near us, there was an incredibly big explosion after, I could see the ground crack up and coming quickly at us, everyone panicked and started running, and so did I. Ditching my friend I ran for my life while everything was falling apart, after some time running I remember ending up in a forest or some kind of post apocalyptic forest, the landscape absolutely gorgeous, it was very green and we could still see some old building under the green carpet that the nature did over time, it felt like I was in a completely new timeline, but I knew I had to build a shelter or something. There was a waterfall with crystal clear water so I decided to build a camp near it. At this point one of my friend found me and decided to strand with me, I debated with whether or not we should fill our water bottle with the water, I insisted and he gave in.

    We decided to go back to ground zero for some inspection and to assess the situation. While we were on our way we stumble on an old internet friend, when he saw me he was pretty happy and he showed me his real name Benoit Garneau, which is my grand dad name, that was weird but I was pretty excited about it for some reason, he joined us on our way to ground zero.

    When we were at Ground Zero I remember that beautiful sight of the HUGE meteor which created a perfectly round mountain with some rigdes around and surrounded by water and with the devasted Golden gate jsut like in movies. There was now a retierement home being built with a water park across the street, I recall asking myself how much time was I in the forest.

    That's pretty much what I remember.

    Perfect Girl

    by Sora on 11-25-2014 at 11:35 PM
    I remember going to an interview for Activision for some game testing, once I was there I rushed to the men's restroom where I started to take a piss in the urinal. The place weirdly structured and it made me completely exposed if someone came in, someone did and it was a beautiful redhead, medium height with a cunning smile on her face, as I watched her come in I managed to miss a shot and splash her a bit with my piss (lol), I didn't notice at first but she looked at me and said something like, you know you could be fired for what you just did, and I said, did I just pee on you, she nodded. I was embarrassed, but she said it wasn't so bad and looked at my junk and said that it was quite decent then left the place. I was confused.

    I'm not sure what happened next but I was in a classroom with her and some other guy, we were chatting as far as I remember. At this point we were in a MMO which looked just like real life, I remember finding out I was on an OCE server and told her I wish she'd come on US East, then I asked her where she lived, she was in New Brunswick, I asked her why'd she choose to be on OCE servers and she told me she had no clue. She started chatting with the other guy who looked like a huge orc in WoW and I just laid down and started to let my mind drift away. (The fact that she said she lived in NB kinda shocked me since I just ended a relationship of 4y because my ex-gf moved there and I decided I didn't want to follow, I remember being sad in my dream because of this) Once I was done drifting away I asked them if we should go get some ice cream, we all agreed and started to move.

    (Note that I was strongly atracted to that girl but nothing actually happened yet, beside us being pretty at ease with each other and her calling out my junk earlier)

    We were eating ice cream now and she started to be flirty with me, I kinda played back and then as I took the last bite of my ice cream she asked if she could taste it, I said sure and we just straight up make out, it was awesome (this is a scene from Oliver, stoned. Where the girl smokes weed for the first time, its a cheesy movie but I watched it the day before, now that I think about it the girl had a similar figure has the girl from the movie)

    Anyway sometimes after that we started getting chased by some NPCs which we fought and and as we ran away, we "farmed & explored" in the MMo until I woke up.

    I don't remember her telling me her name but when I woke up I remember writing it down and it was Evelynn, I have no acquaintances with that name and I felt pretty shitty when I woke up because I felt like I lost someone I had very strong feelings toward, it was just some sincere and unconditional love towards her even though we just met.

    Updated 11-25-2014 at 11:52 PM by Sora



    by Sora on 09-15-2012 at 05:24 PM
    Hi guys! After 2 years of inactivity, I decided I'd start tracking my dreams again!
    I've been dreaming alot lately and that made me think about the Ol' days back in 2009-2010 when I was pretty active here and decided I should AT LEAST write down my dreams, because I always liked to do so and had a fun time reading my older entries.

    Hopefully some of you are going to follow up my DJ and we're going to have good time!
    Some of you might also have read some of my older entries and I'm pretty sure you noticed my bad english, my english is much better (I think), so it's going to be much easier for me AND for you to read and enjoy my dreams!

    So cheers guys!


    by Sora on 06-12-2010 at 01:52 AM
    Type: (Non-lucid)
    Clearness 8/10

    I was at my Condominium and my cousin was there. He then showed me his new iPad. His version was a limited edition and had an incredibly wide screen. He was controlling it with his feet and was doing some cool trick with it. Then he showed me a new TV show which was looking just like Jackass, but with different ppl. And slowly I was now part of the show and apparently I was the winner of the week and I was going to do awesome stuff with them.

    The first thing we did was getting in a barrel and roll down a HUUUUUUGGEEEE hill. I was the first to get in the barrel, then they pushed me and I fastly gain speed, and I was going soooo fast and I was so confused. Then apparently I crashed on a tree and the barrel exploded apart but I was fine. I stood up and there was that granny not so far from me. A guy which was up the hill snipped the granny and she died. Then a thousand of grannies which was looking exactly like the one which we just killed appeared. Then I took out of nowhere a MP5 and started to kill them, they were actually zombies. Then for the rest of the dream I was running and killing zombies. PRetty awesome.


    by Sora on 06-12-2010 at 01:52 AM
    Type: (Non-lucid)
    Clearness 7/10

    I wake up and I'm tied up at a chair. I start freaking out and then I see my friend's GF. I ask her to untie me and she tell me SHE kidnapped me. I'm like WTF and I ask her why and she tell me she works for a secret organisation and needs to eliminate me. I tell her she can't do that because her BF will start suspicing her and he'll find out and he'll stop her. She says she don't care because she was about to kill his BF soon because she took enough informations to do what she needed to do. Then she pointed a gun at my chest and shot one time. I starts freaking out when I saw I was starting to bleed. I tried to stop her but she shot a second time in my chest. Now I start feeling the extreme pain in my chest and I start screaming. She shot two more time and I see her standing up and leaving the room. Then I died and wake up.