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    Dream Journal 01.08.11

    by stprue on 01-09-2011 at 03:05 PM
    This LD started off in a wooded area on a dirt-covered road. There were a few people involved but I can’t really remember the LD well. I realized I was dreaming and looked at my hands that were missing the tops of my middle and index fingers. I was on the side of the road and I was feeling the texture of a strange white looking rock. It was a large rock maybe 2 feet in diameter. I decided to do something that I have never done before, I licked the rock…It tasted salty and was relatively pleasing. I’m not sure where the transition took place but that’s all I remember of the woods dream. I transitioned into a room where there was some sort of meeting going on. There were maybe 6 people in the room most wearing suits. We were sitting around a table and discussing something I wasn’t interested in because I knew I was still dreaming. I began feeling all kinds of different things and was completely amazed at the level of texture I perceived. There wasn’t much strangeness going on and I began to question whether or not I was dreaming. I said to myself this must be real, I can feel and see everything perfectly. I looked down at my hands again and saw that my hands were still missing the middle and index fingers. I tried to change them to normal but couldn’t so my level of control was low. I sat down at the table and began rubbing my wifes upper thigh. She was wearing a short skirt. To my surprise no one seemed to notice at the table. I smirked and was delighted at the level of realness and lucidity in this dream. A noise woke me up just then.

    Dream Diary 12.19.10

    by stprue on 12-19-2010 at 09:05 PM
    This dream started off where I grew up in Newburyport. I was at an old train bridge that was parallel to a regular bridge. I was with several people that I did not recognize and we all ended up jumping off the bridge. At this point I was not lucid yet but had a feeling like something was strange. I hit the water and I didn’t feel what should have been a cold rush. I then swam to the right side where there were some rocks that I could climb to get out of the water. Upon climbing up the rocks I was now under the regular bridge and I walked to a cut through area that leads to a restaurant. This area had some round small stones that I was walking on and this is where I realized that I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and they looked like a black dispersed static version of them. I then remember some advice I received to help lengthen my dream lucidity. I sat down or more like dropped immediately to the ground in an attempt to sit and observe my surroundings. No sooner than I had reached the ground that I began to float upward at a relatively fast speed. I had a very strange feeling that I was not actually dreaming and thought that I might be having an OBE. When I was pretty high up I woke up in my bed half sitting up and my eyes were wide open. I told my wife what had happened and she told me to go back to sleep. I was going to follow this advice but images were slowly coming into clarity in front of my eyes and I also thought a saw something small and black quickly enter into the bedroom. I saw three images two of which I remember. The first one I cannot remember and second was an ANIME character (not sure what one) and the third was of a silver Rolls Royce. My heart rate was increased and I then noticed something else. The weather was very bad (windy and rainy). I looked out the window to see a cat that was on top of what can only be described as a large Water Lilly like flower that was almost as tall as a small tree. I went over to the window and the Lilly blew closer to the window and then hit the window. At this point the cat was in my hands even though I did not open the window. I then really woke up. I began to reflect on the dreams and realized that I was in a dream and woke up in another dream.

    Dream Diary 12.11.10

    by stprue on 12-19-2010 at 09:04 PM
    This particular dream started non lucid and I was sneaking past some sort of rebel battle between insurgence and a train carrying fuel. Both were in a heated fire-fight. As I moved some distance away from the action along a somewhat wide and unpaved road (northeast shrubbery on both sides of the trail) I realized I was dreaming and immediately looked at my hands. My left hand looked mostly normal and my right hand was missing the pinky finger. I looked at my surroundings and ahead of me appeared to be a graveyard. It was sunny out and now seemed very peaceful. I had a strange feeling like my dreaming attention was going to be very short. I then did a few things that I have not done before. I looked at my feet. I was wearing some old gray style sneakers, maybe old new balance. Feeling I was about to come out of the LD I then did something else that I have not done in a dream before. I spoke “I need to stay longer”. My voice was definitely not my own, it had a raspy and vibratory sound almost scary. This is when my LD ended.

    Dream Diary 11.25.10

    by stprue on 12-19-2010 at 09:02 PM
    This particular WILD was very quick but I will document it anyways because of the technique I used mostly out of frustration. Throughout the night I had what seemed like several dreams and I had also woken up numerous times realizing that I had no control over the dreams and they were normal. Upon waking and realizing this I said to myself internally why the hell can I not initiate a WILD? All dreams can be controlled! When I dream I will control the dream and see my hands! Combined with my frustration and the subconscious message of when I dream I can control it due to the fact that it is a dream being instilled I went to back to sleep and had a very quick WILD that lacked dreaming focus and control but was a WILD nevertheless. The WILD was a continuation of the previous dream I was experiencing before I last woke up. The dream started in an abandoned warehouse. I immediately realized that I was dreaming and looked for my hands. My hands seemed to be almost not there like a fuzzy transparency. I willed my hands to be visible and normal looking. At the time people were trying to get in the warehouse via an enormous garage style roll up door. I quickly headed to the door and laid on the ground so I wasn’t seen. I then decided to pull the door, which for a normal person would have taken an enormous amount of strength. The people on the other side became scared. This is when I made my escape out a back door in the building. That is when I also woke up. The dream was very quick and as stated before lacked control but it stemmed from a regular dream and interestingly enough after I drilled myself about the fact that all dreams should be controlled. There were more details to this WILD but when I woke up it was 2am and I didn’t want to start typing so I focused on the on recall and went back to sleep.

    Dream Diary 11.06.2010

    by stprue on 12-19-2010 at 09:00 PM
    This lucid dream started out as a very random and scattered non-lucid dream. I wont get in to all the details of that dream except for a strangely shaped eco style building that incorporated lots of glass on the sides and the front was made of some sort of semitransparent material. The structure was maybe 5-6 stories high. I entered the building and made my way to an office on one of the upper floors. As seemed strange and a natural reality happened in my mind. I immediately looked down at my hands and to my surprise I was missing the pinky finger on each hand. This was somehow natural and did not disturb me in the least. I briefly examined the objects in the room but was experiencing a drive to leave the building. I rushed to the door and slid down the railings with my hands alone making my way down to the lobby quickly. In the lobby there was a table with some various foods on it. There was also a plant/water feature. On the second floor there was an area with a table set up and there were 3 adult males in what appeared to be a meeting but at this point they were now focused on me. I wanted to get up to them but had a feeling it was to high to reach. I jumped and made maybe 4-5 feet off the ground, impressive for reality but not good control in a dream. One of the men said something to me along the lines of “not to bad”. I then noticed a wall that could offer a different opportunity. I said to myself this is a dream and I am the one in control. I ran to the wall and jumped off it doing a back flip. After the spin part of the flip I noticed I was at the height of the 3 gentlemen. I then focused back on my initial task of leaving the building. I saw a door to the right and exited the door. This is then my dream ended and I woke up.