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      01-16-2022, 08:11 PM
      spoocky2005 created a blog entry 1.15.2022 in spoocky2005
      -Dreamt about playing being inside a fornite game , i have 3 gold weapons , remeber building up a hill -I am Joe Rogan now and i am being...
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    • spoocky2005's Avatar
      01-15-2022, 03:18 AM
      spoocky2005 created a blog entry 1.13.2022 in spoocky2005
      1-I find myself in this elevator with 2 other people i don't know , i have this feeling that they want to harm me or that they are no good . I have...
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    by spoocky2005 on 01-16-2022 at 08:11 PM
    -Dreamt about playing being inside a fornite game , i have 3 gold weapons , remeber building up a hill
    -I am Joe Rogan now and i am being jumped/attacked by some one .


    by spoocky2005 on 01-15-2022 at 03:18 AM
    1-I find myself in this elevator with 2 other people i don't know , i have this feeling that they want to harm me or that they are no good . I have the sensation of levitation , i see myself as floating like 2 feet above the floor.+
    2-I am on Austin street by 112th police precinct , there is what it looks like a street fair going on , there are lots of people on the street. I want to go inside the police station to report something and i find myself puling out a shopping bag(green cloth) to use a a mask to cover my face , which i find kind of strange causes ain't nobody wear a shopping bag as a mask but my dream tells me that everyone does it and i just go with it . 2 police are outside the precinct talking to a lady , i wait my turn to show them this paper/rapport i have , all of a sudden the lady transformers herself into a policeman and starts asking me question about the paper , at this point i can't seem to remember or i am confused about what the paper was about/the meaning of the paper changes every time i want to ask something about it .

    Updated 01-16-2022 at 08:09 PM by spoocky2005


    Drowning ! Not

    by spoocky2005 on 01-23-2015 at 08:16 PM
    Went to bed last night , listened to the Dreamviews proadcast for like a hour , then decided to go to sleep . Recently i have about 4-5 dreams a night from what i can recall , usually after a dream i tend to wake up and have a pretty good recall of the dream but most of the times i just go back to sleep. So in the morning i wake up remembering either no dreams , short fragments and sometimes tend to remember dreams during random times of the day when i do something related to a dream.I also noticed that if it's a more interesting dream i can remember it in the morning even after 2 or 3 other dreams.
    So last night i found myself in the middle of the ocean , the suddenly i was drowning ( can't swim so ) . Tried swimming but something was pulling me down at this point i told my self "Im drowning" after i somehow took a breath but didn't drown it actually felt like i was breathing underneath water at this point i was like "Im dreaming?" . Now i somehow feel my real body sitting in my bed breathing while i was still in the dream breathing while under water . Next thing i find myself out of the water on a wooden fence next to the ocean bay . After this i can't remember if i woke up or my dream changed .

    Where the money at

    by spoocky2005 on 12-31-2014 at 09:11 PM
    Was arguing with my mother about some money that my auntie gave me to save for what ever i needed . In real life i already spent some of that money on some stuff i didn't really need and felt a little bed . So my mom was asking me what i spent the money on and i refused to tell her since it was stupid stuff i spent it on and she would only get mad . My mom never ever asks me what i do with my money . Than she told me that if i would show her that i have all the money that my auntie gave me , she would double it not bad right . But since i knew i spend some of the money my auntie gave me i did not want to do that . Now that i woke up and thing about it , my mother knows my auntie gave me money but she never knew how much , so if i was lucid enough i could have said "yes here is the $20 or $50 or $2000 from my auntie ) and i would not be afraid of lying or .
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Lets try to recall more shall we :P

    by spoocky2005 on 12-22-2014 at 07:09 PM
    So last night went to bed about 1am after i saw a episode of Power ...took my 3mg of melatonin and my b6 and set my alarm for 3am ( usually i wake up natural anytime around 2-5) decided to try something new , thought about some dreams i had the night before said some things to myself i want to remember and then i fell asleep to wake up at 5:45am , slept right trough the alarm somehow ...that never happened before , still had 1 dream could not remember at all. Since i was up did the WBTB no Wild this time but next time should be better , just ended falling asleep 1 more dream that i cant remember .
    side notes