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    3/10 - led by a faceless ghost / mental asylum prison

    by squirrelly on 03-10-2023 at 02:13 PM
    both dreams took place in the same house-maze. this is a new maze i dont think ive seen before.


    I am looking to a story below over a small balcony and see Y standing in an unfurnished area. It is much darker down there so I cant make out too many details, he appears faceless. He motions for me to follow him and although i am afraid, i find myself following him against my will. he walks backwards while leading me through a dark, empty, windowless hall. I notice that he is actually faceless. It gets darker and eventually I lose him, but I keep walking forward. now it gets slightly brighter, just enough for me to see him sitting on a long couch facing forward. I sit next to him and give him a hug.


    I am getting checked into an insane asylum prison. the head nurse says that at least i am "well formed" and not like the others.

    3/9 - field trip to Korea

    by squirrelly on 03-09-2023 at 02:16 PM
    I was chaperoning the kids I work with on a field trip to an ancient Korean colony in western Asia. I can only remember hazy snippets of the map, one of the kids asking me something on the plane, and us looking around at the interesting landscape and architecture.


    While there I found Y and he told me he was sorry for abandoning me, that he wants to make things right, and asked me to take him home. Next, we were in a taxi to the airport and I gave him a hug.


    My mom wanted me to teach her to sing Ponta de Areia, but she kept getting the words wrong.

    3/4 - preventing his death by stalling // labyrinth house / meeting others in the competition

    by squirrelly on 03-04-2023 at 02:21 PM
    .............. I think I came out of somewhere cramped.

    Me and Y were watching a movie. The room we were in seemed sci-fi: white walls and strange futuristic-looking structures. At the corner, A was waiting for the movie to finish so she could take Y away. she was wearing funeral (or executioner) clothes: all-black robes with a veil before her face. She wanted her face covered because she was too embarrassed to be seen knowing what she was about to do. She hid her knife in the folds of her robes. Y was sitting on a seat diagonally left and a little bit ahead of mine with a blanket. He was wearing all white. As we were watching the movie (I forgot what it was about. it was a comedy involving sci-fi + financials), I was incredibly anxious and sad about him being taken away soon. I couldnt pay attention to the movie and started daydreaming:
    Me and Y were standing together on a boat on a calm ocean. He was wearing the same all-white as in the above^^^. The ferry was modern and empty and we were standing at the front. The sky was cloudy and grim. We were sailing toward a city with a harbor (not the one from previous dreams; this city is dirty and ugly, not wonderful like the city of the masks). As we approach the harbor, I become more grief-stricken since I know I will have to hand Y over to his death. As we get closer, I see A in her black robes and veil waiting on the harbor. Once we land and dock the boat, Y rushes out to her and I can't move. As he runs, he becomes a child. A holds out her hand while hiding the knife in the other and leads child Y behind a building. Then I see blood flowing from around the corner.
    Once this daydream finished, I saw the movie had ended. However, it was on a loop so it began playing immediately after: a shot of the New York skyline with a spaceship flying over and a title. I stood up a little to see Y had fallen asleep. He woke up and saw that the movie was only just beginning. He was confused since he thought he slept through the whole movie. I lied, and told him he fell asleep for just a minute and the movie was just starting. He really wanted to leave with A, but I convinced him to please just finish the movie with me.


    I was with Y and we were about to go to sleep. He looks at my legs and talks about how they are too thin and it is not attractive. Then he says that despite this, they are too wide and thick and I should probably lose weight. Then he says that they are too small and I should lift heavier weights, but after he says not too much weight since they are already so huge that I look too masculine and I could stand to lose some weight. etc etc etc.

    3/2 -

    completely new places in these latest new dreams. Maybe a new mental framework is being created. Also, no nightmares of Y for the first time since it happened.

    I was trying to find my way through a labyrinth. The structure was house-like (not like the other labyrinths I usually encounter, this one was grimy and dirty and had an oppressive evil energy) and I had the feeling that I was being followed by a hostile person. I don't remember much of the rooms, but eventually I got to a living room/kitchen area that seemed normal and less evil. I could see the street outside from the window. The room had only 3 walls and was open to the outdoors since it was under renovation: I saw a middle aged lady and 2 or 3 others around scaffolding and carpentry tools. I got happy to finally escape the maze and ran up to greet them, but once they saw me they looked disgusted and annoyed. She said "really? you drag mud through our entire house?". I turn around and see a trail of muddy footprints all over the floor. She tells me to go back in there and grab a mop to clean the whole place up. I go back through the labyrinth and feel just as much evil and hostility.

    (this house exists irl, it is near my workplace and is always under renovation)


    I come out of the labyrinth into a long room with computers all over the right wall. There are small groups of people huddled around a few of the computers looking excited. As I walk across the long room, I notice they are doing the same competition I am. Excited, I get on one of the computers to check the leaderboard. 2 of the others come up to me and ask who I am on the leaderboard. "I'm squirrelly" "I haven't seen you in previous years. is this your first time competing? i'm tveety and this is ipnerds" I am very excited since these two are at the top of the leaderboard. I tell them this is actually my first competition and they seem impressed and hope to see me at finals.

    3/1 - trying to catch the bus // field trip gone wrong

    by squirrelly on 03-01-2023 at 02:19 PM
    As I was getting out of work, I realized I wouldn't have a car to go to school with. although my school is a 5 hour walk away, I figure that if I walk fast or even run, I may be able to get there in time for my 6 oclock class. A mile past my workplace, I realize I have been walking in the wrong direction and start getting very anxious now. I wont make it to my class and I wont get my attendance grade. The public transport here is very unreliable, but I decide it is the only way i can make it in time. The street up until now has been very realistic to its real-life counterpart, but as I walk to the "bus station" (which doesnt exist irl) the streets become more run-down with the grass being taller and unmowed and a lot more undeveloped plots. They start reminding me more of the rural streets in Korea. An entrance through a broken chain link fence opens the way to the bus stop, which is an old roman-looking amphitheater-like structure in ruins. There are about 50-70 people sitting quietly throughout the structure waiting for the bus. enough people to keep the bus stop from being comfortably empty, but too little to label as crowded. We were all waiting for our bus to show up in the center, almost like a character in a play. I think I sit next to somebody near the bottom few rows and try to make conversation, but my dream recall suffers here.


    I am chaperoning a field trip, and the kids are running out from the building we just exited. They are running onto the wide road and playing around in the middle of the road. There are no cars on the road and it is abnormally wide, about the width of a highway. On the other side of the street I see buildings which are like the ones on main streets of small Texas towns. I get so afraid and stressed out. I yell out to them to get back on the sidewalk. They don't listen to me, but my boss yells to them to get in line on the sidewalk. They immediately comply, but i find myself at the back of the line as a child now too. We go back into the building we had just exited and are made to walk in a long line until we are shown a video on a laptop. I dont remember the video but it was something about learning to be more feminine. We continue walking in line towards what I assume would be another video, but I wake up before this happens.

    2/21 - held hostage + escape

    by squirrelly on 02-21-2023 at 01:45 PM
    very little recall here...

    I was being held hostage by this woman in her house. I was myself as a child. There were at least 2 other children being held there with me. The lady was choking me and I almost fainted, but then one of the other kids started crying and yelling for help in another room so she ran off to stop him and left me alone. I was having a bit of trouble walking since my head was a bit messed up from the choking. The other girl I was being held hostage with opened the front door of the lady's house but said I should wait until we can plan a real escape. I don't care so I start trying to run out of there. I get out of the door and try to look for somebody to ask for help or something to hide behind since I know the lady won't be far behind me. The street outside of her house gives me the same feeling as the street next to the elementary school I went to irl. I begin to run but I feel something at my feet. This wakes me up, it was my cat trying to get warm.
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