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      that's definitely true! I try to buyy as few cds as possible, but I have the select few bands who's albums I will buy.

      haha, thanks! I've been playing since just before I turned 10 yeas old..so about 7 years now how long have you played??
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      haha, yes it is xD but power metal's sooo fun to play! my favorite power metal bands are Sonata Arctica, Helloween when Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen were still in it, Stratovarius, and Gamma Ray xD Are you planning on getting Dream Theater's new album? also, have you listened to their new song "On The Backs of Angels"?
      I find simpler better, no need to add a super-crazy amount of pickups, knobs and everything and Ibanez has a pretty great selection of shapes and body types.

      Yes I do, in fact. I play Guitar and Keyboards in a metal band with my brother and some friends. We really like death metal and power metal, but I like bringing some progginess to everything we do. idk, it's something about the varying time signatures and such that I love! here's the facebook page if you were interested, we're still not 100% certain on the name, every 'like' is appreciated!

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      ahh, sweet. haha, I play mostly death metal, power metal, some proggy stuff like dream theater and periphery, jazz, swing, anything really xD I decided to get a 7-string because most of the bands I listen to use(d) them (certain Dream Theater songs, Scar Symmetry, Unearth, Trivium, Periphery).. the only difference is the added low B string, so the tuning would be EBGDAeb from high pitch to low pitch. The 7-string I have is the Jeff Loomis Schecter..I'd get an Ibanez RG 7string instead if you were looking, but the Schecter was all I could find at the time haha, definitely worth it if you have the extra money xD
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      haha, likewise! what do you play? err, genres and guitars? have any 7-strings xD they're fun
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      I like your avatar
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      Jodå, trots att det är morgon efter valborg så är allt toppen Själv då?
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      tjenixen på dig med
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      Haha I've had those aswell, and it's a good sign actually. Anything Lucid-related is good, it's progress. It sure is frustrating though, and yeah, just try to be more suspicious of your surroundings. It will probably happen again, but see it as progress instead of letting it get you down
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    SP.. Going into WILD..

    by Sugabombs on 07-08-2011 at 12:39 AM
    I was ready to take a nap yesterday because I was super tired from having to run around stores all day long.

    I laid down on my back in my bed and I was super determined to have a WILD. I've never felt so confident.
    As I laid there I thought about something I read here on Dreamviews.. "..it is impossible to WILD without first falling asleep. This is your main focus." And I've almost only focused on being aware all the other times I've tried WILD so this time I allowed myself to fall into a dream.

    In the dream I was in a car on a big field of grass. I was looking at a picture of a couple (I know) on a laptop in the backseat. Suddenly I see them coming behind the car so I quickly tried to close it.. Didn't want them to know I looked at them or something. So I went out of the car and I see my mom. All of a sudden I hear the sound of a car turning fast on gravel. I turn my head and my dad and his friend jumps out of the car in question and act real freakishly with a pair of hockey sticks. My dad frightens me. He acts like he is possessed.

    I wake up. And [U]now[/U] it begins.

    As I wake up, I don't really wake up. I am only aware of my body once again and everything is black. My eyelids are closed. Do you know the feeling when you've been sleeping on your arm and you raise it up and there's a tingly feeling that feels kind of weird? I got that feeling, in my entire body. I realized that this was it, Sleep Paralysis.
    And as I realized that I felt like I was falling through my bed. Like I didn't weigh a thing.

    Next thing I know, I have entered an LD. I bolt out of my bed and I see my dad running outside my bedroom, looking for me and it scares the hell out of me. I call out to him and I am 100% aware of what I'm doing.
    He turns to me and he's coming at me as I scream at him "Dad! You're acting weird in my dream! It's a dream! Dad!"

    He bolts at me and I wake up.

    [U][I]My own comments[/I][/U]: I told my brother about this and he asked me "Why didn't you just teleport away or something? You knew it was a dream didn't you?" Well, [I]first [/I]of all I was pretty scared and my adrenaline was pumping (in the dream) so I didn't know what else to do.
    [I]Second [/I]of all, I have a long track record of being a dumb Lucid Dreamer. I can have the most obvious dream signs, and not wake up. Although [U]I was[/U] aware 100% this time, it seems I am still dumb in my dreams. I could have went through the floor or whatever but the thought didn't cross me.

    Still! Progress is progress and progress is awesome. :banana:
    lucid , nightmare