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      Maybe not too amazing, as that's the first update I've made to my count since joining 3 yrs ago, but thanks!
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    26 / 5 / 14 GTA like dream (non-lucid)

    by spd on 05-26-2014 at 07:33 AM
    In a car with mum DC and and random DC not from IWL. Mum is driving on a railway station and accidently turns onto the train tracks. We are trying to get off the tracks but we can't and a train comes and smashes into the car. None of us are injured but apparently the car no longer works. Now with no car one of the DC's I was with breaks into a car that was on the train station but not on the tracks. Sirens go off when the car gets broken into and one star is shown at the top left hand corner of my vision (sort of like GTA) Of course I see some police coming and I have a gun so I start shooting at them not sure if I hit any of them and I see the stars increase and I run I am then sitting on a motorbike in a warehouse sort of building and I have a radar in the bottom left hand side of my visual field with red dots showing me where the policemen are. I see the red dots coming closer to my position so I fire more shots and ride off on my motorbike I then get off it and am still in this warehouse (it was rather large) I start doing a lot of acrobatic jumps and flips while grabbing onto rails and shelves in this warehouse and I get on a very high shelf several metres high and am shooting at the people below me. I then wake up and attempt a DEILD but I was to late. It was a crazy non-lucid

    Started Online DJ :O Lucid #15 WILD

    by spd on 05-15-2014 at 05:52 AM
    Italics = not part of the dream

    Blue= LUCID
    Went to bed 10:30 2 cups of water lead to me waking up and at 4:45 had the urge to piss wbtb finished at 5. I was repeating my mantra and also did some dream incubation (I love the MILD Technique) I was very sleepy and relaxed as time went on and I noticed the feeling of sleep paralysis through my body. I opened up my 'dream eyes' which started the dream

    Dream started me spinning in space I remember having a weird feeling but can't recall why. I was grabbing onto a satelitte I flew around a little bit and I grabbed another satellite there was a planet that looked like earth I wanted to fly to but I couldn't get flying in the direction I wanted, like a force was pushing me to the right when I wanted to go foreward so I grabbed the satelitte thing again (it was very disproportionate I was almost the size of the thing) so I tried teleporting towards the planet, I teleported, but it was to a different place in space and not closer to the planet that looked like earth it was my first experience trying out teleporting and I just tried to imagine myself closer to the planet. This scene changed and I was on the school oval or maybe I forgot the bit inbetween? I see some people and I end up going near some of the buildings the dream is non-lucid after this scene change, come to think of it, that may of been what triggeredme losing lucidity! I saw a dc of my girlfriend and said hi then on closer look it was a boy from my school and I felt embarassed and relieved that he didn't seem to hear me a mirror somehow came in the mix and I had a huge crab on my head and I thought it was my eyebrows hahaha! I was thinking that my eyebrows looked very unusual and ugly.One of my iwl friends took the crab off and killed it somehow. There was a little slimy bug on top of the crab that I had killed then my friend got told off for littering (I think he threw a piece of the crab) but he hid from the teacher and the teacher asked another kid to give her his name. We then sat down at a table and I had an art folio on the table the teacher walked past us and told us to not litter my friend waits a bit then throws a piece of fruit really high in the air when the teacher calls out he ran I was still there looking at the art folio and I did remember holding a plum-like fruit sliced in half. I then woke up
    lucid , non-lucid