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    I am a nurse living in Kansas City. I've always had very vivid dreams and began having lucid dreams a few years ago.
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    Kansas City, MO
    music, videography, photography
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    Few very short lucid dreams

    by suninmyeyesj85 on 06-06-2012 at 02:36 PM
    I've been under a lot of stress after moving into the new home, so I can see why I haven't been having any good dreams lately. I finally have access to my computer after the move, so I can put in my dream from the other night. I've been having realistic non lucid dreams lately.

    Dream 1:
    I was at my parent's house down in the basement. My brother and his gf were there and she had made a seven layer pink cheese cake. My dad was cutting the cake and I remember I asked for a good sized piece. It was pretty tasty. I suddenly said to myself, "this is a dream." and I became lucid. I floated up the stairs and was so happy to have a lucid dream that I could feel myself drifting out of lucidity. I remember reading that I should spin in a circle and for some reason that should work and it did for a bit, but eventually i did wake up. (So I closed my eyes, relaxed and tried to have another lucid dream).

    Dream 2:
    I fall asleep quick and start dreaming right away...I find myself at my grandparent's house (all my grandparents have passed). In my dream at first my grandpa doesn't look like my grandpa but I know it's him. Hard to explain...anyways as I'm walking into the kitchen I again tell myself, "this is a dream." I get excited and decided to talk to my grandpa. (I had read to talk to the ones you love in your dreams and what not to get answers you are seeking blah blah blah so I thought I would try it out.) I ran up to him and gave him a hug. My grandma wasn't there. I asked him how he was doing and that I miss him. I asked him were grandma was. He said she wasn't here at the moment but he would tell her that I said hello. He smiled at me and said he was proud and said he had to go soon. So I turned around and decided to go out to the garage and think of something to do in my dream. I walked out side and it looked like my grandparent's garage and then as i walked out to the yard the street became an old fashioned location. People were riding buggies and horses around. I decided that it would be fun to ride a horse. I kept asking my dream to give me a horse but nothing happened. I saw a police officer and ran up to him and asked him if he could help me find a horse. He was friendly in my dream and so he waved down this woman riding a horse. She stopped for a second and said she couldn't give me the horse. I noticed I was getting frustrated and I was afraid it would wake me up so I gave up on riding the horse. It began raining and so I walked into a building with the policeman. He was following me around for some reason and I couldn't get him to leave. I looked out the window and I noticed that there was an ocean and it was about to storm. The skies were getting very dark and I noticed I started to feel frightened. I walked outside and asked my dream to make it sunny again. It took my several attempts to get the sun to come out but when it did it was so beautiful. I woke up...

    Dream 3:
    I was in my car driving home from work. Very realistic, so realistic that it took me awhile to realize if I was dreaming or not. I did become lucid because I realized again I was dreaming. However, I didn't know where I wanted to go and since I was already in the car driving, I found it hard to control the car once lucid. It was too much to handle and so I think that's what woke me up.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Longer Vivid Dreams still Non-Lucid

    by suninmyeyesj85 on 05-23-2012 at 09:09 PM
    Non Lucid:
    My dreams have become more vivid but not a full on lucid dream yet...
    Though, my dreams were rather graphic last night, violent in ways and sexual...I usually don't have those kind of dreams so I wonder if my stress and eating Indian food last night effected my dreams.

    First Dream:
    (I don't remember the beginning, I know there was a good section that I'm leaving out and I'm sad I couldn't remember it). I remember being in my parent's house/house I grew up in. I was in the basement in the laundry room. There was a bedroom setup in the room, which I noticed was odd. I went upstairs to talk to my parent's about it and they mentioned that they have hired two guys to help with (I don't remember what the task was). My parent's asked me to greet them and help them get settled in. I went downstairs and met the first guy. He was young, and had dark hair and was tall. He was strong but thin. ( I realized he looks like one of the patients I took care of a few weeks ago). He had tattoo sleeves on both arms. He was friendly and quiet. I was nervous around him but then again, I'm always nervous around guys. I wasn't attracted to him, plus I'm married and in my dream I knew that. I was helping him get his bed made and letting him know where everything was in the house. He said he didn't need anything else and I could sense that we had this tension between us. I was about to leave but for some reason I told myself in my head that in my dreams I always leave and never kiss the guys...(strange because I was not lucid, yet I knew I was dreaming). I suddenly walked up to him fast and kissed him and let's just say that led to some bedtime...

    So then I didn't feel guilty at all in my dream for cheating on my husband. (On and off in the dream I realized I had a husband, other times I didn't. It was like I was in college again, or high school). I then went to the bedroom upstairs and suddenly started to get down with the other guy we hired who was blonde...(I am not like this at all, but geeze dream me was in the mood). So I went to the bathroom near my parent's bedroom to clean up. I was about to go pee when my mom walked in and looked at me funny. She instantly said, "It smells like sex in here." I instantly told her I didn't know what she was talking about. She accused me of cheating on Dane and we got into this whole huge argument. It got pretty brutal and I was fuming. It woke me up.

    Dream 2:
    This was a violent dream and I can't remember much of it. I didn't have time to write everything down this morning because I was late for my class for work...boo.
    I remember something with a basement or dungeon with people with decapitated body parts and blood everywhere. People were screaming and were half melted. I remember someone dragging their body across the ground and their legs were cut off. I think it freaked me out so I woke up again.

    Dream 3: I was camping or outdoors with my family. This time I wasn't married but with my ex from high school, Jeremy. The sky was cloudy, almost storm like. I was running in the open filed and I distinctly remember feeling the cold wet grass under my bare feet. I remember thinking to myself it felt soothing. Suddenly I was at a computer looking up Jeremy's location. A website showed that he was deployed to the "Northern Territory" (this has to be from watching The Game of Thrones). Then it showed a picture of him high up in a tree in a forested area. I remember thinking to myself, "Iraq doesn't have a forest with trees..." but I didn't explore more on that. I wrote an email to him saying that I missed him and that he needed to be home soon. Suddenly I'm on a horse riding towards this private school and then it becomes more like a movie, (this is when I'm not physically there but more like watching a scene). I see Jeremy in this long light red gown/uniform with this girl with long blonde hair wearing the same thing. (Think wizard wear). They are deep in conversation and I could see that they were flirting. Now I'm still on that horse, and I'm approaching them. I stop in front of a fountain but he doesn't see me. I have a group of friends on horseback too. They state that Jeremy was never in the "Northern Territory" that he was here all along with the "witch." Some how he was spelled into staying or something like that, I really don't remember the reason. Then out of my body comes this old white knight ghost like creature. He starts going on this rant that he is some ancestor and he knows that we must kill this witch to save the world. I forget the whole speech but it was weird. So we go to this huge body of water and get on a boat and of course go into this creepy cave. The ancestor knight turns into a giant "demon" which looks like the bomber creatures on Final Fantasy 13, it goes into the cave ahead of us and out of the "witch" is this other demon that is just a flat square floating around. I guess my friends and I explore the cave or something but I pretty much watch the scene and follow the demons. I figure out in my head that the witch was using the demon for power and that we had to get Jeremy away. The demons disappeared and were fighting in a different part of the cave. Up above my dream focused on this giant valve that was getting released with this purple/pink goo that was going to drip into the cave. We all began to hurry and knew that we had to let the goo lift us up out of the cave into this shoot to escape. Which we did and we were thrown into the air and landed in the lake...
    This led into a different dream (There is a lot more to this last dream but it's hard to explain...I don't know how to describe my feeling or the characters. Something to do with these two cartoon like characters running around in the cave...)

    Dream 4: I'm swimming in a lake at a campground (maybe it came back to the original campground). There is a boat that I'm trying to climb up into from a ladder but something kept stinging/biting my legs in the water. I was getting really scared and woke up.

    I always feel like I'm writing a novel or telling a long story when I write/explain my dreams. I find it amazing that all of it happened in such a short period of time, yet it feels like forever. It also amazes me that I can even think of something so crazy like these dreams. The last 2 dreams were so vivid and beautiful with colors.

    Updated 05-23-2012 at 09:13 PM by suninmyeyesj85

    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , side notes

    Non-Lucid and stressed

    by suninmyeyesj85 on 05-22-2012 at 10:14 PM
    Once again, I didn't have a lucid dream, but I've been going through a lot recently. Health concerns, job, and moving into a new house is effecting my sleep.

    Last night's dream:
    -I was at my elementary school, (every time I dream about elementary school it's similar to the real school I went to but a little off, but it is always the same when I dream about it.) My teacher was actually one of my charge nurses from work. I was the age I am now and I had to cell phones in my hand. I rose my hand and asked her that I needed to make a phone call to my husband because he was supposed to pick me up soon for a test. (Today I actually had to go to the hospital for a blood test). She said it was fine and continued teaching the class. I was very upset at the time because I knew I was running late. Suddenly calling my husband was forgotten and in my mind my dad was supposed to pick me up instead. I was getting really angry because he wasn't answering his phone or responding to my texts. At this point it was 8am and I was supposed to be there at 7:30am. I walked out of the room and to the front of the school. I thought waiting outside would save time from him having to park and come inside. A teacher approached me and said cell phones weren't allowed. I told her the situation and she didn't say anything. I kept searching my contacts for my dad's work number and nothing worked. That's all I could remember.

    The next dream I can only remember small bits. I was in a workout/dance class with my husband and coworkers and we were "shimmying" I told everyone I was a good "shimmier" because I used to dance in pompons and ect. My husband kept doing it wrong, which is true in real life, he can't shimmy, he just wiggles his butt. LOL. I know this is a weird dream but I've had stranger dreams...I'm kind of a weirdo anyways lol.

    That's all I can think of for now, just waiting patiently to have a lucid dream...

    Too excited

    by suninmyeyesj85 on 05-22-2012 at 01:58 AM
    It has been a few years since I've been on the site and after having a few lucid dreams, I remembered I used to record all my dreams on here. Hopefully I will stick to it...

    The night before I had a very quick lucid dream. I suddenly appeared on a school bus with people from my work or some people that were familiar looking. I suddenly knew I was dreaming and said out loud, "I'm having a lucid dream!" Then I instantly tried to think of my friend I haven't seen in awhile but everyone on the bus started to give me these mean stares. It startled me, so I tried to control the environment but in my excitement, I woke myself up...bummer.

    Last night I struggled to fall asleep and had insomnia. Around 6am this morning I started to drift to sleep and felt like as I was drifting, my body, or something was vibrating. I almost felt like I was getting pulled away, or into something. It was very strange and it happened several times this morning. Flashes of pictures appeared but I never really fell asleep or had a dream.