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    Golf, Greek Gods, and Vampires... OH MY!

    by Suck4Luck on 04-08-2012 at 09:36 PM
    Im sort of a golf fan, like soccer i just pay attention to the big events, so recently ive been watching the masters on Tv.

    I was standing on some sort of golf course, non lucid, a few green signs by a crowd said the masters with a yellow USA picture and a golf hole on it. All of the sudden they called "Mike Lawson"(Which isnt my name) and i apparently responded to it and took my turn to hit. I dont remember the hole number but i went up and swung at the ball, i flew pretty high in the air, and the hit must have been bad, cause the crowd sort of moaned like "Ohh" I dont really remember the rest, I never remember walking to the ball or taking another swing............

    Greek Gods:

    I was in my house with a few friends watching some show on tv. It was daytime but all of the sudden it got all dark and my friends told me to go outside quick. When i made it out i saw some kids in togas talking in some sort language ( I assume greek) I asked "whats going on" one of them stopped talking and told me they would have zeus strike me down for interupting prayer. I remember a lightning bolt exploding really close to me and i took off with my friends. We ran down the road and heard another explosion behind me. I turned too see and my friends were gone. I woke up...


    I was in some small cabin which i would guess is outside in the forest. I was strapped to some table and had a cloth in my mouth. My hands, legs feet and head was strapped down. Two men and three woman stood over me. They finally took the cloth out and instantly i siad, what the hell are you all doing, The man on the left laughed and said he was granting me my dream. I asked what o you mean. They all smiled and i knew it, their teeth... Vampires. I was scared, i yelled "NO!" but they laughed again. One of the woman said "He'll taste perfect" and bared her fangs in my face and hissed. They put the gag back on and the man on the left approached. One of the girls said "Hey i want first bite" but he silenced her and bared it fangs and went at my neck. I felt the pain for a second, terrible pain, but i woke up. My neck tickled a bit.

    Morning And School Highlights

    by Suck4Luck on 03-15-2012 at 09:42 PM
    So i woke up this morning, and lay completely still trying to concentrate and recall a few dreams. I think i recalled somthing but i didnt write it down so i now dont remember. After getting up i went upstairs and layed on the couch with my puppy lily, and watched about 4 contestants preform on american idol. My mom soon told me to go and eat and get ready, so i headed into the kitchen and cooked up some waffles with syrup. I poured myself a small glass of OJ. I took about 5 minutes to eat. I then headed downstairs and took a nice, warm shower. The water kind of hurt. After around 15 minutes i got out of the shower and put on my clothes. I wore some blue pants, a grey shirt, and a grey sweatshirt. I put on my stridex pads and sat on dreamviews for the remaining 20 minutes. When i left the house I walked to the bush stop witch takes about 3 minutes. I stood there for about five and didnt way a word to the people there.

    The bus ride took about 10 minutes. I turned on my ipod and listened to Cant Stop Us by macklemore. The bus was actually very quiet. When i got to school i went to the library and printed out my spanish casa dulce casa rules. When the 10 minute bell rang, i went over to the school annex, where all the ROTC students go for class. During class the intructors decided we needed to march for our big inspection in a few weeks. We practiced face movements column marches for about 20 minutes. We were marching around the parking lot. When we finished we went and played baseball at gunny park.

    During second block our game board project was due for spanish for got to play the other groups boards. Most of the games were boring. There was some zombie escape game, a football game but they all were pretty dull.

    In third block we went over some of the basics of the islamic empire. We went off track and talked about AK47s and the russians. I learned a few things but it was just a review.

    I ate Spaghetti, Corn, Strawberries, Chocolate Milk and some bread for lunch

    In fourth block we took a math test wich was easy.

    On the bus ride home I played FIFA 12