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    About spiralsofgold
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    First, please if you know me in real life, I ask of you not to follow my dreamviews account because I post my dreams. Since dreams reveal a lot of personal stuff, I don't want anyone I know knowing about things I think about, and think of people etc.

    Anyway, onto about me:

    I enjoy playing video games, especially final fantasy games - mostly because of the fantasy genre and amazing design - but then there are some final fantasy games that have an amazing storyline to go along with that (like final fantasy X, my favourite of all).

    I also very much enjoy movies, especially those to do with, again, fantasy, or the ideas of happiness and life that I agree with. Or movies that simply make me feel really really good (so no sad movies, depressing movies, or horror movies). Examples of movies that I am in love with are Avatar (James Cameron) and the french movie, Amelie.

    I am also quite an optimistic person! And I believe in Abraham-Hicks teachings and The Secret.

    In my dream journals and many of my posts you will find my observations and theories of the mind and dreams. Many of these theories will be based only on what I know and have experienced and observed about life, people, the mind, my mind in particular, and dreams. If there is a missing piece of information that I have forgotten to consider for my theories, feel free to let me know, but do not under any circumstances call me an idiot for ignoring that information for however obvious it may seem to be to you.

    If there is a really interesting object or place in a dream that I really like, I will usually draw it digitally and post it.

    I have a pet bird named Jerry and two cats named Leeroy and Tiger. Tiger is female, Leeroy is male.

    The way I observe that I remember my dreams - not sure if others remember dreams the same way because I have never asked yet - is that I pinpoint the specific feeling or frequency I feel or felt when in the dream. For example, a fantasy forest can give someone a very particular exotic or enchanted feeling that they can only feel and not describe very well.
    I believe that everyone remembers not only dreams, but real life events or situations in the same way, at least primarily in this way.
    Of course, if the dream is more vivid than just a hazy dream that provides only an indescribable particular feeling, then there comes visual memory and auditory memory etc. But for me, I primarily remember dreams by its feeling, so excuse me if my descriptions of my dreams are not so understandable because feeling that I feel can only obviously be felt by me and are hard to describe.

    This Biography has become a rant and for that I apologize, I do this often as well.

    Anyways, have a good day! :)
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    Singing, digital painting, gaming
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    Referred here by a fellow yahoo!answers answer-er :)


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    Visions every where
    Night line, takes me to a world so unknown


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    by spiralsofgold on 10-27-2011 at 11:10 PM
    I found it interesting how that first WILD came to be. I think it must've been the universe giving me a perfect fool-proof opportunity and me taking it: I wake up from a vivid dream that I need to write down. Writing it takes about 10 minutes, and I am awake just the right amount, then try to WILD, get there in just 5 minutes, and have the most amazing, most vivid dream, let alone a lucid dream, I have ever had EVER.

    I also found it very interesting that the imaginations I had in this vivid dream actually weren't as vivid as the physical reality of the dream as most other dreams are. Meaning I need to fix my theory:
    The theory now is that depending on how vivid and conscious you are in the dream, your imagination's vividness will stay the same but feel like it varies because you compare it to the vividness of the dream reality. Otherwise, your mind works relatively similar to how it works in waking life. You translate the things around you. Waking physical life is just collections of vibrations and frequencies that your senses process in order for the mind to understand it, just as in dream reality where you translate the vibrations and frequencies around you. The realities are relatively the same, only that in dream reality you function at a higher level because you know you can do anything.

    Another Observation: Everyone in that lucid dream was watching me in awe throughout the whole thing, unless they had a specific function in the dream, such as driving or teaching,etc. They would react to things the way I would best want them to react to things. They love it when I talk about my theories and things I am excited about, because I love talking about my theories and things I am excited about. They do not act on their own, unless I subconsciously expect or want them to. The WILD really revealed to me how everything and everyone really is just a projection, and how I am the real being there in control.

    If I were to compare that with something for better understanding, it's almost just like from Tron, where the programs have specific functions and can't think and plan, and where the users that come in can create, control, and do everything they please in this reality. The projections are lower than the user, and they know it. It's as if they look at me as a God, The dreamer of the dream they are involved in. You get what I'm saying? Very interesting. I would rant more, but that would take up this whole page because I'm just so ecstatic right now.
    side notes

    Extremely scary dream and Other dreams/fragments today

    by spiralsofgold on 10-27-2011 at 10:53 PM
    Dream I had before that first WILD!!:


    This dream takes place mostly in my Math classroom. I remembered the whole dream when in the dream, the ending is clear, and the earlier parts of this dream are some hazy memories of a vivid dream. All this dream was vivid. There are some friendly happy parts that make me happy even now (no awkward parts like in other dreams) with Joy, Suzie, and a bunch of other friends in my life, but not many people I currently hang out with at school. There is a part where I am asking a question about something - a game or a concept to do with games - and Suzie steps in to help me understand what it is, and I say "ohh!" in understanding.

    There are some happy friendly and pretend friendly parts with Lauren, Liz, and Bruce in art class. Some things they say/do get me pissed off a little bit, but I hide it. They ask me something that convicts me of some stupidity or something, I respond in a strong, successfully defensive manner and feel proud that they couldn't argue with that point or something.

    After I tell Lauren, Liz and Bruce that I have an appointment (lying). So I am next at the back of the school during last period (art class). I am at a bus stop booth type thing. I am getting paper out of my bag to do something with. Then I remember that today is in fact a half day and last period of the day, so I don't actually need to wait for my bus until school normally ends. Plus if I did, Lauren and Liz etc would discover I lied to them to get away. I think about what could happen if Lauren saw me there when I told them I was going home.

    I see Ling while waiting at the back of the school for the bus. We talk a little, she is carrying art stuff. She walks/I walk with her not too far to a road where a car is parked and waiting. Her mom is in the car, and she says hi. I think (and I might've said aloud) "woahh deja vu, I clearly remember a dream so similar to this scenario!" Then Zitian shows up out of nowhere and I'm like "woahh just like that dream I had with Zitian." Then Zitian (and possibly formerly Ling) and Ling or some person are talking to each-other. Ling or some person is sitting on Ling's Mom's car. That person turns into my cousin Diana and I'm like "woah" (just like the dream I had, only without Diana appearing wtf I think in waking life). Anyway, I'm happy she's here and I interrupt their conversation to say hi to my long-lost cousin, in a very friendly and loud voice, and hug her.

    In the dream, I was amazed that I could remember that dream in this dream. It was a pretty vivid dream, and Diana's face was completely clear.


    Then I wake up, write it down, have that amazing first WILD

    Then I wake up from that first WILD, feel powerful, vital, and alive. Write that dream down, then I go back to bed to try for another WILD

    WILDing this time was more difficult, it took longer with more confusion on how I actually did it successfully the first time, and pretty much failed:
    I wake up in my bed again, and either this was real life or a dream, I don't remember because it was a little hazy, but I felt the sleep paralysis. I couldn't move. Once I managed to move, I do a reality check, get excited about being successful again, and wake up. This one was very hazy.

    Then after waking up, I go to sleep normally and have this dream:


    I am in something like a check-in place with my parents, brother, and Kate. Kate and Josef and I are watching videos chronicling their happy memories together or something. These videos have to do with future adventures that we have, where we visit around 7 places and people and take on their challenge or something.

    There was a part where Leeroy ran out to the field near the check-in place and we had to go run after him and get him back. My brother and I are chasing him. My brother loses him, and I find him. When I do, I pet him nicely, calm down his sadness for wanting to be outdoors, cuddle with him and then bring him back inside, with pity.
    After this part, we visit one of the 7 places. It is a very tall house where you have to go through obstacles, keep your balance, and jump to the other side to ascend it. My brother is with me. We climb the first few floor easily. Then when we get to the extremely high floors, it becomes more difficult. I ask the owners of the place if we could die from this, and they say no. They are a little suspicious looking, but I keep going on. They are a man and a woman, and I think the man is Czech even though we speak English with him. We keep climbing and jumping through the air. There were many close calls, and then there is a part where I need to jump onto a skinny airplane tail, and onto another plane to get to the other side. I'm having a difficult time with my balance, and I am very scared of falling. My brother is watching cautiously, afraid that I will fall too. As I try jumping to the other plane, I can't hold on I lose hold and fall down. My brother is crying and screaming as I fall. I am speechless and motionless, I watch the floors pass by. I don't feel anything physically but emotionally I am seriously shocked and scared that I'm about to die and that I need to say goodbye to everyone, my family, my brother, my mom, dad, friends... When I hit the floor, I don't feel it and blackout.

    I wake up back in the check-in place. I slowly open my eyes. I see that I am lying on the floor of the room where we were watching those videos. My brother, Kate, and parents are watching me, sadly. I start tearing up. I don't feel any pain from falling down at such a height, I should've died! We're all shocked to see I survived the event and speechless. Some people are weeping. My vision is blurry, and I don't hear voices clearly.

    Next thing I remember about this dream was I was hanging out with my brother and Kate, and my parents were watching us discuss. Leeroy was there too. My brother says that the owners of that place are the culprits. They have committed a crime by having an extremely dangerous house. We plan on how to get them punished. More stuff happened but it's an extremely hazy memory of a fairly vivid dream. Through those parts I was half conscious in the dream due to almost dying and passing out.

    Updated 10-27-2011 at 10:55 PM by spiralsofgold

    non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid

    First successful wild omfg i'm freakin' out!

    by spiralsofgold on 10-27-2011 at 08:31 PM
    So I wake up after the non-lucid dream that I will post next, and write down that dream into my dream journal. I don't want to look at the time, I'm too lazy and excited over this non-lucid dream. Then after about 10 or 15 minutes of excited wake time of writing a dream down, using the washroom, getting extra blankets etc, I feel awake, but not too awake. I go back to bed. I'm like, well it's a coincidence to be waking up in the middle of the night and having this huge impulse to try WILDing again. I take that as a sign. I go back to bed where I WILD. I don't even feel SP, but the vibrations and sounds etc I do feel. I don't see any hypnagogic hallucinations however.


    Then after about 5 minutes, I think I might be in a dream because the vibrations stopped. So I will myself to feel them again just to make sure, and slowly there came on a very strong vibration feeling like normal, and it quickly went away. I said, okay maybe this is a dream now I calmly do a nose RC and it works! I FUCKING FREAK OUT. I quickly sit up in my bed super excited and flipping out. I observe my room which looks exactly like my real life room. I do another reality check. The fact that I can breathe through my fingers is really cool. I don't see anything in my room though, it's very dark. I remember to rub my palms together, it doesn't really do anything to enhance the dreamscape but it feels so damn real!!! Then I notice how my room is still really dark, there should be something lighting it up. The moment that thought comes into mind, I notice some sunlight in the middle of my room, which is actually looking sort of like a mirror or a view of really nice tall townhouses that look similar to this lazy concept art I drew of it:

    I'm like, those are really nice houses. Hey, I could make those houses be my neighbourhood now! So I do. I look outside my window, it's not super vivid this part, but I see this new neighbourhood.

    Seamlessly, the dream takes me to the back seat of a car driven by my dad, with mom sitting next to him. I am sitting in the middle seat of the back seat. Hannah is sitting right next to me on the left. I say hi. She says hi! I tell her about my successful WILD and how this is all a dream and how sooo excited I am about having my first LD in 2 years, let alone a successful WILD done in 5 minutes after less than a week of practice! I keep ranting about this on and on. She is very interested and is as excited about this as I am. She laughs so much. I do weird sounds with my mouth because I'm having fun freaking out, and she laughs about that forever. Haven't seen her laugh so much before. Then I notice I'm getting a little caught up in the dream reality. I don't notice that I'm letting the dream control the dream, but I'm just ecstatic to be conscious in this dream and that everything is just as real as in real life! I hear the car vrooming, I see the trees passing by outside and everything! My parents aren't talking though. Nobody is talking unless I talk something to them. It's like everyone is much more obviously now, just projections that are much lower than me because I'm the one conscious in my own dream.

    Anyway, I have the intent of scanning my surroundings more. I want to observe the trees go by through the window. Seamlessly, and without even being able to notice, Hannah and I switched seats. She watches me intently. Everyone who isn't driving etc is watching me intently, like they find my presence very interesting, or like since I like positive attention in real life, the dream works it out perfectly for me. I watch the trees outside, noticing every detail, every leaf, branch, etc. The trees are too tall and too dense to see the sky. I'm done observing, time to continue to chat excitedly with Hannah. We talk about normal things too, but she is completely find with talking about anything at all. So I talk about this dream again. I am amazed that the feeling of the car is the exact same as in real life. Then I continue to watch things go by outside. I am still aware that this is a dream, but due to my more passive nature, I'm unintentionally letting the dream take me where it wants for now. I see the shape of an elephant in a black bag atop some large machine on a farm. "Hey look, there's elephants on this farm." Hannah looks and reacts the same way I am to it, fascinated, yet bored.

    The car stops at a bulk barn looking place that I've seen in another non-lucid dream before. It's my future school, Max the Mutt Animation School in dream form, yet it's not. We walk in. Seamlessly, Hannah and I are now in that high school that Blaine from Glee went to. IT'S SO COOL yet neither of us realize that this school looks like Glee. We explore the area, meet new people, I make a new friend. There's a cafeteria at this school which is also a room where they make awesome motivational speeches and proud speeches about their school. Everyone is wearing a Warblers uniform, or something with the same colour themes. We continue to explore, and I get caught up in the dream.

    Then I am at the other version of this school, the version that does not look like glee, but like how I picture an arts college in the dream I guess. I am with my parents this time, and Hannah is off somewhere. I remember, "Oh that's right this is a dream. I can't forget that!" (those are thoughts/out loud thinking). My parents nod their heads. Everyone is quiet and watching me intently, and talkative only if I subconsciously want them to be. Then I think "I haven't fiddled with my surroundings yet, this would be a good time to do that." My parents agree. Everyone agrees. Whatever I say goes.
    So the room looks like a plain art room first seeing it without observing it. Then I start to observe my surroundings, and I'm surprised that it's fancier than I thought it was before observing. I close my eyes, think of changing the wall to another colour, open my eyes, there it is. I look at the objects, close my eyes, think of changing them to this, open my eyes, they become this. I change the white marble floor to beige marble, and then a red carpet because I find that a very fancy carpet colour. I change the room to a very fancy art room. I move to the next room.

    I want to change the room, but the dream takes me to another place, which is the cafeteria place of the Glee warblers school again. Mom and Dad are there.. somewhere. Hannah is near me, watching me intently once again. There is a band performing on stage. Everyone is watching me intently.

    I suddenly feel strange. First I slightly forget that it's a dream again, and I am called to perform a song or something at the microphone, and I feel a little heavy, and I collapse. Everyone, my parents, Hannah, are surrounding me trying to get me to wake up. In that state, I tell myself, well this is just a dream. But what if the extreme vividness and realisticness of the dream causes me to get stuck in the dream because my mind can't distinguish if I'm awake or not? I push those worries aside. I know that if I wanted to wake up, I would because I could. For now I still want to enjoy this dream, and I am amazed at how long this dream has lasted already. It felt like hours has gone by.

    Then some other stuff happens that I can't exactly grasp.
    Then I wake up in my bed again. I think, holy crap what an awesome dream OMFG I WILDed!!! And then my mom comes into my room, and puts up a poster of the bulk barn-looking max the mutt animation school. It's a halloweeny poster. She puts it up right across my bed so I can see it. She asks me if this is okay, I say yes. Then I realize, but wait, didn't I just wake up? I do an RC. Holy crap I'm still dreaming!!! OMFG what a looong dream and super realistic omgosh okay.

    I rub my palms together once again, and observe my room. The sun is rising. There is a fat girl sitting next to my bed. I think, what is she doing here? Then I think, oh maybe I could use her for sex in this dream. Then I think, then again, other stuff is more fun to do in a dream.

    Then I wake up again. I do an RC. I'm still dreaming. Holy crap! I think to myself. Then I try to think of a place I could go to. I remember, oh that's right, I'm obsessed with Tron! Let's go there! I imagine the scene where Sam enters the grid. I don't place it in my surroundings though, I imagine it, and nothing happens. The imagination is as vivid/not vivid as in real life, so this will have to go into my theory again. I remember that the way it worked before was that I played with my surroundings to get there. I was about to, and then...

    I wake up. HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT I think to myself, and then go on the computer to write my dream.

    Updated 10-29-2011 at 06:00 AM by spiralsofgold

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