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      LOL. That's hilarious. Yeah, I've enjoying swapping stories on the "Dream in One Sentence" thread but I haven't gotten to meet you personally. I think it's pretty cool that I have a female doppelganger with just a slightly tweaked spelling! It's funny because I had an LD just a few nights ago with a strong doppelganger theme to it (seeming clones of my friends at a water park) so it's interesting for that theme to come back around again for me.

      Thanks for sharing!
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      Thanks Subjects , haha good fun playing games for hours with friends. you have quite a few nicely detailed dreams .
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    by Subjects on 01-07-2014 at 06:46 PM
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    DayZ zombie escape:
    I'm playing DayZ and I'm currently in a jungle area. I'm approaching a metallic hanger like structure. Shotgun currently out with a sniper rifle on my back. I see a man in the hanger and a friend of his close by. The man shouts at me to put my hands up and back off. I do that and quickly dash away. The man continues yelling insults at me. I should have scouted better, then i would have noticed there were people. I run into a military area and climb up a hill. I glimpse a sniper and kill him with my rifle. I then see another but as I'm about to take the shot, a group of four people attack my target. I get a feeling that the group is very skilled and hostile so I run but they see me.

    I go down the hill and start running along the concrete edges of the military compound. They chase after me. I eventually get to a spot where my character glitches through so I get down and my body disappears through the ground. The enemy group comes to my location and starts looking around for me. I think I'm safe but i accidentally move and they catch on to my tactics. They throw a grenade over by me and when it explodes, The grenade kills me and two from their group. The next thing i remember, the group has gotten larger and they have 3 helicopters landed. All of a sudden, a mass of zombies invades. One group and their helicopters don't make it. Another helicopter takes off but crashes. Only one of their helicopters remain and gets away successfully.

    The Stone Rebellion:
    This dream takes place in the future. The setting is a planet like mars, but there is no sun so the sky is dark. In some places on the rocky exterior, cities have been built into the rock and light up the area around them. The dream starts off with a scene of Griffith (character from Berserk) talking to some man in a dark metallic room covered with messy pipes and wires. The dream plot shows him as a 'good' character fighting for the side of justice, but I get a feeling that it isn't so.

    There is currently a rebellion growing amongst the population. Certain individuals are mysteriously obtaining super human powers. The powers seemed to be enhanced by sexual desire and reach their peak when two users of this power band together. As a result, you see two people groups frequently causing chaos in the cities. The dream shifts to a scene of Kamina (from Gurren Lagann). He's on top of a building built into a rocky abyss. He contacts Griffith because he needs a partner. However, Griffith sends an assassin. The assassin meets with Kamina but Kamina already knows how this is going to go so Kamina summons a monster from his body and attacks the assassin. ( with the powers, think along the lines of Blue Dragon). The assassin manages to teleport away before getting crushed.


    by Subjects on 01-06-2014 at 05:49 PM
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    A Rusty Death:
    I'm playing rust and I'm gathering materials to craft. As i gather, someone shoots at me so i start running between trees in an attempt to find a spot safe enough to return fire. I get behind a rock and kill my enemy. Shortly after, a person sneaks up behind me and kills me. But i respawn extremely close by and happen to respawn with a gun too. So i run over to the the guy who killed me and is now looting my body and i shoot him. I hide in some grass and a new person comes up to the now dead bandit. I kill him too. Then a guy on a horse shows up. He gets off to check the bodies and i shoot his horse which is now running away. I only land a couple of hits on him. He starts walking over to me. As he does, 4 people stand up in the grass around me and also start heading over to me. At this point, I see no hope of escape so i just stand still speechless that they surrounded me. As the leader of the group nears me, he hits me with the back of his gun and i die.

    Cave Torch
    It's dusk and I'm out on a barren plane traveling with another man. We're riding horses. He starts talking about how he's going to kill his horse and eat it. I call him out and say that he's lying which he was. After a while, we make it to a cave and we walk in. The cave looks like someone used to live in it, it's stocked with all sorts of stuff and is in nice condition. We start taking torches and lighting the walls up. I make a remark about how the torches emit more light in your hands than on the wall (in this dream, the torches really did emit more light in your hands). After we get the whole cave lit up. My partner goes off into some room. I start looting all the barrels and chests laying around. Then, as i open one chest, an alarm goes off. Me and my partner react like we're playing payday 2. We immediately find two people and take them hostage.

    As night falls, I only notice 3 people in the cave: Me, my partner, and a young lady we tied up when the alarm went off. I can't find the other person. The cave itself is now like a small house with bedrooms, a tv and so on. The lady goes off to bed. My partner is now a fat mean man and is drinking while watching TV. I lay down on a couch and suddenly, i get a vision of myself. I'm a woman traveling in the astral plane in an attempt to communicate with the lady that is now asleep. That's where the dream ends.

    1-3-2014 Urban Exploration

    by Subjects on 01-04-2014 at 07:02 PM
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    Urban Exploration:
    Part 1
    After playing around on a computer at school and talking to some teachers, i decide to go urban exploring. I arrive at a place which looks a lot like where i live. Long driveway, surrounded by hilly fields and a big house at the top. As i walk up the driveway, i notice about 50 people sitting around and talking (they are all people i know). I need a group to go into the house with so some of these people will do but i can't bring all of them. I start walking around and hitting people on the head with a stick. I knocked out about 30 leaving 20 people left. I could then split these 20 up into two groups to explore the house with.

    I talk to the people sitting down and they walk up to the house with me. Once there, we split up into two groups. Ben declares himself leader of a group. (Ben is a guy i know and one of the people that were sitting on the driveway). We walk into the building and find ourselves at a sort of main chamber which splits off into two paths. One path on the right and one on the left. Ben and his group go left and my group goes right. We enter a room which has a shape sort of like a octagon. Small walkways were attached to the sides of the walls which went around almost the entire room. In the middle, there was a machine on a circular platform with pipes attached to it that connected to the back of the room. Around the middle platform, there were waterways which were about 6 foot deep. These waterways went around almost the entire room except when the pipes cut them off.

    As we approached the room, my stupid group decides to immediately jump into the water and start swimming. They went left around the middle and headed towards the back of the room. I went along the right wall staying on the walkway. As i approached the pipes in the back, the walkway ended and i had to start walking on the concrete which the large pipes were attached to. as i walked, my group talked about the stories of this room. It's supposedly here to take water from a lake and process it into drinking water but the previous owners used the room to kill people. I make my way to the pipes which connect to the middle machine and jump onto the concrete under them. The pipes here were elevated. They had sprinklers attached to them and constantly sprayed water below them. I quickly pass under the sprinkler spraying the least amount of water but the water it sprayed was dirty so i ended up sticking my head under one of the clean sprinklers. As i do this, i suddenly pass out.

    Part 2
    I wake up in the same room, except the water ways no longer exist, the room is level. There is no machine in the middle, it was replaced by a table and chairs. There are windows on the right wall letting light in from the outside, those weren't there before. Near the doorway to the room, i see my desk. As i stand up, i also see my jacket on the ground and a girl passed out near the wall. I put my jacket back on and attempt to go get the girl up but i hear footsteps so i get behind the table and look under it. One of Ben's group members is walking into the room. I relax a little and stand up, although i still have a weird feeling about all of this.

    Ben's friend shouts some nonsense and Ben eventually makes his way into the room. I subconsciously dislike him now because i get a feeling that all of this is connected to something he did. He starts talking, i think i forgot all of what he said, but a van backs into the room and in it is Ben's friends dressed up oddly, like all of them are about to perform a heist or something. Ben gets into the van and says something about urban exploring and leaves.

    I notice a fire in the main room. They kept it alive all night, throwing in old notebooks and paper to keep it burning. I walk over to my desk and out of habit start checking the stuff on it. I notice my wallet and check that to see if anything is gone. It really shouldn't matter since there's no way this could be my actual desk. I then start checking the drawers. One drawer has a dvd about militia from Chile and as i look at it, I enter a trance and picture myself actually in Chile watching events happen. But i shortly snap out of it and put the dvd up. The dream then ends.
    non-lucid , memorable


    by Subjects on 01-03-2014 at 06:54 PM
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    Desert Travel:

    I'm on a school bus traveling through a desert. Eventually, the bus stops at a house. The surroundings are now grassy planes. I walk into the house and i see two english teachers from my school. They are having some sort of competition for christmas in which they craft and build things. I then walk out back and notice a barn. As i get close, bees start to swarm at me.

    I'm playing rust and i spawn on a hill with some basic weapons. People start shooting at me so i run down into a valley and find out i have reinforcements. However, i quickly die and respawn as a sniper. I go back up to the hill and spot enemies. I attempt to snipe a couple but i miss all of them and then a person comes up from behind me. I turn around and try to get out my smg but I wasn't fast enough. I die again. This time, i respawn with a kit that allows me to quickly craft a hatchet and other items. After crafting them, i start walking over to a nearby structure and the dream ends.

    Call of Counter Strike:
    Another dream that mixes two games, all in one night, wow. In this dream, two teams are playing deathmatch in a suburb at night. The game mechanics are a mix of call of duty and counter strike. One team is represented by swat models and the other team looks like spongebob. We all start with water guns and we play that way for two rounds. On the third round, i end up being the last person left and i find a lockpick gun which works by sending out multiple high damage rays which break downs doors. It doesn't really pick locks but it works. The other team starts hunting me down and i run into a house and pick up a famas. I use it to shoot people who enter the house but it doesn't take down all of them. I run down a hallway and wait for the remaining people. As they get close, i turn the corner and blast them with the lock pick gun.

    The only other thing i remember from this dream is that in another round, i'm the last one left on my team, however, the other team only has one person left. I don't have any guns so i craft a piece of hardware that release a chemical that puts enemies to sleep and teleports me after the threat is taken care of. I hastily make it and it works as the other team's player gets close to me.


    by Subjects on 01-02-2014 at 11:49 PM
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    Castlevania Escape:
    I'm at my grandparents house watching the matrix. As i watch, i notice this kid that keeps stealing my dvds. As I get up to confront him, the scene changes. I'm now on a rocky hill, surrounded by Africans. I'm taking part in some ritual of theirs and learning their culture. Then, the next thing i remember, I'm now near a building. The surroundings are tropical. The place seems to be in a valley. I'm watching the Africans from before performing a play. In their play, i notice that they are using my shoes. As i see this, i turn and start asking my mom why they have my shoes and we get into an argument. After that, i wander around and meet a group of women my age. One of them runs into me and seems to be really attracted to me. I get her phone number.

    Soon after, The world changes. Everything is dark. The building turns into a castle infested with monsters. There's also people fighting those monsters. It now has a fantasy setting and would be similar to an mmo game. I jump around along the second level of the building and then jump down. A group of players swarm by me followed by a large monster. I run out with the group of players and follow them up a hill which leads to a snowy landscape. As we head up the hill, a player transforms into a rainbow and takes out the monster following us.

    I then find myself at a safe town. Players are everything doing various tasks such as crafting and selling. One group i notice is building a machine which revives players but at a cost. I walk to a nearby tent and start repairing and crafting weapons. In my inventory, I notice i have obtained a key to a high level dungeon.
    non-lucid , memorable