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    1. Hey, welcome back.
    2. (Continued from Part 2)

      (Ha, imagine the looks on so many tawdry 'fake-ics' faces when they go out of business permanently because anyone can have their psychic brain ethernet connection established. (Something something something plot to Shrek 4?)

      Anyway, I hope this hasn't made me sound too much like a kook and I would definitely love to hear more details and thoughts on this potential hardware/software development. And I'd love the Kickstarter link, I think that's OK to PM.

      Sincerely Yours Pipe-Dreamily,
      Ramu =) ♡
    3. (Continued from Part 1)

      Which is how this recreation-'verse came to be so detailed because they could more or less mostly lossly glean very specific details and elements from memories across the frequency. And I believe it's still in the code -- but much like an ethernet connection, you have to set it up and work on getting your machine (i.e. brain) to be able to properly transmit and receieve data. Likewise, in a way, psychic connections are thus possible -- but it's easier to say you did and pretend you did and gouge people out of billions with insulting vaguery than actually working on it and doing it genuinely.

      This is where I think our idea paths theoretically cross more solidly, because if we can somehow de-fictionalize Inception technology per se, if there is an existing system present, it could act as physical therapy to rehabilitate it, and make it easier for people to commonly set up and access.

      (Continued in Part 3!)
    4. Dear Mr. SpaceGod Sir,

      Hey, welp, I was searching for stuff on shared dreaming and needless to say your post showed up pretty quick. I absolutely love the internet analogy because that's basically my philosophy.

      I'll TRY to keep this shorter than a Tolkien series, but basically I'm a Simulated Universe-er, and figure that individual dreams are our experience of basically a much more complex routine brain backup onto a giant server. (Hypnogogia being like that 'Discovering files...' segment, or [insert Mac equivalent].) Lucid Dreaming normally is a bit of a glitch but it occurs when an individual breaks through their own stream of data to somehow roam around on the server. And to wit, even before the simulation of our universe -- or rather the essentially meticulous recreation of a previous world -- that a sort of built-in biological wifi and exchange and external data storage existed, I call it the "Psychic Frequency".

      (Continued in Part 2 because aah current character limits)
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    I was once enamored with space, and still am. However, as time has gone on, my interests have diversified, and my sense of self has changed. I am glad to be back dreaming :)

    I tend to edge on the scientific side of thought, but I also have a strong penchant for fantasy.
    Somewhere within the endless vacuum...
    Space, Programming, and Fun :)
    Secret :)
    How you found us:
    Was doing research into lucid dreams


    That certainly is a nice red button you have there.

    It'd be a shame if someone were to...

    Press it.


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    Dreams 2/20/18-3/2/18

    by SpaceGod on 03-05-2018 at 08:21 PM
    Hello. I haven't made a DJ entry in a while, but have once again started recording dreams in my personal dream journal on 2/20/18, so I figured I should post some of these dreams here, to test my new formatting and share the dreams.
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    ************************************************** **************************************************
    Cliffs and Smiths
    I am somewhere, looking at a steep cliff that encompasses the entire area. There is a gate with a steep set of stairs going down the cliffs. I point it out for some reason. Just as I do this, a carriage, drawn by two horses, exits the gate, and begins to descend the stairs. The carriage, along with its contents, are bobbing up and down in mid-air rapidly. (This was incredibly funny to me upon waking up. This being written in text really does not do the sight any sort of justice.)

    Suddenly, I am atop the cliff, past the gate (I do recall getting up there somehow, but am unsure as to the exact manner I used to ascend. I believe the dream may have implanted a false memory there, but I'm kind of unsure). I have someone craft something for me, though I am unsure of the specifics of who was crafting what for me. However, I am informed by someone of a certain rule involving crafting: 'You can't look at the craftsman, or he can't work, but you also can't look away from the craftsman, or he can't work.'

    I try to allow the craftsman to work by keeping him in my peripherals as I walk down a road, but I find difficulty in not looking directly at or away from the craftsman. This is the single most frustrating thing I have ever experienced.

    I wake up, without the craftsman ever finishing.

    ************************************************** ************************************************20 18/2/24
    ************************************************** ************************************************
    Shared Dream Quest!

    I am with two of my friends at a dock, in what I assume to be a different country. We are doing 'Shared Dreaming,' (though not really) and looking for multiple pieces of something. We end up in a water dream. I am a fish. I see something embedded in the sand, and go to collect it. I am suddenly surrounded by other fish. Turns out my friends ended up as predatory fish, while I was a prey fish. This, however, would never have any significance, because we 'wake up.'

    I post something along the lines of 'I did it!' to Dreamviews, excitedly.
    Then, Sageous responds by interpreting it, though I am not sure how he did so. It was several paragraphs long, however. For some reason that I am unable to recall, this annoys me (Which is completely out of character for me, by the way).

    I can't remember if the dream continued from there, but it didn't feel like I woke up directly out of the dream.

    ************************************************** ************************************************
    ************************************************** ************************************************

    Space Adventure Thing

    The dream starts in a space wreckage. I maneuver around a bit. I can't really remember much about this part of the dream.

    Suddenly, I am in a 'Classroom,' filled with kids,
    who I understand to be the remnants of humanity. There are buttons in front of all of the sets of children. I press one, and their appearances are shuffled.

    I learn that I am a Youtube Gamer, playing a game.

    Back in the classroom, I tease one of the kids whom
    I understand to be my sister. I don't tease her to be mean, I am only playing around. I wake up.

    ************************************************** ************************************************
    ************************************************** ************************************************

    It's a Papa John's commercial, advertising noodles for some reason. The noodles were called 'Mitsuhashi' or something like that.These noodles looked immensely appetizing. Like, holy crap, those are the best looking noodles I've ever seen in my life. They genuinely were, on recollection, still the best looking looking noodles I have ever (seen?). I ask some people to go get some for me, but they say "Well, mitsuhashi means 'Cowardly' in Korean, so that should tell you all you need to know about it."

    This convinced me that I shouldn't get those noodles, unfortunately. I wake up.


    After the dream, I looked it up. Mitsuhashi has no meaning at all, in either Korean or Japanese (I checked Japanese because it sounded more Japanese than Korean to me).

    I didn't share all of my dreams, because some of them are kinda more personal than I'd like, so... yeah.

    My Subconscious Basically Tells Me To Get My Life Together

    by SpaceGod on 12-13-2017 at 05:21 PM
    My school does a career presentation on space. However, the presentation is actually just a three minute YouTube video that I’d supposedly previously seen in (third?) grade, so I do not pay any attention to the video. My princip comes up and scolds me rather harshly about this.

    Later, I see a claw machine at the entrance to the school. “Clever bastards,” I said. They had made he claw machine so that you could only view it through one place, preventing me from judging the location of the claw if I were to choose to play.

    My science teacher and I go outside. It’s raining. I stick my tongue out, and it begins to genuinely sting as though it were beginning to freeze.

    I say something to my science teacher, and and run to the entrance of the school, open laptop in hand. It gets wet, and the frame begins to bend.

    I wake up.

    ************************************************** ***********

    This dream, though unspectacular, was interesting to me for a variety of reasons.

    1) The dream basically called me out on my laziness.
    2) It was a rather logically set story
    3) I actually felt pain, which is the first time I’ve ever actually used any sense other than sight and sound in a nonlucid dream.

    Giant Monsters

    by SpaceGod on 08-25-2017 at 06:02 PM
    I am one of four or five people on a series of islands inhabited by monsters. I vaguely remember a small monster destroying my plane as I flew over the islands. I look out into the distance and see two monsters fighting each other, in the ocean surrounding the island. One is a grayish black monster with four black crystals jutting out in the four diagonals on its back. It seemed to be made entirely of rock, and was somewhat rounded in shape. The monster it was fighting was an all white monster seemingly made primarily of bones, with its arm bones transitioning into spear-like structures as opposed to hands. It was lanky in figure, giving me the impression that it was fast. I estimated them to be around 5-7 stories tall, with the white monster slightly taller than the gray monster. The oldest survivor suggested we cross to the nearest island to find a way to escape the monsters.

    We arrive at a small, sandy peninsula at the edge of the island. There are smaller versions of the monsters from earlier there, fighting each other still. Instead of 5-7 stories tall, these were only five times as large as me in the dream. The rock monster notices me. It charges at me in the middle of the fight, nearly killing me with a single attack. It goes back after the white bone monster, attacking, dodging an attack, and charging back after me. I somehow dodged, climbed onto the top left crystal on its back, and, drawing the sword I apparently had, I stab the rock monster. I don't remember how, but it was defeated by a single attack. Luckily, the bone monster was also gone.

    The group had already crossed the small divide between the islands. Now it was my turn. I knew that the water was dangerous, because the monsters had a tendency to show up more in the water. As I entered the water, suspenseful music began to play. I reached the shallow part of the other side of the divide before I woke up.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The dream was really cool, but not very meaningful. It was really exciting though, and there was a good, large amount of dream content there.

    Updated 08-25-2017 at 06:11 PM by SpaceGod

    non-lucid , memorable

    The Sea In The Sky

    by SpaceGod on 07-08-2017 at 08:17 PM
    I've been gone for awhile, but I'm back. On to the dream!


    There is no reason as to how or why, but I win a ticket to go on a blimp heading for the clouds. I enter the blimp, and nothing interesting happened on the blimp, so my brain skips it.

    I end up in a gift store surrounded by a vast ocean of clouds. I see people riding around on what looked like jetskis that could go under(cloud?) riding around outside in the clouds. The gift store also has clouds inside it, up to about knee level. Wading through clouds, I encounter a fish guy. My dream cuts out befriending him, but it turns out that he is the ruler of the cloud area. It feels like many days had passed since I arrived in the cloud area. The ruler, whose name I never learned, had become good friends with me.

    I am taken to what appears to be a observatory of some kind, with openings in clouds allowing us to see the surface. There are a few teabags sandwiched between filters, each group with a name on them. One of the groups had my name on it. Without being told, I knew that, for some reason, the teabags represented the life force of the corresponding human.

    The ruler explains to me that he planned to flood the Earth, leaving only humans he trusted to survive. I ask about why he would want to do that, and there's a flashback.

    It was the ruler as a child, playing with a fish twice his size. "Where I come from, all creatures were equal," he explains. A net catches his fish friend. "However, you humans would treat those different from you as scum, even among your own species. It's disgusting. I must remove such disgusting creatures from existence, before they infect other worlds with their hate."

    I attempt to negotiate with him, but fail. Out of anger, he sends me back to the surface (instantly), and I end up next to the blimp again. Just as I prepare to get on the blimp to stop him, I wake up.

    This dream stood out to me for many reasons. Firstly, it had a really coherent plot. The only weird things that stuck out to me when I woke up were how life force was represented by teabags and that I somehow was sent instantly to the surface. Also, it makes you wonder; if there were a civilization in the clouds, are their drinks in cloud form?

    Secondly, I genuinely felt all the emotions, and most of the sensations, which is the first time I can remember that happening in a dream. It felt real.
    non-lucid , memorable


    by SpaceGod on 12-22-2016 at 04:22 AM
    So, I've not been on DV recently, as I was going through some important family stuff. However, I'm back with a story about my first full, and intentional lucid experience. It felt about 3 hours long, but, as I didn't have my DJ nor Internet, and it happened 3 days ago, I'm only able to remember some bits.

    ************************************************** ***********

    I don't remember the first portion of it, but I spontaneously plug my nose to do a reality check. I can breathe. What a strange feeling, breathing through a plugged nose. I realize I'm dreaming and attain mild lucidity. First and foremost, I try to fly, naturally. I fall flat on my face. I'm standing up again, and remember reading somewhere that a good way to fly in a dream was to hop, expecting your jumps to get higher and higher as you go. I try it, but my jumping size doesn't increase.

    'No matter,' I think to myself. I decide to explore. I don't remember anything else up until seeing the glass building a while later. I imagine that it's a dungeon and rush inside, and I am greeted with none other than the pits of hell. There's a save point, and I recognize that I'm dreaming again, 'catching' my falling lucidity by doing the same reality check, and admiring the hell-room.

    The dream restarts, and I do the exact same things, except without lucidity. It restarts again, and I am lucid once again. I head down to the same place, except wanting to go past it this time. However, to my surprise, a rich guy is standing on some boxes with a megaphone, advertising the dungeon. I was angered, and woke up.


    So yeah, that was fun. I'm glad I didn't wake up instantly, though I wish I had taken more time to check out the surroundings. It was also interesting that it restarted not once, but twice.
    lucid , memorable