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    1. hey there well recently i have been smoking alot more and my recall has been bad

      but the past 3days ive tried a way i saw on here the other day

      it said when you go to bed write down what you have done throughout the day
      leaving it open to remeber your dreams
      as when you sleep your mind is filling away all the usefull information from the day so this is bassically a way to clear the mind and recall your day very well impoving memory
      i personally did not write anything down i simply went through my day in my heads thinking about what i had been doing while laying ready to sleep and as i got about 80% through the day i started drifting into a dream .

      but i had lost consciousness bye then but i remebered the dream and its was instant !! also my friend had the same resulst as he told me the next day after i told him about it and to try it that night

      i also have been lucid twice in one night from doing this !!!

      anything else you want to know just message me
    2. What's up lucidisfree, I'm quite new to lucid dreaming and noticed that you smoke the herb as well like me. However I kinda feel that smoking is slowing down if not stopping my recall getting any better. I was just wondering if you had the same problems and found a way around it or maybe just that weed doesn't affect your dreams?
      Anyway thanks for listening to me ramble on
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