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    1. Thanks, looking forward to getting some work done!
    2. Gz on becoming an admin!!
    3. Happy birthday! Oh look the smileys are fixed, cool!
    4. Correct. The beginner tasks just recently got added since the last comp. Most of them seem way too simple to be worth 15 points, as some of them hardly even require much control at all. You might be able to persuade me to make them like 5 points or so, or only count for Beginner League, but for simplicity's sake I figured just not counting them at all is fine.
    5. " Task of the Month (April 2017)- 15 points/task (beginner tasks not included)"

      You can't get the 15 points by completing a beginner task?
    6. Oo congrats on the 100 lucids ( so far ) in 2016!
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