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    Never-ending Road with doors to Beaches

    by svance22 on 09-17-2013 at 07:31 PM
    I opened a door and was outside, on a road that seemed to go on forever, with a never-ending field on both sides. i started walking up the road. (for some reason i felt like i started in south Carolina and was heading north up the east coast, and this was some kind of doorway that was a shortcut, with only this one road). As i was walking i noticed that to my right was a door, just standing alone..with flowers and vines growing up around it, and a wooden sign above that (in either a different language or an unfamiliar word) named the name of a beach. I went to the door and went in, and was at a beach, but something was not right about it, and i turned back and went through the door again and continued up the road. I saw another door, with another name of a beach, and went in, and again, for some reason i didn't like it. This continued through many doors, always to the right, with vines growing up around the door, and a wooden sign above with the name of a beach. Either the air was too cold, or the water was too high, or the land was too swamp-like, but i never liked any of the beaches and continued up the road till i saw a door with a sign that read "ocean city". I was excited because i have been to ocean city and i thought that it would be good to be somewhere that I am familiar with. i went in, but was somehow in a building that was similar to a hotel, no decorations or anything, but many rooms and hallways. And people were all around, walking this way and that, and there were kids dressing up for pageants. I wanted to go back to the road, but the people found me in the building and wanted me to exit the building. I was upset because if i left the building i couldn't go back to where i came form, and wouldn't know where i was. A women in maybe her 30-40s saw me. She had short curly brown hair, and she wanted to help me find the door to the road. She took me to a room, and through the room was another small room, and in that room was the door. It was four feet tall, and painted red, with red trim, and flowers were planted in flowerpots on each side and vines grow up around the door. The women handed me three of my blankets, a sheet ans two throws (ones i own in real life)_ and exited the room. I opened the door and went in/out to the road. I was happy that i could finally go back to where i came from, and i started walking. for some reason i remembered that i could fly./ I saw how beautiful the road was and the field that was around it, and remembered how awesome it is and how good it feels to be flying in such sunny weather. I had my blankets though, and i couldn't fly with them.. so i tried to throw them up and jump, letting the blankets land on my back, so i could fly..but the blankets weighed me down.. i decided that unfortunately i could not fly because i had to take the blankets home, so i would have to walk. Then i woke.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Boyfriend with Half a body in Jail Hotel

    by svance22 on 09-17-2013 at 07:12 PM
    My boyfriend, Steven, is in jail. But the jail is an all white, old, rundown motel, with boards loose and nails poking out, (similar scene of a few of my recent dreams). I decided to visit him and stay the night with him. There was a matress with no sheet laying on the floor of his room/cell. I lay with him and noticed that he only had a torso, no hips or below. We lay talking for a while, and after talking for a long time, i started crying. he comforted me, and asked what was wrong. I told him i was upset because since he only had a torso we could no longer have sex. He look sad, but told me that that was why he told me before that he would (you know, use his mouth) and i said, oh ok then. And stopped crying and everything was ok. I turned over and lay on my stomach and he put his arm around me, i felt his torso end at my hip, but i felt extreamly comforted and started to fall asleep. I then woke up, with the sensation of him still laying by my side.
    non-lucid , memorable

    The Fair and a Higher Spiritual Enlightnment

    by svance22 on 09-17-2013 at 07:04 PM
    I was at a fair, or amusement park. I was responsible for my own room set up, to have games or sell things..it was part of the military and friends, as a project that i had to do. I can remember fragments.
    I was on the other side of the park, and there was a girl, my age, putting on a type of suit, apparently she was some type of fighter, like a kick boxer, and she was the best female fighter. But in order to fight, she needed to wear this suit, and she needed a ring or key to complete the suit or else it wouldn't work. She asked me to hurry and find the ring/key and bring it back to her so she can start the event. I ran across the park and found my aunts accounting firm, and standing outside, i met her boss, who had a little wooden box, and inside she had the key, i took it and ran back and gave it to the girl.

    The next thing i remember:
    I was in a crowded room with people i knew from all walks of live, past and present, school and military, and i kept floating up (flying) to the ceiling and pushing my hands off the ceiling and floating back down. I was the only one able to do this, and so the people in the room thought i was weird or something. There was an old lady in a black hooded robe in the center of the room behind something of a island desk or counter in the middle of the room. She was very nice to me. And was also not surprised by my ability to float. She was the only person i talked to and she told me that the other people were not as spiritually enlightened as I was and therefore were not able to float like me,. She explained that she was the most enlightened person in the room and i was the second. She took off this mask like thing she had tied around her face, close up as she and handed the tin to me. It was a small metal (tin-like) circular box, with bars across the lid. She wanted me to keep this, and i looked at her, and realized she had no face, but was speaking to me telepathically, her voice just coming from around me, like it was on speaker, but no one else paid any attention. She then exited through a door, i took another look at the thing she gave me, and the string that was tied to it, that held it over her face, trying to make sense of what it was, thinking of how neat it was, and my love for small, antique boxes, and i woke up.

    homes not home

    by svance22 on 08-11-2013 at 10:10 AM
    I had to pee. I walked through a path in the woods, but got really scared, I felt like something was wrong. (It was a path I realized when i woke, that was a mix between a path by my old house in my old neighborhood and a path i walk through now.)
    I felt scared and started running, trying to run to my house and go to my mom. I ran faster and faster to where i couldnt get my feet to grip the road, it was night outside, and very very dark.. I ran toward a house that I thought was mine but then realized that wasnt right. Something about it was my house but it wasnt my house, so i kept going up the street. (later realizing this was my childhood house).
    I saw what was my house and ran inside. the man and young women inside were alarmed, and wondering who i was, my mom walked into the bathroom and said, oh thats a girl named Sabrina.
    I sat on the couch ..knowing something wasnt right, this wasnt reality, i felt stuck somewhere..i started to have a panic attack..
    The young women got real close to me bent over asking, is everything ok hun, are you alright? and i said "I dont want to talk to you, go away, I want to talk to my mom, i want my mom, and she started looking around, wondering what i was talking about and what was wrong, since that women she knew, wasnt really my mom..

    i got a "stuck" feeling, like in my "Religion isnt real" dream, and thought i was stuck in an alternate reality, and was afraid that i'd never be able to go back.

    i said i must be dreaming, its a dream, it has to be, im dreaming, and i woke up.
    i NEVER had so much anxiety in a dream.

    If im having a nightmare, and i realize im dreaming, can i start to control it and make it into something good, or will i always wake up..
    why is it then when i realize its not real, i automatically feel like it is real, but maybe a different demention? that i can get stuck in..

    I had a dream the other night that started scary, but i went after people and got them , and everything was ok again, then i realized that i was flying at some point and thought, well thats weird, people cant really fly, i must be dreaming, and i made a decision to fly in a direction i didn know well, and i saw a pond, and flew down to it, running my fingers over the water, and flipping , not able to control my flight well.

    it was the first time i flew.

    this dream though, i felt like i had no control over.
    and the dark path i was running through felt like it had a strange connection to the dark part of the tunnel i experienced.