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    The chubby latino January 24 2012

    by spartinpastic on 01-24-2012 at 09:54 PM
    I remember I was walking down a familiar street with tree's that towered on the sides that was a shortcut to the school field. For some reason there was no exit and there were two other ways branching off at the end off. I remember a few things happening before this happened.

    I believe I was at my house, I saw my grandma. I felt the need to go walking, so I did. I remember something about Mt. Dew on some cyclinder stands . There was voltage then code red I believe.

    I have a weird picture of my head with carmines, a cafe. There was something white in the front, like the Mt. Dew stands.

    So as I was walking down the field shortcut street I was on on the ways of the two shortcut thing (I came from there). Then there were a group of laughting people going down the road (teenagers) I was like .

    When they came down the road some chubby latino kid (by the name of Kevin xxxx) did something to me (I forget). I got angry and tried to do something back but it was a fail, that's all I remember.

    Was it a nightmare?

    January 23 2012

    by spartinpastic on 01-24-2012 at 09:13 PM
    I did not remember much as usual .

    I remember a suitcase, a round face with black face and MAYBE a white wall and kitchen counter, that's all.

    My fun and joys dream journal

    by spartinpastic on 01-23-2012 at 01:00 AM
    Jan 19 2012 (wrote on 20)
    note: I know there were lots of what ifs but I did this the day after I dreamed it up since I just got my dream journal today. The things I remembered were extremely vivid yet I felt like I knew so little!

    Me and my best friend Aiden was walking around. Aidan looked like himself like always. He was wearing black, a hoodie I think with writing in the front. We were walking somewhere at night similar to SQ, I think I saw stars. I remember no trees. Aiden peeked in a pizza place. I think it was a concrete building. Not sure where Aidan peeked, maybe a window. I think it was just because he came near the pizza place. I have no idea how I knew that. I had my gym hoodie on. When he did peek I ran fast for some reason. I was scared of something for some reason, felt a sudden burst of adreneline. Also afraid I like get arrested. I ran down a hill street. I was really scared for some reason. I ran with powerful endurance and speed. As I ran down the hall I was now on a different street that seemed to be on the side of the mountain. Not sure if on a mountain. It had those street rails on the side of the street, and I think in the middle. I think they may of came later on in my running. A short guy with chef clothes and hat came running to me (pizza guy). He also looked He almost grabbed me with his hands in a clapping motion. I dodged and he crashed in a street rail that I think was ending in a v motion and he crashed into it. I kept running and I think I still felt like I was being chased. I couldn't shake off the feeling that there were more (I think). I remembered no trees. When I was running I never got tired, my legs felt the tiniest bit tired now and then but it faded away. Then I was suddenly walking down a normal pathway. I think it may of been raining and it was daytime. There were casual small houses on the side with those metal fences. It stopped raining when I neared two people. There was a chef, I think he may of been the other one (not sure at all). There was a bystander who was just there and was watching him. He seemed to be just there. I think he had black hair, not sure. There were puddles and I think they were cracks on the sidewalk, there were puddles in them. Not sure about the cracks but i'm sure there were puddles. I said something of a apology (not sure what it was. I think it was something along the lines of "sorry buddy", and I gave a short explanation). I helped him up. Also when I was nearing him I thought of Wii Kinect (no I do not want a wii kinect I just did.