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    1. Thanks bee! and what a cute gif! ^O^
    2. Omg your pokemon trainer cat avatar is fantastic! I've been thinking on changing mine back to a Mismagius, maybe draw one myself. Or draw a human version of a Mismagius.
    3. A little late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPELLBEE2!!!! \( ^O^)/

    4. I poke you with my poking stick, it is for poking.
    5. Omg! Just what I wanted! How did you know

      Merry Christmas to you too, spellbee! Here have a Santa Kitten

    6. Merry Christmas, Prince! I filled your stockings for you:

    7. Thanks! *accepts the high five* ( ^0^)/\(^.^ )

      And man, I love that gif! So cute, I wanna make it a wallpaper~
    8. Woo! Happy birthday, Mismagius! High five!

    9. Happy Birthday, Spellbee!! \(^O^)/
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