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    Writer, reader, cheesecake chef (that is, I play one in my kitchen), connoisseur of orange soda. Fiancée and dog mommy. Preggo with my first human child.
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    The Dirty South
    Psychology, classic literature, the culinary arts (a self-serving interest), fitness, and fragrance.
    Maker of homes...that is, home...just the one home.
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    January 16, 2014

    by strinky on 01-17-2014 at 09:50 PM
    • Nose plug reality checks throughout the day.
    • Visualization of what I would do if I realized I was dreaming.
    • Mantras during the day and before bed - "I remember my dreams," "I wake up after my dreams," "I check my reality often," "I know when I'm dreaming."
    • Awareness, as often as possible, of sensory input.
    • Mantras repeated at each awakening during the night.

    Dreams not marked this time, as all dreams were written down after my last awakening in the morning.


    (1) I was Jim from The Office, and Dwight and I inherited an enormous sum of money. I decided to use it to fund two women in need, the younger of whom was named Hayley. I became Hayley, and Jim and I prepared to have sex. Before we did, I used an ovulation prediction kit which showed that I would be ovulating this coming Monday. Jim said, "Oh, then perhaps we shouldn't..." I just smiled and said, "Jim, I can't get more pregnant than I already am."

    (2) I was at a party of some sort, and my middle school English teacher, Mr. Crete, was there. I wanted to catch up with him, so I took him to the side and told him he looked tired. We had a fairly long conversation which ended with him reminiscing about how many buffalo wings I used to be able to eat in one sitting [lol?]. I took this to mean that he considered me disgusting and no longer wished to continue our conversation.

    I left Mr. Crete in a hallway and went outside onto the patio, where I found my middle school best friend's father, Mr. Bartoli. I asked him how Brittany was doing, and he shook his head. "She's a lost cause now. She's become a complete liberal nutjob, getting tattoos and doing God knows what else..."

    Intrigued, I decided to seek Brittany out. I thought this change in her might be an opportunity for us to become friends again. I went over to her house, and we reconnected and decided to play video games. The game we chose was some sort of porn game wherein the controller was a dildo, and you had to give the controller a blow job (which caused your game character to fellate another character) to completion in order to advance to the next level.

    My mother called and told me I was needed back at the party, as my grandmother had just shown up. I went back. While there, I saw an old lady repeatedly place her used paper plates on top of the trash can instead of in it. This infuriated me. I confronted her, saying, "Look lady, there's a reason they call it a 'trash can' and not a 'trash shelf.'" She threw her garbage away with a stunned look.

    (3) My friend from high school, Jenna, was also pregnant at the same gestational age as I was. She believed she was pregnant with twins or triplets. I flew away from her, dropping down into a church through an opening in the ceiling. Inside, several dozen Jesus impersonators stood together on a balance beam, holding their arms out as if they were on the cross. I dove down from the ceiling and flew into the back "Jesus," knocking down all of the impersonators like dominoes.

    (4) I attended a pool party, this time with three attractive women who I understood to be the fairies from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I looked down to see that I was wearing a frumpy blue striped bikini. The fairies looked me over and exclaimed that I simply couldn't be seen at the party in such an unattractive outfit. They transformed my bikini into a much sexier, skimpier black one. However, as the party wore on, I noticed that the spell's power was weakening and my old bikini was beginning to show through.

    I know for a fact that there was MUCH more to these dreams. I was unbelievably exhausted every time I woke up last night - I blame the pregnancy. I would wake up feeling like I hadn't slept in days, and I couldn't muster up any energy to write down my dreams as they came. So, unfortunately, even though my brain dutifully woke me up after each dream, I wasn't able to record them until I got out of bed this morning. Recall naturally suffered, though it's still much better than two nights ago.

    Looking forward to getting my first lucid of the year. I know it's just a matter of continuing what I'm doing.

    Updated 01-17-2014 at 09:54 PM by strinky


    January 15, 2014

    by strinky on 01-16-2014 at 04:51 PM
    • Nose plug reality checks throughout the day, whenever I thought of it and whenever anything seemed dreamlike.
    • Visualization of what I would do if I realized I was dreaming.
    • Mantras during the day and before bed - "I remember my dreams," "I wake up after my dreams," "I check my reality often," "I know when I'm dreaming."
    • Awareness, as often as possible, of sensory input.
    • Mantras repeated at each awakening during the night.

    Dreams are marked 1-5:


    (1) People were giving me gifts. I opened one of the boxes and pulled out a string of bloody intestines, pierced with what seemed to be nails and claws of various animals. I was not concerned.

    (2) I was Robert Downey Jr., and I decided to make a run to the grocery. I drove a white SUV, and accidentally went past the turn for the store. Instead of turning around at the next intersection, I decided to simply cross the median and drive straight through the front lawn. I was Robert Downey Jr., after all. While crossing the other side of the road, I misjudged and clipped the rear bumper of another vehicle. An angry Asian man jumped out and rushed my vehicle. I peeled away, and the man got back in his car to chase after me.

    I drove into my old college campus and found an ambulance waiting for its next call. I got out of my vehicle and ran toward them, saying that I'd just been in an accident and needed to be bussed to the hospital immediately. They loaded me in the back, and thusly I escaped from the pursuit of the angry driver.

    Once at the hospital, I was confronted with all of the women that I (RDJ) had apparently dated. They all claimed that I had slept with them so that I could steal from them, and they pulled out a catalog of expensive jewels which I had supposedly taken. I knew nothing about this, but they pulled out axes and started to chase me with them. I ran through the corridors of the hospital to escape.

    Through one of the hospital doors was a Star Wars themed summer camp, with the camp buildings modeled after various movie locations (the Death Star stands out in particular). I was now a small boy, and I was bunkmates with an equally young Robert Downey Jr. We met at the camp and quickly became best friends. The passage of time slowed, and it seemed to me that I spent an entire childhood at this camp.

    Now my real age again (20's), I walked out to the cafeteria to seek a midnight snack. I found a bin full of Twizzlers, but RDJ told me that they were his mother's. While looking around, my IRL former best friend Martina appeared. I was now myself again. I told her about my time at the camp, my IRL pregnancy, and what had happened with clipping the Asian guy in my SUV. After sharing a microwavable soft pretzel, we decided to return to the spot of the accident.

    Martina and I rode motorcycles out to the grocery store, and saw the man still standing there fuming, gesticulating at listening police officers. Before he could spot us, we rode away.

    The scene changed, and I was holding my baby and attempting to bottle feed her formula. She wouldn't drink it, and I was becoming increasingly distressed.

    (3) I had become massively overweight. Two judges rang my doorbell, and I asked them what the trouble was. They told me that a court order had been issued for my arrest. I ran past them with my daughter and escaped to my parents' house. While there, she and I sat in front of their old television, which had soft material overlaying the speakers. We stuck pieces of colorful plastic into the material.

    (4) My middle school basketball coach, Mrs. Adams, led my high school home room class. As she was introducing us to some class material, a giant mechanical version of Littlefoot's mom from Land Before Time stomped throughout the classroom. Mrs. Adams kept talking after the bell had rung to switch classes, so one of my classmates asked if he could leave. She told him he could not, but he left anyway. One by one, we all left.

    The scene switched to my grandmother's kitchen in Maryland, where my cousin Justin's father-in-law was attempting to break in and harm him. I leaned against the door, trying to keep him out, while Justin sat at a table with his head in his hands. His father-in-law eventually left.

    My brother and I went to the living room to play a video game version of the workout series "Insanity." We tried using a Nintendo DS as a controller, but it wasn't working. We figured out that we had to use my brother's cologne (Erolfa by Creed) to operate the game.

    I was then in bed, dressed in a Littlefoot pajama suit. Mrs. Adams came in to wake me up, and I told her I didn't want to change out of the suit. She told me that I had to, because we were going to the park.

    (5) I was much further along in my pregnancy. I marveled at how even though my belly had expanded significantly, the scale showed that I had gained almost no weight. I walked into the nursery, where there was an ornate dark wood crib. I thought about how comfortable the crib looked. I peaked into it, and a large white cat was curled up on the mattress.

    I went to a food court with my parents. My dad and I placed our orders, and then went to use the restroom. When we returned, we found our food was sitting on a counter right behind where my mother was sitting. I asked her why she couldn't be bothered to retrieve it, when it was so close to her. She didn't say anything. I complained about how often I'd helped with my little brother's food, so couldn't she do me this one favor?

    I noticed that my food came with a bag of Lay's potato chips, and I wished I had my French onion dip with me.

    We were out on a road, and my mother asked us to help her protest the painting of the road. Apparently, a woman wanted to paint it with the various stages of fetal development in order to convince her boyfriend that she shouldn't abort her baby. I told my mom to just leave her alone and let her paint it - the road was black, and we could easily paint over it the following day.

    I was now in a town located on and between two large hills. The roads were all pale yellow brick. In the dip between the two hills, the town was completely flooded. I sat on a bench at one of the high points to avoid the flooding. A young man sat down on the bench next to me and asked my name.

    "Please," I said, "Not to be rude, but I prefer to be left alone."
    He nodded, seeming to understand.
    A few seconds later he asked, "How'd you end up here?"
    "Look," I responded, "I tried to be polite. I really don't want to talk to anyone."

    He said nothing. A minute or so later, several muscled thugs came to jostle me into a building. I told them that they'd made a huge mistake, that my parents were fabulously rich thanks to their involvement in the development of several Disney movies, including The Lion King and Toy Story. That they could make these thugs pay for their rough treatment of me.

    A woman, presumably a leader, came in. She turned into a spider-like animal with a white face and large eyes. She shrunk me down to a small square with a face, and began to trap me behind stretchy purple bars in order to hold me for ransom. I was able to pull them apart just enough to yell to my parents to not come for me. Somehow, they saved me.

    No lucids, but I didn't truly expect any my first night back at trying. In view that it was my first night back, I'm extremely happy with this level of recall. Especially considering that yesterday, I remembered only a tiny fragment of one of the previous night's dreams. This gives me hope that perhaps if using my dream recall muscles comes back this easily, perhaps my lucid dreaming muscles won't be far behind.

    Updated 01-16-2014 at 06:21 PM by strinky


    January 14, 2014

    by strinky on 01-15-2014 at 06:02 PM

    None. Today will be the first night I attempt lucidity. I will also be waking up to record my dreams as they come.

    1. I attended boarding school, and Daniel Craig was a teacher and headmaster. I competed with the other students for his favor, attempting to impress him with my intellect and maturity.

    It's sad how far I've fallen since being active on these forums in 2007. Back then, I got to where I could remember extensive details of multiple dreams, even without writing them down during the night. When I did write them down, I'd have several paragraphs for each dream. I intend to get back to that and better.
    non-lucid , dream fragment