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    Unidentified DV members in dreams

    by Sweet Dreams on 01-10-2011 at 06:11 AM
    I was on the beach, standing on sand and I was very close to the water. It was beautifully hazy and the sky looked like it was a bluish-green mist overlapping the slow waves of the ocean. It wasn't particularly bright, but the haze had a glow. I looked at both of my hands checking to see if I'm in a dream and noticed an oddity about them, so I kept focusing almost going in and out of wakefulness as I was doing this reality testing with my hands... more than anything, I was fascinated, and I knew I was dreaming.
    Even though I was caught up with the scenic view of the beach and my crazy hands, and didn't look around me, I knew that there were DV members around that I may have kept waiting for something they planned. It felt like they wanted to do something, or begin doing something, and waiting for me to be ready or be prepared, but I was too involved in comparing the image of my "dream" hands with my memory of my "real" hands and the beauty of the beach.

    Running right out of a restaurant that served Italian cuisine (I ate white and red pasta), I walked hurriedly into a room I've never been to before, it was a bedroom that belonged to a DV member.. and I don't know who it was other than a white young man, light brown hair wearing a white t-shirt/tank and was actually sleeping, even though it was daytime, noon or later. Me and my sibling came into his bedroom and disrupted his sleep, I don't know why, but we were in a hurry and looking for something and he may have had something to do with it, or so we thought. He sat up looking dazed and confused and asked sitting up, while still under covers, if he could just "please" go back to sleep. So I apologized for both of us and told him reassuringly that he can go back to sleep (he was in bed and we were siting on it, each on opposite sides). As he fell back to sleep, I noticed he had a gray lucid dreaming book (there was also another book there) at his headboard and near his pillow, I thought "Hey, an LD book I might like" and I commented about the fact that this guy knows lucid dreaming well. I opened the book and immediately noticed it was an old book from the smell of its pages and the way in which it was written which was a little dry. I said "Oh, it's one of those theoretical/experimental books. I don't want to read that kind of book." So I tossed it back into the headboard and said "let's go," got up and left the room.

    Updated 01-10-2011 at 06:14 AM by Sweet Dreams