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      I'm sure you occasionally come back to this forum just like I do. If you see this, message me! I'm interested in how you've been . I check back on the website periodically, hope to hear from you!
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      Sydneyyyy I messaged youuuuu.
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      New competition , if you're going to join it and haven't noticed it yet -> http://www.dreamviews.com/general-lucid-dreaming/141791-competition-sign-up-thread-11-a.html
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      Seeing as I can't edit my post anymore, I'll talk through here

      Remember that topic you made asking if you should sleep more on the weekends?

      Well, I found a scientifical articles on the treatment of insomnia and the most successful technique established so far dictates that you should get up at a fixed time no matter how many hours of sleep you had. It's because this way you will have the best circadian pace possible and will have a enhanced sleep performance due the sleep-wake regulation is being strengthened by a fixed schedule. Hope this helps
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      Where are yooooou?
      I haven't had any dream the past days T_T
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      Hi, teammate
      I'm gonna go with 200mg L-theanine and 100mg B6 this night, hope it may help with recall dream, so I can score some points sometime.
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      Hi, I just saw your message on my DJ, to answer your question I think it was right around 4AM. Good luckl!
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      Good idea! We all need a little extra motivation!

      I also find some people just get tired of the forum every so often. Some people have so much life to deal with it's hard to find time for dreaming.

      Always spread those wings!
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      Have you never had a lucid dream?

      I ask because of your motivation thread.
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      Hey, love your Avi too- I failed the WILD last night, due to an alarm clock failure. Haha. Hope to try again tonight, keep me updated on your luck on some LD's too ^^
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    My bed really is a magnet... (DILD) 8/1/15

    by Sydney on 08-01-2015 at 03:13 PM

    I remember laying in my bed at my dad's house. By the white light coming from the window in front of me, I could tell that it was morning. I also noticed something else in front of me. A black shape. It looked like a silhouette because of the light behind it. However, it did look like a person.

    The thing talked. It was my brother. I did a nose plug RC just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. At first, I didn't realize it. But I had breathed like it was nothing. I was dreaming!
    I was now aware that Sam was in my other sister's bed beside me. She was awake, talking to my brother.

    I had to keep myself calm. "This is a dream." I said to myself out loud.
    I tried to get up out of my bed, but, it was as if there was a hundred pound weight on my chest. I could barely move one way or the other. I didn't want to try too hard, either, for fear of "breaking" the dream.

    So I tried to through expectation. I looked over to Sam, however, I could barely see her because my fixed neck wouldn't allow me to look that far. "Sam," I said, "I can get up out of bed, right?"

    I saw her look over at me, "Uh, yeah." she said with a snort.

    I tried to get up, but to no avail. I was glued to the bed. I tried again.

    "Sam, I can get up, right?" I said with more force.

    "Yes!" she hissed.

    I tried again. I was actually able to get up this time, but very, very slowly. I also found myself unable to lift up my head at all. It was as if I looked down at my navel and my neck became fixed in that position.

    Frustration overcame me as I slowly made my way around the bed. Suddenly, it felt like something was pulling me back towards the bed, like a magnet. I tried to escape it, but within a split second, I found myself back in my bed in the same position.

    "I am DREAMING." I said a little louder. "I have control!"

    I flicked my eyes over to my brother, who was still, creepily, standing in my doorway.

    "Hey, can you help me get up?" I asked.

    I saw him move a little, but he didn't come near me. I sighed. I tried to think of something that I could use to almost "gravitate" my body towards. For some reason I thought of my computer charger. It seemed to work, and I was suddenly beside my bed with the charger in my hand. However, one of the ends was snapped off, revealing open wire.

    I don't know why, but an urge overcame me to put it in my mouth. I did, and a small electric shock coursed through my body that started in my tongue. It scared me at first, but I wanted to try again. I did, and held it for longer. It was a very weak electric shock that tingled my tongue, and I could almost imagine the individual currents that were running throughout my mouth and down my spine.

    I tried to take a step forward, but suddenly, I found myself back in my own bed again. I silently cursed. I had to do something even more rough to get myself out of this predicament, but I didn't want to end the dream entirely by doing it.

    While I was still thinking about it, the dream ended.
    lucid , false awakening

    Teleportation (DILD) 7/20/15

    by Sydney on 07-20-2015 at 09:36 PM

    This was a HUGE dream. When I woke up, I just remembered the last half, and then slowly, bits of the first half came back. But I can't promise that I remembered everything.

    - - -

    I was at my mom's house. I think I was in my bedroom first. My mom was doing some sort of renovation project, where she was removing a little "hallway" to my desk, and just making that whole wall even. She also added an extra, large window in my room. I could hear the workers still working on the outside of the walls outside. I remember being surprised once I walked into the room. I had an extra window! Awesome! More natural light!

    The scene shifted. I was now out on the back porch. A lot of people were there, from my little brother's age to my age or older, whom I didn't know barely any. We were apparently having some sort of party. There was at least 40 people there, either on the back deck, in the living room, or in the basement.

    I don't remember performing an RC. Well, I do remember the sensation, and seeing my hand clutch my nose, but I don't remember exactly when I did it.
    I was still on the back porch. Not completely and totally lucid, but I was somewhat aware. I remember I think someone was being rude to me. Some guy... I lifted my hands up, above my head, and "pushed" my hands back down like I was pushing some invisible force. As I was thinking of it, small droplets of rain began to drop around this guy. I looked up. The rain was only happening a little bit above his head, and no farther up. Like his own little rainstorm.

    I turned to my left. I could see over the deck fence over to where a main road should be. About 10 people were around me. Suddenly, the sky got a darkish grey. Flashes of cloud-to-ground forked lightning happened several miles away, over and over. The first time, the lightning was a light purple. The next time, it flashed a bright yellow. Then, a bright red.. I remember hearing myself say, "Oooh, that's pretty..."

    Suddenly, in the lightning's place, a huge tornado was forming. Too fast. It was already a cyclone. I could see it heading for the house. It had just overtaken a house that was about a quarter mile away. Forgetting that this was a dream entirely and that I should have just stood my ground, I ducked inside the house and hurtled myself towards the basement.

    There were several people down here, but some I specifically remember were these two boys watching something on a small TV that was on the ground. I looked closer at what they were watching. It was some old black and white show.

    I think my lucidity dipped here, but I regained most of it when I found myself in a small city that looked like a town over, but a lot less cars driving around. I remember standing partly on the asphalt road. I wasn't the only one walking. There were several people around that were walking, standing, or pushing carts.

    I looked up to my left. I could see the road went up a large hill, and blocked everything on the other side. I decided to walk up the hill and see what I could see. First, though, I remember stomping the ground, to try to get some of my senses to fully function. I felt like I was on autopilot, though. I then dropped to the ground and felt the road beneath me. I think I tried to crawl, or I just layed on the road.

    I finally went walking up the hill. I got to the top, and I could see a Walmart on my right. I thought I would walk in to see if I could find some candy.

    Time moved forward. I was inside. I think I saw E in there, walking around. I remember walking down random aisles, mainly in the bottom left corner of Walmart, looking for candy. But all I was seeing was hardware, and fishing stuff, and other things. I was walking down another random aisle when I decided to stomp my feet again. The pressure of my feet hitting the floor kind of hurt; the force vibrated up my calves. I kneeled down to the floor again, but this time, only to examine it. However, while I was crouched there, I remember thinking how I felt like I wanted to "go to sleep" or like I was sleep deprived. I couldn't shake this feeling, no matter how alert I tried to make myself. I still felt like a zombie.

    I walked forward a bit, reached my hand out to a lower shelf, and closed my eyes. I imagined to myself that my hand was about to touch a small box filled with something chocolatey. Sure enough, my fingers brushed against something. I opened my eyes. A small orange box of Reese's minis was lying there. I got excited. I picked them up, ripped the top open, and gorged myself. They weren't bad, but then again, I wasn't really focusing on the taste.. as I was trying to find what next to do.

    Another dip happened in my lucidity and now I was in a small shop. J and her roommate were both standing beside me. We were all looking around at things. I remember seeing a stand close to the checkout counter that had decks of cards in it. I thought to myself, "I do need a deck of cards, I've never owned one before." But then I reasoned, "Hang on, this is a dream. I can't take this back (but I wish I could)." So I tore my eyes from the display and walked out the door with J and her roommate.

    We were walking down the opposite way of the road I had been on much earlier. We came to a kind of deserted, graffitied building. Sam and my little brother were with me now. We all walked in, and found two guys in there, rolling on the floor or something.

    They laughed and walked out. I realized that this was just a bathroom. The walls were also graffitied in here as well, and the main wall paint was black. I walked into one of the larger stalls and looked around. A small light bulb hung over everything.

    We were back outside. We walked to a gravel/rock parking lot that was beside the building. I wanted to go somewhere else. I had never tried teleportation before, so I thought it would be cool to try.

    Using expectation with the dream characters/people around me (Sam, my brother, J, and her friend), I remember looking around and grabbing a semi-smooth stone that was about half the size of my hand if I had made it into a fist.

    "Guys, look.." I said. "This is a summoning rock."

    I don't know why I called it that. I showed it to them. They were a little surprised by it and thought it was cool. I tried to etch something into the rock with my finger by expectation, so as to make it seem more.. "symbolic". I silently thought to myself that I could. The top of the rocks surface was then able to be chipped away like a half-baked cookie. I etched a small cross into the top of it with my fingernail.

    I held it in my hand. I wasn't sure how we were all supposed to teleport there at once, but I decided that if I believed we could, then we could. I told everyone to get into a circle, and all hold hands. We all did. "I guess I put the summoning rock into my hand.." I muttered. "And hold yours.." I said to, I think it was, Sam.

    Now, we were all linked. I closed my eyes and shouted, "To Hogwarts!" That was the first thing that came out of my mouth. I didn't even plan to go there, I just wanted to go somewhere.

    We "appeared" in what looked like the Great Hall without any tables or chairs. I could see a much larger Hagrid standing beside a weak-looking Dumbledore like a guard. Dumbledore was seated in a throne-like chair. Hagrid was not happy to see us.

    Then I woke up.

    Note: At one point during this dream, I remember using the spell "Incendio" with just my hands, on someone. I didn't have a wand. This resulted in a small flamethrower-like fire coming out of my fingertips.
    lucid , memorable

    Another FA (DILD) 7/16/15

    by Sydney on 07-16-2015 at 12:46 PM

    I remember being in my room at my mom's house. My older sister was asleep on my bed, while Sam was under my bed (the bed was slightly taller) on her laptop. I walked into my bathroom. My sister had woken up and followed me in there. "I'm about to take a nap." she told me.

    She then made to go back into my room, but then I became annoyed. "Go to sleep in your bed.." I growled. She gave me a pissy look. I looked on the floor. Percy, my bearded dragon, was looking up at me.

    Suddenly, I wasn't in the dream anymore. I was back in my bed.

    'This had happened to me last night,' I thought. 'I woke up from a very short dream and I had a false awakening. Maybe it's happening again. Nah, maybe not...'

    I was laying on my side with my left arm under the pillow. I heard my family downstairs, talking low; 'probably getting ready for breakfast,' I thought.

    'That can't be right, though. my step mom has work, and my brother wouldn't be up at this time...'

    I slipped my hand up through the covers, clasped my nose, and breathed in just to make sure.

    Sure enough, it was like my fingers weren't even there.

    Before I moved, I remembered where I was. 'You're in a dream. Hang on..' I tried to prop myself up on my elbow, but was having a very difficult time doing so, like I was stuck to my bed by a very large wad of chewing gum. So I tried to take it slowly. I still had my 'eye mask' on, and I didn't move to take it off yet. I remember feeling the coolness of my pillow as I was trying to get my arm out from under it.

    I reached out my right arm with much difficulty, and felt for my bedside table. The cool corner of the table brushed my fingertips. At first, I was grabbing on for support, but then I just placed my hand fully on it, trying to ground myself and increase my sense of touch. To test it, I wanted to see if I could 'break' the corner with expectation, but before I could finish expecting it,
    I was back in my regular bed in RL.
    false awakening , lucid

    An FA from a WILD (DILD 7/15/15)

    by Sydney on 07-16-2015 at 12:44 PM

    I remember I was doing my WILD technique, when suddenly I found myself in my bedroom at my dad's house, sleeping in my sister's bed. Sam called my name. She sounded close. I grunted in reply, because I was "asleep," doing my WILD attempt. She threw something at me on the bed. I opened my eyes and looked at it. It was her phone. A message was open on it that was a conversation between her, my mom, and some guy that wanted a dog [that we didn't have]. I read the messages for a moment, then I found myself back doing my WILD attempt again, in my bed at my mom's house (where I started). A couple seconds passed. I realized where I had just "been."

    'Dang, I was just dreaming.' I thought.

    About a minute passed. I could feel slight vibrations in my body, and, now that I think about it, I didn't really feel anything at all. I almost felt "wide awake."

    I heard thunder roll outside my window, and rain began to pick up. I wondered what time it was. Then I heard my sister and my brother come into my room. They were talking about the storm, "It's starting again." I heard my sister say. I wondered why they were in my room, but my main curiosity was about the thunder and rain. Were we under a thunderstorm or tornado warning? I decided to call this WILD attempt a bust. I sat up, and RCed just in case.
    I almost knew it before I even did the RC. Sure enough, I was in a false awakening. I tried to control my emotions and actions, but they had already begun to take over me, and I started to rush like I normally do in my lucid dreams. I was ripping my sleep mask off and getting off my slightly larger bed before I told myself that I need to stabilize and remember where I am. I stopped myself moving with MUCH difficulty. I was excited. I could see a little bit of white light coming through my window.

    "Okay," I said out loud, to myself. I closed my eyes (which was probably a mistake) for a second, then opened them again. "You are in a dream right now. You can do anything..." But before I could finish grounding myself, the desires of myself started to take over. I walked over to my bedside table and tried to turn on my lamp. But of course it didn't work. I almost told it to light itself, but something else occured to me. I realized I was halfway hunched over, staring at a stuffed animal on my bed. It had a frightened look. I realized what was making me hunched over was my hair. It weighed a good 10 pounds on top of my head, and was all in front of my face. I tried to move it out of the way, but it would barely budge.

    So I said, "Hair, UP!" Suddenly, my hair began twisting around to the back of my head. I felt around for my hair. Sure enough, it was "up", like the direction. I don't know what was holding it up. And then I added, "like in a ponytail..." Then, my hair began twisting itself all around and formed its own crude ponytail holder. It felt a little loose and I could see that it was bumpy in my mirror that was now very close to my bed. I then said, "Erase bumps."
    But I didn't get to see what would happen, because, before I knew it, I was back in RL, in my bed, still doing my WILD attempt. My chest felt hot. My heart was pounding. 'This can't be good to feel.' I thought. I tried to stabilize my breathing and focus on the lucid dream I had just exited. But, to no avail. I decided I should probably get up and record the dream, anyway.
    lucid , false awakening

    First Day At College (DILD) 7/2/15

    by Sydney on 07-02-2015 at 01:29 PM

    We had just arrived at our college, and our first day of classes would be held the next day. I remember walking through what looked like a small town inside the campus, with a giant jumbotron reminding us about our first day of classes that would take place the next day.

    The scene shifted. I was now in what seemed like a large dorm building, but it was only one floor, and there could be three or four people to a room. The kitchen was in the middle of the whole dorm. We had our own bathrooms, though.

    I shared an open dorm (it wasn't fully closed off with four walls) with J, L, and Sam. I remember we were all sitting on our beds, which were side by side and across from eachother, watching the little TV that was perched on the wall to the left. L was sitting on my bed, which was the closest to the TV. Somehow, I kept hitting her in the face with my elbow or my hand. She quietly just shrugged it off. I felt really bad, so I didn't move around or talk much anymore.

    Time went forward.

    I had just woken up in my bed and looked at the clock, it was about 6 AM. Everyone was starting to stir around me. I thought I had better get up, because classes were going to start soon.

    But my heart sank. I didn't have a map or anything, and I didn't even have my class schedule printed out.

    Sam was awake. I asked her if she had a map. She told me she didn't either. I then remembered my dad saying something about using your GPS for the campus. I assumed that could work, so I didn't worry about it further. However, I was still upset about my class schedule.

    People were moving about now, taking showers, getting dressed.

    I got out of my bed, kneeled on the floor by my bed, and used my bed as a desk for my laptop. I opened my laptop, and was about to look for my class schedule.

    Suddenly, I fell asleep on my closed laptop.

    I woke up later. Apparently some people had fallen asleep again, too. All was quiet. It was still a little dark outside. I rubbed my face and wished I hadn't fallen asleep on the laptop because I might have drooled on it or something. Picking it up, however, I noticed the laptop had bent at an angle almost as easily as a piece of cardboard.

    I thought this was odd. Just in case, I RCed just to make sure. I plugged my nose and breathed in, and sure enough, I
    was dreaming! However, I never really believe the nose plug RC sometimes because the result of it feels so weird, so I did it a second time. Yep, I was dreaming!

    A thought hit me. 'Oh no, but don't I have class in a couple of hours? Maybe I'll make this quick and get my goals done...'
    (So I thought that I fell asleep and had a lucid dream there, and that I wasn't actually just dreaming the whole time)

    I got up from the floor. As soon as I did, my right sock fell off. I remembered feeling it, but I thought I would just keep walking with it off. The sensation felt odd, but it didn't bother me too much.

    I started to fast walk down our hallway. I reached an open doorway on my left that looked like it led into an empty room, and I tried to go through. But as soon as I did, a powerful force or wind that seemed to be eminating from that room knocked me back and I hit the wall behind me. It didn't hurt, but it stunned me. I decided I wouldn't go that way.

    I went back up through where I came, and turned right into a larger hallway that opened up into the kitchen. It was dark, and I was worried about seeing someone in the shadows. But I did, like I was expecting, but it didn't scare me. I saw Sim sitting on one of the kitchen counters, and E was sitting at an island chair.

    I thought about my goal of eating a chocolate bar (I heard that everything tastes a lot better sometimes in dreams).

    "Sim," I asked. "Do we have any chocolate bars in here?"

    To my surprise, she said, "No, I don't think so, I haven't seen any."

    I thought about what I should do. 'I'll just look in random cabinets, I'm bound to find something then.' I went over to the sink that was in the middle of the kitchen and bent down. I moved over to the right, and opened the cabinet on my right, with the intent of finding a chocolate bar. All I saw were toppings to put on cookies, like peanut butter M&M's, shredded peanuts, pecans, and the like, but no pure chocolate.

    So I gave up on that idea.
    (I'm surprised, I should have asked her again, or tried to summon one again) I went to the outskirts of the kitchen. I then yelled, "Boyyys!" (I have no idea where that came from) I then heard a chorus of deep hey's coming from the opposite side of the house.

    I went back to the room that ejected me earlier. Before I went in, I imagined that I could get through it, and sure enough, I did without any problems. The room was small with a small window showing light outside now. To my left looked like the front door. I opened the door and peered outside. Immediately, the song "You Ain't Nuthin' but a Hound Dog" by Elvis filled my ears. I walked out onto the very small front porch. In front of me was a hedge that led out to the main road. I could see some people walking past our dorm house.

    I was second guessing if I really was dreaming right here. If I wasn't, I didn't want to make a fool of myself by going outside and running around in my pajamas. So I did the nose plug RC again, and yep, still dreaming! The music got a bit louder, and I began to walk to the beat out into the road. I was so overcome with emotion that I began to practically dance in the road. There were little crowds of people that were scattered around the place. I really wanted to fly. I ran and jumped but nothing happened, my feet pounded the pavement as I landed back onto the ground, as if in real life.

    Then, my alarm rang.