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      I've come up with so many ideas that all just sound so stupid lol. Can you tell me if it's at least in English?
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      Thank you thank you thank you for all the help with my nightmares!
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    My name is Nathaniel, but I'll go by SuperOhm here. I'll tip my hat to you if you can determine what my username is an anagram for.

    I've been an avid lucid dreamer since I was a teen, although it was an uphill battle to obtain lucidity. Now I'm lucid quite often. I've always been a rather shy and reserved person. Eventually this would develop into generalized and social anxiety, then social phobia, almost to the point of agoraphobia. Because I couldn't go outside, I instead turned inward. Eventually I realized that if I could control my dreams, because everything is happening between my ears, that I should be able to control what is going on between my ears when I'm awake. Here I am, several years later, and I'm unrecognizable as someone who has suffered anxiety. People don't even know I'm shy. I see lucid dreaming as THE most powerful trasformative tool. I intend to explore it deeply and share my journey so that we can all take the reigns of our own brains and realize our dreams.
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    Dallas, Texas
    art, science, biology, programming, philosophy, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, DnD
    Print Production Operator
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    Google search for "lucid dreaming community" (top result btw, good job)


    I'm not always lucid, but whether I'm awake or asleep I'm always dreaming.


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    General update

    by SuperOhm on 05-26-2014 at 03:49 AM
    It's been a while, I haven't been focusing on being lucid much recently. However, I did have to do some mental housekeeping. In my dreams I am what I call a chimera. What I eat, I partially become. Here recently the chimera has been going from zero to world-ending-mess pretty quick. The chimera was something I originally built, so I had to sit down and rebuild it. The first thing I did was restructure it such that the chimera was constantly eating itself. Only through constant renewal can it maintain its form. On my chest is a white portal, it is the outlet. On my back is a black portal, it is the inlet. Any forms I wish to take flow out from my chest, envelope my body and are continually devoured on my back. Putting the inlet on my back also makes it less likely that I'll just go on a rampage eating everything a-la-world-ender-mode. Additionally, I created something called a control ring. This ring floats behind me much like a halo that extends from about hip level to just above my head. Around the ring are many symbols, each representing a different concept. When I dial in a specific concept, the ring becomes a portal to that concept. At that point, I can channel it through myself or through the control ring. The ring can also duplicate itself and stack multiple concepts. For example, I might dial in earth and then fire to be able to vomit lava. I also intend to use these control rings as portals to aid in teleportation and time travel. So far, I can use these pretty well for summoning and transformation, but have yet to remember to use them for teleportation. That seems like it might take some time. Old habit die hard.

    Oct 18: Toilet Fragment

    by SuperOhm on 10-18-2013 at 01:11 PM
    This little short snippet of a dream had me trying to find a toilet. One phrase that I said stuck in my mind "I'm currently embroiled in a race with my own bowels. The problem is that it is running for speed, and I for endurance. We all know how that kind of race tends to go."
    dream fragment

    Oct 8, TOTM Blitz

    by SuperOhm on 10-08-2013 at 12:35 PM
    Green = Dream
    Blue = Lucid

    The furthest back I can remember I was on my way to meet a recently deceased friend for lunch. I hadn't seen her in a while so I was kind of looking forward to it. I remember driving around and being rather confused as to where I was going. Then I started having a conversation with someone about how they had just lost the place they were living because the landlord found a small tent which was half full of "paraphernalia". He didn't go into what that entailed but the dream shifted to his memory at this point.

    Apparently a handful of college kids were renting some this guy's garage/shed and had managed to make a big mess of things. There he was, screaming at them because it had been totally trashed but none of them actually knew why it had been so messed up. As he stormed off, one of the kids decided that they might as well clean up before they leave, and started to do so but somehow a fire started. The landlord came back screaming again, but didn't even notice the fire. One of the kids actually had to bust through a door with a fire extinguisher, almost hitting the landlord in the process, in order to get to the fire.

    The fire had exposed a small hole that ran underneath part of the floor. A quick look inside revealed a ton of huge rats. But these weren't ordinary rats, they were sentient. They were also all sorts of different colors and sizes, as well as capable of speech. I remember playing with them and asking about their social hierarchy, they had no idea what I was talking about.

    Then one of the kids got bit, and another told him he was going to get rabies. Understandably, he was freaking out, so I had to calm him down. I told him that rabies can infect any mammal, but not rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels, or rabbits. He insisted that he felt ill, and I explained to him that it was likely anxiety. I began to explain how I mitigate anxiety when I realized I was dreaming.

    I immediately remembered that I needed to find some kids at halloween. I walked out of the garage and turned the corner expecting to find some. There I was walking down the hallway of a school. Kids were dressed up in costume and had apparently stuffed their backpacks with all sorts of treats and things they had gotten from each class.

    I first summoned my connection to venom. Six sickly green glowing orbs appeared behind me, chained to my back. I focused the energy from them into my right hand and then concentrated on the concept of "candy" while an orb of venom energy formed in my palm. I then snapped my fingers and streams of energy lept from my hand and to the various backpacks and bags of the surrounding kids.

    "Your candy is now all poisoned!" I yelled, followed by maniacal super-villain laughter. "I wouldn't eat that if I were you." I said to a passing young girl, who defiantly popped a piece in her mouth before immediately blanching, and falling over stone cold dead.

    "I'm the only one who can consume the candy now!" I exclaimed, before outstretching my left hand, which I have engineered to absorb. Candy began flying through the air, at me, and flowing into the void vortex in the left palm. I often refer to this process as "eating" as it is consumption followed by becoming. Oddly, this wasn't going very fast, perhaps I'm just used to absorbing energy or one or two small things through my hand, because candy began to back up my throat, which caused me to pause and re-swallow said pieces. All the time, the kids are watching me with an odd fascination. They don't like that I've poisoned their candy, but the fact that it's all flying out of their bags and towards me is kind of cool to watch.

    That wasn't working well enough, so I moved to tactic two, which I normally reserve for when I want to eat something large like an entire person. I grab my chest, dig my fingers into my sternum before tearing my chest open. I am now split open from my nose to my stomach as if I had a vertical mouth which extends that far. Indeed, the edges are lined with sharp teeth. Inside is nothing but the darkness of the void. Black tendrils spew forth from this void and physically grab the candy from the kids. This is a bit much, it freaks them all out, and they begin to run around in a panic.

    After I've "eaten" all of the candy, I realized that I feel very strange. At first I'm confused because I'm immune to the effects of my own venom. As I stumble away, thinking, "I need to go home and lay down" a little kid who apparently wasn't scared by my antics says "you know! you shouldn't eat that much sugar at once."

    Odd random fragment follows. I was being chased by a car with no front wheels. I also woke up way early and decided to stay in bed and rehearse the dream so that I could remember it. Woke up several times and had to remind myself that I wasn't allowed to modify my memory of it. Had other little fragments during their period, including a fight against another chimera but also alongside a few as well.

    Sept 14 Fragment: Green Man

    by SuperOhm on 09-14-2013 at 05:41 PM
    All I remember was that I transformed (on purpose) into a green man. That is, I was about seven feet tall, and was basically like a tree ent from LOTR. My hair was like willow branches, my arms and legs long spindly and covered in bark. I walked around producing various fruits from my fingertips. I could produce whatever fruit or nut I could imagine, and simply gave them away freely.

    After that I think I read some comic books.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Sept 8, Teleport Misses ABCs and Wall Walking, Among Other Things.

    by SuperOhm on 09-08-2013 at 01:56 PM
    Green = Dream
    Blue = Lucid

    The furthest back I can remember, I was doing a science demonstration with Bill Nye about the effects of CO2. We filled up a chamber with the gas but instead of using a camera to see through the stuff, we blasted an infra red laser through it which sort of just seemed to fade.

    After that I suppose it was time to clock out and leave, but I couldn't get the time card software to work. I got frustrated and decided to just leave but I couldn't find my shoes. I went through the whole office building trying to find them but couldn't. At one point I was looking through a bag of food from both Chik-fil-A and McDonald's. It all looked disgusting, but I stole some fries.

    At one point a butler type person suggested that a pair of sandals were mine. I yelled at him because that was stupid, then realized that based on what I was wearing, sandals made sense, after which I apologized profusely.

    The next bit is a little odd. There was an office war going on, Will Ferrel was the boss... and naked. People were running in large armies through the halls, there was a ghost of a dead girl the boss had killed. It was kind of hectic.

    I just wanted to leave, so I went out to a balcony and decided to jump down to the ground before taking the bus. It was rather odd that I remember both knowing that I can fly, and also being afraid of heights. When I realized how strange that was,
    I became lucid... but that was interrupted by dream characters who wanted me to help them flip the bosses car. I told them that would be property damage, so it might be better to simply fill his in-car hot tub with jello. Somehow, instead of doing that, we ended up flooding the first floor, which awoke an elder demon sealed in the basement. That's when I became lucid again, and ran out to the balcony, jumped out into what was now pour rain and fell. I closed my eyes, and tried to teleport to the Colosseum in Rome for the task of the year.

    Unfortunately, I missed and landed in an auditorium within that same building I had just escaped. I had to break down the door to get out as this was "reeducation" for deviants. I ran back out into the halls to find the war still raging. One man was dressed in gladiator armor, which reminded me of the task of the year again. I ran outside, jumped from the same balcony, closed my eyes, and teleported again.

    And again I missed. I was in the countryside which was mostly just deserts and sparse trees. I could see a city in the distance, so I started to fly there but the trees got in my way.

    Eventually I came to a river which I attempted to cross but a massive number of kunai (Japanese ninja throwing knives) came shooting out of the opposing bank, which I deflected with my own kunai. It seemed other people were also trying to get into this city. I told them I was trying to get to the Colosseum, and asked them if this was even Rome. They didn't respond. So I assumed THIS wasn't Rome, but on the other side of the river WAS Rome. I also realized that the kunai wouldn't hurt me, since I was dreaming, and decided to just walk in, ignoring them.

    But this time, no knives came flying out, and I went right across. But now alarms were going off so I began sliding quickly down different rock formations to move faster. They looked sort of like green glass, or perhaps jade. Then this stuff transformed into somewhat of a huge complicated glass track that looped and curved all over the place. I sort of surfed this track at ridiculous speeds for a while before I realized this was so totally not Rome. I jumped off the track, closed my eyes, concentrated on the Colosseum, and teleported... and missed again.

    This time I was in a small room with Ren and Stimpy. I remember that there was a conversation, but not the content of the conversation.

    Seeing as how I was in a small room, I decided to try the advanced task of the month of walking on the wall again, only this time using telekinesis to pull myself towards the wall. It didn't work too well. Gravity was still an issue so I had to get pretty complex with what I was reaching out and pulling with my mind to get it to work. It also had a side effect of making the room become slowly smaller. Once I was able to reach across to the other side of the room and brace myself between two opposing walls or the cieling and floor, I decided that was cheating and left.

    As I walked outside, I figured that my teleportation was obviously in need of some calibration, and gave up on the Colosseum for the night. Walking down the street I decided to sing the ABC song, to complete out the basic task. For some reason I found myself also counting on my fingers... which seemed odd then, but now I realize that's actually pretty common for me as I try to figure out what number corresponds to a letter's position in the alphabet. I had some trouble remembering the last verse of the song, so I just sang the whole song again and got it on the second try.

    At this point I'm walking down the street and I can feel that I'm probably going to wake up soon. I know the Colosseum is a wash for tonight, so instead I decide I'll just go nuts on the task of the month and call someone.

    I really just opened up my phone and hit send twice, because that's an easy way to call the previous person and doesn't require that I go through lists of contacts which I probably wouldn't able to access. The person on the other end answers "Moshi moshi" which is the way the Japanese answer phones. What followed was a conversation in Japanese that I doubt I could reproduce (I'm still learning). The basics of it was that I told the girl on the other end that I had found two people just like her, one who looked just like her, and one who had the same attitude/mannerisms. There was quite a bit of back and forth, but that's really all I've got. The dream would slowly fade as I became more aware of the bed beneath me, and I woke up.


    If this dream has taught me one thing, it's that I need to find a quicker and more consistent teleportation technique. This technique has worked for me very well in the past for both teleportation and time travel. It's a little fuzzy, and requires that I be able to accurately visualize where/when I want to be, but I've got to sort this out. Perhaps I'll use this technique to get me to a hall of doors, and then use the doors to rapidly teleport. That is, open one, visually verify if it's the right place, if not, close it and open the next, repeating the process until I get the result I'm looking for.