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      01-20-2023, 05:41 AM
      In this dream there is a clay-mation like city growing up into these weird 3D looking isoforms. You know, like an isometric grid, except there's clay...
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    Counting Total Disease States

    by Synaps3 on 01-20-2023 at 05:41 AM
    In this dream there is a clay-mation like city growing up into these weird 3D looking isoforms. You know, like an isometric grid, except there's clay structures like buildings, spirals, and chess pieces pushing up out of the clay. My perspective is from above scrolling downwards (like how you'd scroll a page down). My POV scrolls down to a part where things like bar graphs are forming out of the clay. I also see some double helixes near the bar graph rectangles pushing up. Then, a Morgan Freeman type narrator voice says, "We are determining all the possible disease states."

    Then, I appear in an old large rectangular train station. It's also made out of clay or maybe old limestone, but at the same time, has many American colonial features, such as oak wood trim. I levitate up in the center of the station, so that my POV is right in the center of the open space. Then I hear the narrator voice again, he's like, "this is our monument..." - or something to that effect "and this is the maximum number of colors for the clock." There was a big old fashioned clock on the wall, but it wasn't very colorful, so I know it was not referring to the colors I was seeing there (mostly beige clay). I got the impression that it was the maximum number of colors that I could potentially see. Then he said something like, "That's the total possible disease states." And then the clay wall of the train station formed a big number on it. It looked like a marquee sign, but carved into the clay. The number wrapped around middle wall height on three of the four walls. The station was about two floors in height, but lacked a second floor, so where the second floor would start was the numbers wrapped around the wall.

    Analysis: I got the impression that I was looking at some sort of analysis that was being run on us to determine every possible disease we could get. When I woke up, it got me thinking about our planet. I wonder if we could be lab rats that are being tested for our genetic fitness.

    Powerlines and Marble

    by Synaps3 on 11-02-2022 at 05:51 PM
    In this dream I'm walking in the woods. There's someone else walking with me, but I do not recognize them and their face is pretty blurry. We are walking in the middle of the wilderness amongst a bunch of pine trees. There are those big metal high voltage powerlines running through the woods. We are walking along the large path carved through for the powerlines. It looks like a storm is coming cause there are big gusts of heavy wind and the sky is very gray. We walk to a point where the powerlines consolidate down into small hoops on short poles. The hoops keep them together in a ring. (I've seen something like this IRL.) The gusts of wind keep getting stronger and stronger. As we continue walking faster, the trees in the forest all become dead. It's just a bunch of black dead tall pine trees. We hear some loud cracking and see some of the dead pines falling over onto the powerlines. When they collide, there's huge sparks and a bang. We don't get hurt, but the air becomes filled with these little black floating flakes of tree ash. The ash is very thick and the pieces are hard and flaky, unlike campfire ash which is much thinner than paper. We start running away fast cause we don't want to get all those flakes in our lungs.

    Eventually, we make it to a large marble building in the middle of the woods. There's nothing else around. It's like a small skyscraper in size. It has fake columns carved into the walls in some places, but is mostly just a flat shinny slab of marble. Those powerlines go right into the side of the building. It's clear they were hooped so that they could enter the building through a small metal panel on the wall. Me and the friend I'm walking with start trying to find a way into the building. We don't walk far before we see a huge square hole in the wall going right into the building. It's like a huge garage door in size, but there is clearly no door. We walk into the building and find ourselves in a massive atrium. It's not super fancy, but there's marble everywhere and large columns. The floor is super dusty and covered with junk. It looks very spartan inside aside from the junk on the floor. We can still walk around cause it's not enough to fully cover the floor. There's no sign of life in the building. Everything is dark and dead. It looks like no one had been there in years. We walk around a corner into the front part of the building where there is something like a lobby. Here, we finally see an amber light shinning around a corner. There's a live woman in there standing at a desk like a statue. It looks really creepy cause it's clear the place is abandoned. Me and my friend try to get her attention, but nothing happens. We get freaked out and start running around the building aimlessly. It's just a bunch of huge empty marble rooms with junk on the floor. There's really nothing in there. We calm down and realize there's nothing bad in there; it's just that creepy women at the desk.

    Flash to a new scene: I'm in an old large house made of wood (not a mansion). I'm walking around an old renovated attic. I can tell because the ceilings are angled downwards from the roof. It's a large attic than has been segmented into rooms. There's blue fluffy carpet on the floor that's completely covered in dust and spiderwebs. I keep running around and turning off a bunch of light switches everywhere for these tiny independent lights.

    I wake up. The end.

    The Farmer's Sinkhole

    by Synaps3 on 09-14-2022 at 10:16 AM
    This was a very profound and symbolic dream. I don't have too much time to write this, so I may avoid some additional details, but I will get the main point across.

    I am a farmer in this dream. There's not too much detail about the farm itself. There is a very basic farm house and a corn field. Behind the house is what looks like a pothole or sinkhole. I am working in the backyard doing something to the earth (like maybe tilling). I discover the sinkhole and decide to start digging. I get a shovel and dig and the earth starts coming up in big blocks like in Minecraft. I get down deep pretty fast. I reach what appears to be bedrock, but upon closer inspection, is actually just a flat concrete slab. I notice around the edges at the bottom of the hole are a bunch of 2 x 4" wooden support beams holding up the earth above it. Sort of like if you were to look underneath somebody's backyard deck. The height of the space is only a couple feet. I have a flashlight with me and see that the space goes back for miles and miles as my light just fades into blackness. I can see board after board lined up in rows. I'm perplexed to see that my entire farm is being held up by these small wooden boards on top of a concrete foundation. A kind of creepy vibe comes over me; what the hell is this? The hole in the ground is square (like I said, it's like Minecraft), so it has four sides at the bottom. I examine the three sides and they all look the same going off into the distance. However, the fourth side appears to have a plywood board several feet back from the hole. I'm really curious, so I begin to crawl under the gap. It's very short, but just tall enough for me to crawl under. When I reach the board, I see that it's just leaning up against the support beams, so I push it aside. What I saw behind this gave me shivers. It opens up into a huge room with a much taller ceiling. The height of the room appears to be something like 20 feet tall, and the size of it appears infinite just like on the other sides of the hole. Only a few feet behind the board is a metal chain link fence. I shine my light back there, slightly illuminating these large structures that are all lined up behind the fence. At first, it's very hard for me to see what they are. I discover they are a bunch of huge reddish-brown pawns; just as tall as the room. You know, like pawns from a Chess game. They look kind of creepy like their faces are the heads of real people attached or something. They are also intermixed with huge electrical insulators. The kind that you see on big high tension power lines, except even bigger; they are the same size as the pawns. I crawl out into the larger room next to the fence. I walk along the fence and slowly with each row of pawns or insulators, they start looking more and more creepy. A weird feeling comes over me that if I keep walking, I will encounter dead bodies. I didn't actually see any, but there was just something about the progression that made me feel like I was being led into hell. The pawns kept getting redder and redder almost like they were covered in blood. As I walk everything keeps getting harder and harder to see and eventually fades to black when I wake up.

    Crazy. I think I feel for the people of Europe and what's going on there with the farming crisis. I think that's what this dream was about. I got some chills just writing this. I actually had this dream about two weeks ago now and just didn't get around to writing about it, but I think it's one of my most profound dreams so far.

    Best wishes to the people of Europe.

    The Plasma Gun Universe

    by Synaps3 on 07-28-2022 at 11:04 PM
    This dream was incredibly profound for me at the time. I woke up half-way through the night and had all the details, but then I fell right back asleep. When I woke up for good, a lot of the details were missing, but I still retained some of it. One thing that bothers me about dreams is how profound they can be when you first wake up and have all the details, but through the day, many of them fade into obscurity and no longer seem worth writing about.

    I'm on a bus. I'm a younger version of myself. Sitting across from me on the other side of the bus is a really attractive girl. She looks like Vanessa Hudgens from the past. She's talking with the person next to her who I don't remember very well. I begin to notice that she's psychologically playing with me. Whenever she says something to that other person, it has some deep double meaning that relates to myself. I start to feel very divided. I'm simultaneously very attracted, but scared of her at the same time. She seems too smart. It's kind of eerie. I wish I could remember what she was saying at that point, but I can't.

    We arrive at our destination (which is like a combination of the house I grew up at and a summer camp). There are a lot of people there (like maybe 50 to 100). I try to talk to her after we exit the bus, but she kind of ignores me and continues talking to the other person. We all part ways and go to some kind of lunchroom. Stuff happens I don't remember. Later, I'm able to finally have a conversation with her. She acts as if she wanted to talk to me all along, but was just waiting for some reason. As we talk it becomes clear that she knows things she really shouldn't know about me. It's getting creepy, yet I'm even more attracted to her cause she seems like an oracle. She says a bunch of stuff, but here's what I remember...

    "That suffering you went through when you were younger... I know you experienced some loss. That was supposed to happen. Like it happens to everyone." I see an image of her laying in bed talking in my minds eye. She explains that I'm in some type of trial to test my strength and implies that certain other people are too. This is the purpose of this universe. "Everything is made from a plasma gun. The plasma gun is a projector and it creates the entire universe for you." She seems to allude to this whole thing being some type of experiment. She tells me to hold up my arm in front of me. She takes her hands next to my arm and shows me the size of it relative to my arm. It's only a few inches longer than my arm and it's rectangular in shape. If I had to guess, it's about 2.5 feet long and a few inches in diameter. She explains this is how the universe is created. The plasma shoots out the end of the gun and creates a virtual reality. It's all made out of waves and particles are an illusion. I then suddenly see a white background with the gun itself in my mind's eye. It looks like a huge Juul. The end of the gun has all these swirling colors and images. I then come back to dream reality. I'm speechless. She explains more about how the thing works, but I don't remember it. My mind was blown at the time and I could tell she wasn't lying cause it was like she just hacked into my brain and knew all about me.

    I wanted to talk to her more, but after that, it seemed like she wanted to get away from me. The dream kept fading and becoming less and less real until I woke up.

    PS: I think this dream happened cause I was watching a video on how CRT screens work before bed.

    The sewage ship

    by Synaps3 on 09-22-2021 at 12:58 AM
    I had this dream about a month ago, but never wrote it down. I just remembered it today. It's 90% genuine, but some parts I had to fill in.

    I appear on a large boat (ship). I am a new worker on this boat. We are in a different time period. It seems a decade or two in the future. Society has collapsed and people are trying to survive. There is a lack of food in the world. The boat I'm on is going on a long journey. We are likely traveling across the ocean. It will be several months before we make contact with any land.

    The ship is industrial. This is far from some luxury cruise; it's a working ship. One of the managers leads me down to the barracks underneath the deck. Upon walking down there, I notice a profound smell of sewage. It's not a normal sewage smell, it's more of a sweet swampy sewage smell. There's also a chemical smell on top of it that somewhat covers it up and makes it smell plasticy. To be more blunt, it's a really rotten smell. As I continue down the stairs, this wafting humidity keeps blasting me in the face. It's more humid than a sauna down there.

    I get to the bottom of the stairs and enter the room. The room has bunk beds in one section (but a few additional beds added as an afterthought). In between some of the bunk beds are these large vent tubes. You know the kind of industrial PVC tube that comes out of the ground in industrial areas. The tubes are about 1 foot in diameter and bend down at the top to form a partial U shape. Jetting out of these tubes is fog that smells like I described - bad. The crazy thing is that these other workers have to sleep down there, right next to the sewage vents.

    I meet some of the other workers. They are shirtless and dirty. They don't bother wearing any shirts because they get wet and dirty immediately. When I talk to them, they seem friendly and somewhat accustomed to the environment (although not completely). The metal floor is slimy and slippery. In some places there is sludge and sewage on the floor. They tell me to take off my shoes cause I won't be needing those. We all glide across the floor as we walk. They've gotten used to sliding to move apparently. I think to myself how much of a health hazard this place is, but it seems like we were all desperate and just had to make do with the situation.

    The men teach me the purpose of this place and what my job was. This boat is a fully sustainable boat. Our waste goes into the container below this floor and it gets processed chemically. The sludge is then atomized and sprayed out the tubes. Underneath some of the tubes, you can see some small gardens growing out of the sludge. There is no sunlight or windows down there, but it just grows on it's own. It's mostly mushrooms and root vegetables that are growing, but there's also eggs growing on the ground.

    They told me to go fetch a basket from the rack. There is a rack of baskets hanging that look like metal kitchen colanders. I was meant to go hunting for eggs and mushrooms in the sludge. I was then meant to clean them off and put them in the colander. I began doing my duties. Whenever I got close to the vent, I had to hold my breath and then run away to catch a breath.

    Nobody really wanted to be there, but this is how we survived. We grew stuff, pooped and grew again. We could survive forever this way. I sensed we were going to be out at sea for a very long time.