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    Picking eyebrows

    by sweetdreamer1 on 08-08-2013 at 02:57 PM
    At Mike M's house. Looking at his red ipod, turns out it has my name on it, it's my ipod. Looking through my closet as his house for clothes. There's my blue jacket and bruins jacket. Part of my clothes fall off the hanger. On bed, Sophia there, looking at me. Go outside, at Avon. Riding scooter to auditroium that's in the cafeteria. Campbell gets a ride from me. Get to auditorium, go up the stairs, climb over railing, jump through window, in auditorium. Climb down, sittinng. Go to bathroom to fix hair. Looking in mirror. Pizza/sausage all over my face. Be there a long time, start to think is this a dream. Not sure if did a reality check but know it's a dream. Quickly come out of lucid. Wake up.

    Playing CS. At a baseball game.

    by sweetdreamer1 on 08-06-2013 at 11:25 AM
    Playing CS with Sean C. Smoking weed, bottom of pipe falls out along with dust/dirt. See broccoli.

    At a baseball game, at half time we moved seats, but there is a boat in the way so we can't see anything. People in front of us keep falling asleep. We decide to move seats, climb up stairs. Move past friend Coffee. With dad in intro to music class. We're screwing around and he's getting pissed off. Friends Gonzales, Artem, and a couple others there. Dad plays drums on piece of paper with pencil. Won't show me how to do it. Staring contest, kid pushes over drum set. Dad gets angry, picks up camera to take videos of what's going on, I snag it from him and give it back to its owner. Lady yells "this is my home", think "oh shit dad's gonna get us in trouble". Looking through old pictures of ipod touch. Go on computer to search for picture, internet browser pops up and starts scrolling through a bunch of pages of what looks like a survey, think the computer is getting a virus. Wake up.

    Chained Lucids

    by sweetdreamer1 on 04-22-2013 at 03:58 PM
    I just got my Remee sleeping mask yesterday so I tried it out last night and I think it worked, really well.

    I can't remember too much but I know I chained like 5 lucids last night. I kept doing a RC on my hands and then having a false awakening, then doing it again.

    I remember telling a DC he was dreaming, which he refused to believe. He thought it was "just a humble suburban home". I started screaming it at him but he still wouldn't believe it.

    I saw my brother playing on a futuristic keyboard. I tried to use the computer next to him to go on the internet, but it didn't work.

    I thought about doing the task of the month but I couldn't remember what it was. Maybe tomorrow I'll get it.


    by sweetdreamer1 on 04-18-2013 at 10:45 PM
    I'm in a dorm room drinking with one of those plastic cups you can scratch your name into. I start spinning trying to throw my cup in the trash but I fall down, I must be too drunk.

    From my nap today:
    I'm at a hotel, some men dressed as rabbits pretend to rob the place and one of them throws me to the ground.

    A friend is picking up weed at another friend's house, but instead he starts throwing whip cream pies everywhere. I'm with about 6-7 people including one friend's mom. They all come back to my house and we're sitting in the living room watching tv. My mom comes down and tells us to turn off the tv and go home. My friend's mom rats us out to my mom and tells her we were trying to smoke weed, I say "No me and D decided we didn't want to smoke". Mom then in basement stairwell (which turned into a bathroom) with pink ink all over the floor and a needle and skateboard. She's pissed.

    Bonnaroo Trip

    by sweetdreamer1 on 04-18-2013 at 02:35 AM
    I'm in a car, Ben H is driving. He runs into a wall and crumples the front of the car because a gang of kids are approacing. An oil truck reverses in front of the gang to stop them from doing anything.

    In a lower end school, everyone is a jerk. I'm walking down the stairs and some kid pushes into me knocking me down the stairs.

    I go to my mom and tell her that the school is horrible and she should take me out, or something.

    Some girl in a parking lot asks if she can marry me, I say yes. She gives me a ring.

    Mrs. R is looking to find a place for play props, she finds a spot and some kid picks it up and she goes "Oh wow" because he seems really strong.

    I'm outside at bonnaroo (music festival), it starts snowing. I walk into a tent and ask why I'm seeing so funny (this is actually one of my dream signs, but I didn't catch it). Some man walks in the tent and tells me to dress up like a movie character, I say "we'll watch it later".

    Me and a film crew are trying to film some dirt bikes going down hill but we have to be stealth about it. They throw their equipment across the room and crawl over.