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      Hey sorry for not replying earlier, your post didn't show up on my wall. You still working on the game? I haven't done much in ages so I'm probably a little rusty however I alright with texturing and 3d modelling
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      or at least to get into them more often, or easier.
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      I had like 2 WILDs in 5 days o-o... They appear to be the easiest technique for me to use, but i need help getting control in them .___.
      And yes, I'm starting to have more and more LD's now
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      Hi.It looks like a good tutorial. I do not seem to be able to approve it. Maybe it takes a Moderator (4 blue stars). Sorry, I would if I could.
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      How did your group SD go?
      My group is... well let alone SD, we are still having trouble doing WILD.
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      Yo, Sonic. Seems like you're cool, cause you live in the USA! Who cares about Papua New Guinea?!
    7. Felt like trying out this embedding the video thing. If anyone beats this I will be amazed. Only took me... oh... 3 hours to get it.

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      well don't worry too much ^_^ just get into Central group thread (I saw ur name there) and post your introduction.
      Get to know each other with PM and messages. (Have to know some information of each other for successful SD)
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      For Summer Shared Dreaming Project which group are you in?
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    About SuperSonicFan

    Basic Information

    About SuperSonicFan
    LD Count:
    Well, I'll keep this short and sweet. I got into lucid dreaming because I wanted to try and meet certain individuals in dreams.

    For things outside of dreaming:
    I like outdoors stuff (hunting, fishing, motorcycles)
    I also am interested in computer science and video games, which is why at this very moment I have my very own Sonic fan game in the works from scratch Java. So yeah, I also really like Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Guess that's about it, See ya
    Country Flag:
    Colorado, USA
    Cars, guns, programming, fishing, wakeboarding, gaming (Sonic stuff)
    Skidster and excavator operator, hoping to get programming internship
    How you found us:
    Searching the web for information on lucid dreaming.


    Spoiler for Lucid Dream Goals:

    My Youtube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/7Emeralds50Rings

    Here is the game I am working on... - http://steamcommunity.com/groups//So...eSealofSolomon


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    Recent Entries

    More Typical Dreams

    by SuperSonicFan on 01-22-2014 at 06:48 AM
    1. I was riding my dirt bike on a really difficult trail in the mountains. I then remember my bike slipping off the edge and just jumping off in time to avoid falling off the cliff. My bike broke into a gazillion pieces when it crashed, but then I went to recover what I could and it was in perfect shape minus a few scratches. Should have been a clue for a LD, but meh...

    2. I was climbing Mt. Everest, but it was surprisingly easy and not cold whatseoever... LD sign... I then made it to the summit, took a quick view and headed back down. On my way I saw a guy walking his dog casually, and then he followed me across some ice where he and the dog fell in. I saved them and then we went to this random cabin that was conveniently located right next to this icy lake and we warmed up with some hot chocolate.

    3. I was at school and freaked out that I hadn't done my math homework, which I had saved for study hall the morning before class. Then I got to math however and realized I had done my physics homework instead of my math, and now didnt have my assignment. Then a random person from the college I'm enrolled in for next semester appeared and gave a speech.

    Nothing special...

    3 Typical Dreams

    by SuperSonicFan on 01-20-2014 at 04:37 PM
    1. I was walking down this dam and out of
    no where the sky got really dark, despite
    it being a sunny day. Then a tornado came
    out of no where and I hit the deck. It
    actually passed RIGHT over me, but it was
    weird because I felt no suction whatsoever
    and it was actually kind of funny. Should have
    realized this and become lucid.

    2.I first remember being at this buffet type place
    with only a couple people there. I can distinctly
    remember grabbing my plate, then getting a piece
    of chicken parm pizza, potato wedges (which the guy
    had JUST put out, so they were fresh and yummy), and
    then went back to get a piece of chocolate pie. I then
    walked outside and realized I had forgotten to pay.
    Then I went back inside to do so and everyone working
    there was all freaked out for some reason and packing up.
    Then the dream got a little less concrete and I remember
    going out back and helping some guy replace the water heater,
    which I'm not sure what had to do with anything else but yeah.

    3. I was at school and in the restroom there were a bunch of people
    texting, not too unreasonable. However I then went back to lunch and
    the bell rang, and for some reason I was just moving really slow
    (happens to me a lot in dreams, despite my best efforts) and I
    was late to class. Then the teacher came running out of the room and
    said he had the wrong class and told everyone to wait in the cafeteria.
    Then a bunch of cops showed up (some of which were my teachers, weird)
    and began this big investigation of I'm not sure what. That's about all
    I remember.


    by SuperSonicFan on 01-19-2014 at 07:56 AM
    I've been dreaming a lot lately, just haven't gotten around to recording much on DV. There is always that little hesitance I get when I have a bunch of recordings of dreams I've spoken to my .mp3 player throughout the night, then I have to go type them all out. I have however had at least 3 lucid dreams since I last posted and things are going quite well. I really wish someone would invent something that records your dreams as a video or something so there isn't the issue of typing out your recordings anymore. Oh well, things are still going quite well
    side notes

    The Arrest of General Burnside, Going Pro with Delta Force

    by SuperSonicFan on 10-29-2013 at 05:44 AM
    This was a very long, somewhat strange, but overall cool dream.

    The first thing I remember is that I was at a restaurant with some random person who was apparently my best friend. Anyways, it was then strange because a waiter then came and handed each of us a card that simply said 'Delta' on it. However, I had apparently been waiting for this moment, because I then let out a loud "WHOOHOO!" and immediately ran outside from joy.

    In the dream, this card meant I had been accepted to Delta Force, and I would soon be getting some super duper awesome mission to go on. From here, I don't remember exactly how my mission was assigned to me (phone call, email, man in black, whatever) but I remember the mission being that my buddy and I had to arrest general Burnside (who was apparently back from the dead as the Civil War was over 100 years ago), due to his poor combat performance during the Civil War.

    I remember then that I was all suited up to go and my buddy and I (in broad daylight for some reason, in a populated urban center) proceeded to 'sneak' up on his car. With M4's at the ready, we demanded his surrender, but he took off on us. We chased after him on foot, and I can remember that I told my friend to hold his fire, as there were civilians in the kill zone we did not want to hit.

    We eventually cornered Burnside in a grocery store parking lot, and just as he was getting away in a stolen car, I managed to shoot out his tires with my pistol. I don't remember how events proceeded from there, but the next thing I remember is reading the newspaper and seeing the headline "General Burnside Still at Large, Wrong Prisoner Taken". I could not believe this news, as the man we had caught looked EXACTLY like Burnside. However, I then received info that intelligence had been incorrect, and Burnside had apparently changed appearance quite a bit since the Civil War

    From there, I can't remember if the dream went on or not, but it was a very cool mission, and getting to be a member of Delta Force was very awesome. It felt SO BOSS when I was running around at top speed with all my gear chasing down the general.
    non-lucid , memorable

    The Death Star in Bosconain, Sequel to World War Z

    by SuperSonicFan on 10-28-2013 at 04:51 AM
    In the first dream I was flying some sort of space craft (probably an X-Wing or something as I was flying in a trench in the Death Star) I was trying of course to get a torpedo shot into the exhaust port, however just as I was about to get there one of those purple mines that are in Bosconain mysteriously blocked my path. I tried shooting it out of the way, but it did nothing and my ship crashed into it and went BOOM!
    However, I seemed perfectly fine, as I was now inside of the Death star somehow completely unharmed. (I seem to go through a lot of injuries / death in my dreams, but always be perfectly fine) Anyways, then I was running around and found this random generator thing that I simply punched with my fist and the Death Star was toast.

    This dream seemed to go on for a very long time, years almost. The first thing I remember is that there was this enormous wall that was decaying, and it seems like I had been in this zombie-infested earth for quite some time. It appeared that I was part of the survivors who had managed to patch together this huge wall between them and the zombies. However, I kept having all of these flashbacks / foreshadows about the zombies eventually breaking through and very many close calls in terms of my escape.

    Eventually the dream shifted, and it seemed as if I had been there for years. Now the weird thing is... the wall had decayed completely at this point and there was nothing standing between normal man and flesh-eating zombie, other than some rebar and little concrete chunks from a wall long gone. It was as if the zombies had their own society and were just living in a state of super-poverty and deparation, while we watched on the other side, not much better. The best way to describe it is like the monsters in I Am Legend near the end, where they reach an understanding with the humans and go on to live in some sort of weird primal-instinct society. Anyways, this is what the dream became and it was very interesting. Who knows, maybe it will become a sequel to a great zombie movie.
    non-lucid , nightmare