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    1. I'm sure you occasionally come back to this forum just like I do. If you see this, message me! I'm interested in how you've been . I check back on the website periodically, hope to hear from you!
    2. Spammed you inbox so I'll post here <3
      First night was a DISASTER. Woke up too early I think (after about 3-4 hours of sleep), then got close to WILDing but failed, then couldn't get back to sleep for like 3 hours. Was so miserable. Tonight I'm going to SSILD/WILD attempt a little later in the night.
    3. I messaged youuuuu... ^^
    4. Sydneyyyy I messaged youuuuu.
    5. Oh my sorry for the late reply >.<" Sure I'll check it out!!
    6. Sydney you should check out the "Open BETA - the way of the lucid dreamer" on the attaining lucidity thread! It looks extremely interesting! I didn't sign up for it officially but I am definitely going to follow the posts each day. It looks like the author really found something significant!
    7. I know right!
    8. Btw, I love our team name xD!!
    9. Yeah! That sounds cool! Oh and good luck!
    10. HEY!! We should collab on progression with SSILD xD. I'm gonna try it for the first time tonight! I'll tell you my results tomorrow.
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