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    The Great Escape

    by sovesky on 01-07-2011 at 02:30 PM
    Last night I had a dream I was in Prison, Shawshank Redemption style. Like in the movie I remember I had a tight group of friends that were very similar to those in the movie, except that they were dumb as hell.

    I was working in some sort of uranium treatment facility when I executed my escape plan. I can't recall the details of the plan. The only thing I remember was that my friends were working in different facilities and they were warning by some sort of signal.

    Everything was running according to plan, and we only needed to collect one more guy, when suddenly there was an explosion and the guards sounded the alarm.

    We ran as hell into the country side surrounding the facility, for maybe 1 kilometer. We were tired and the guards were catching us, so we thought of hiding somewhere. We spotted an old huge tree much like this one, and we climbed it remaining in silence. The guards approached the tree without noting our presence, but it was very windy and tree started to shake up and down because of our weight (With that kind of tree it's impossible that could happen. They're very solid), and then they finally saw us.

    When they were cuffing the other prisoners there was another big explosion, and I used it to start running again. I managed to escape because I entered a nearby village full of complex buildings everywhere. A residential place.

    I checked a BMW with the keys on, entered it, and when I was starting the car, the owner entered the car as well. I recall it was a beautiful young lady that became very scared. I told her to calm down and said I was taking the car.

    I started to drive for a while and noticed I had never driven such a powerful car. It was very difficult to control it at the beginning.

    After a while I was in a place near my home called Estoril. At that time the car stopped, because apparently it need a coin to continue, like those moving toys for the kids in carnivals. That was a weird fact and I believe that if I had some discipline I would notice that I was in a dream.

    Nevertheless I told her I needed to go to the bathroom when all of a sudden a friend of mine from college appeared (Jorge) and asked me why I was dressing like a convict. I told him I had too parallel different lifes and he became instantly shocked.

    And then... I woke up

    More confusing fragments

    by sovesky on 01-05-2011 at 07:07 PM
    I find it odd that my dreams are becoming more and more confusing. It's almost like a Salvador Dali painting.

    As usual I don't know very well where it started. It remember I was, once again, travelling somewhere. I believe I was climbing a mountain similar to one I climbed some years ago, but I'm not sure if it really exists or if it's just a product of my imagination.
    The landscape consisted in a lot of underbrush (I don't know if this is the right word to describe it) and was very dry.

    Now comes the weird part. I'm in some sort of hut, Vietnam style. Very rustic. No electricity.
    I remember I was in a mixture of living room, bathroom and music studio. In there was my father, a friend of mine called Joao D, and although I don't remember the picture, I have the feeling my mother was present in some other room.

    I recall I was jamming with some sort of string instrument, and Joao D was playing music from a portuguese band I appreciate, called Men Eater. I remember I told him I only like one song called Lisboa and he became very confused because he told me that song was one of the weakest in his repertoire. He stated that he composed much better than that, and with that I reasoned he was insinuating I didn't know shit about music. I remember I became angry and went to take a bath. I turn the shower on, and suddenly I noticed my new 2 week laptop was at the bottom of the shower and would break down with the water. I even remember the letters in it: Asus EEE 4000H

    Next, I wake up on the top of a similar mountain. I was sleeping on a rock near a huge precipice/abyss. I stood still looking at the horizon and saw some buildings far away. I thought it was Porto city, at the North of my country. I only been there once, but I knew it was a little bit different.
    I stood up and started walking away. Then, I started to watch myself in the 3rd person as if I'm in a movie. Kind of similar to my last dream. The thing is that, now I'm a very old guy dressed with a lot of old stained rags.
    I notice some kids like 100 yards from me, and went there to talk to them. Suddenly they start to attack me, shoving their small bodies against me, using bricks. I thought it was really odd, but then another old guy appears in front of me. I looked at him, as if he was my father, but he looked like Hannibal from the A-Team.

    He told me the end was near and that we had to continue our mission. Then I woke up with my alarm clock. Unfortunately I forgot a lot of my dream, since I was in a hurry and didn't had time to write my dream.

    Updated 01-05-2011 at 07:08 PM by sovesky (Image too big)

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    More fragments

    by sovesky on 01-04-2011 at 03:17 AM
    This is my second Dream Journal post.

    This dream happened 4 days ago and when I woke up I wrote the topics about it so I could write them here. I don't recall much since they are very fragmented.

    At first I was at a cinema that was a mixture of an old school amphitheater and a cinema I usually go to, nearby. I remember the place was abnormally big.
    At the entrance there was a security guard that was giving each of us a microphone so we could talk to him, in case there was any sort of problem. Weird stuff.

    I had my backpack with me, and had the sensation I was on a travel. There were a 5 of friends of mine that I don't want to enunciate here and an unknown woman. One of my friends, let's call her, Anna, got a little bit distant from us for no apparent reason.

    The movie we were seeing talked about the life of baby Hawk's that leave in train lines. It looked like some sort of digital simulator or computer game because it was seen in the 3rd person with a fixed camera or something.

    Suddenly I'm into the movie and I'm a Hawk, flying in those train lines and trying to get away from train's and train electric wires. I'am caught in one of those wires and get an electric shock. I didn't felt anything.

    The next fragment is about beeing in a Hotel near the place I got electrocuted, but now I have my own body again. My group of friends is there again, but I don't recall any unknown girl.
    I leave my hotel room and move forward to the Hotel courtyard to play tennis with a friend of mine that we are going to call Antonio. He sees a baby Hawk in a puddle of dirty water, injured. Probably it's the electrocuted one.
    He's trying to grab him, but that makes me furious because I believe he's going to hurt the animal. We start to argue and than we start to punch each other badly.
    There is great confusion and everyone is overwhelmed by our reaction.
    Next, we spot the media coming with there cameras, microphones, vans and satellite dishes, which makes me kind of scared.

    I go to the top basement of the hotel, which is strangely old. There is a bar there where all my friends and other people make presence, and everyone looks at me with a lot of despise duo to my radical reaction.

    And that's it. One more step towards lucid.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Climbing the hill

    by sovesky on 12-27-2010 at 01:35 PM
    This is the first entry in my dream journal. It's extremely incomplete, since I already forgot almost everything.

    I remember being on a bus back home, hearing music through a crappy mp4 player, I gave my younger brother for Christmas, and being annoyed by it. (I'm very demanding with sound quality). This bus is familiar to me since it's the only one that passes in my home location. Before I had a car I caught that Bus for almost 10 years to go from school to home.
    The thing is that the Bus is totally different because it looks like a tourism one, and not the public transportation kind. I remember I recognized some people from my personal life and talked to them, but I can't remember what.

    Suddenly the Bus stopped and the driver said there was a huge fire in a mountain range near me therefore he turned the bus to another road I didn't knew. In a moment we were in a highway I didn't recognized, and the Bus stopped near a huge steep hill made of sand and moss(weird). It last like 80 steep and I was really scared because it had an height of about 50 meters.
    At this time I remember the group changed. Now they were friends of mine from the time I used to be in Scouts. Some were really scared but we started to climb. I reached the middle of the hill and slipped, falling to the ground hurting myself.

    I decided I wanted to outline the hill instead of climbing it, so I started walking for a while. Some time after, I noticed I was in front of a poor, old village that I recognized from a previous dream, but didn't found that odd. Curiously a spotlight appeared pointing at me and I started to run so they couldn't detect me. It last very prison like. I believe this happened because I usually do some trek trips and sleep in protected places. In those trips we always try do stay away from forest guards.

    Very strangely I went back to the base of the hill running away from that spotlight, canguru style. It was really weird.

    And then my mother woke me up...

    As I said previously, this is my first dream entry. I decided to start writing here thanks to a wonderful movie called The Waking Life that really influenced me.