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    1. I have a feeling that you were already losing your lucidity and since the dream was fading, your control was fading along with it. I feel like that is more likely than a dream character making you come out of touch with your lucidity. That's just my guess
    2. My flying was a bit wobbly and up and down though so i'll have to work on that! Yeah he he replied no and then i woke up a few seconds later.
    3. I just read it! You should be confident that you lucid ability since you were able to fly your first time! I'm jealous hahah! Now for your question. So are you saying that the dream continued after you lost lucidity/control? Or did you just wake up after he said no?
    4. Thanks for replying Yeah it was rather like how you described, hard to control and fuzzy, i hoped it would get clearer in time I wrote it down in my first dream journal entry about half hour ago if you want to take a look, its not to long. There was also a question i put at the end of it to help me understand if you could try answer that for me it would be much appreciated
    5. Hey sunfire! Ya I haven't changed my profile since last year I think hahah. I'm more than a month in by now. Sounds like some speedy progress thought dude. After I started my dream journal it took about two weeks I think until I gained lucidity. And even that is fast! So your definatley on the right track, keep at it. Was the lucid dream long or vivd at all? Or was it short and fuzzy? Cause my first lucid dream after dream jorunaling was short and hard to control. But that's usually how it goes at first so if that happened don't get discouraged!
    6. Hey! I saw your post on a forum and checked out your profile. I was hoping to find someone who was perhaps a little ahead of me. Your profile says about a month in? But sound like you've already had some excellent experiences! I have researched a hell of a lot over the last week, and started my dream journal on friday night. Luckily for me I experienced my first lucid dream this morning! (I have had a couple before but wasn't aware of the term and just thought it was a really cool dream haha.) Anyway I'm just rambling, just wanted to find people to chat too and share experiences with Message me back. Rick
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