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      What is the anime in your signature picture called? Thanks =)
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      You got it.
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      ^ ^ thanks
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      I like your avatar Matryoshka ftw
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      > Hey, just thought I'd let you know, the link for your artwork in your signature is giving a 404 error.

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      It's not really annoying. I'm rather used to having either my first or last name messed up. I'm sure I would be just as bad with many foreign names.
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      "Melon" ?

      Curiously I frequently have my name misspelled when I order takeout. It usually gets written on the bag as Melony, which seems to indicate I'm melon-like.

      My friend did better than you...she called me Smelly-Melly.
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      HI! thanks for the comment on my LD.. i was happy to have my first comment and i wanted to say hello. Have a nice day. Au revoir!
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      Yes! It completely blanked from my mind xD
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      Hey i forgot what your old username was and it's really bothering me xD
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    by Taffy on 11-23-2013 at 02:15 PM
    I was driving home from school and there were two girls in the back seat. I didn't know how they got there but still continued driving anyway. I think they started kissing and laying on the floor. The roads looked different, and I was coming from the opposite direction that I usually do. But then it started to look familiar. At that point the girls got out of the car and I drove away.

    Staying in Japan

    by Taffy on 05-08-2013 at 12:17 PM
    I was in Japan, staying at a house full of these girls who I presume were idols. it was morning, and they had to go to the beach for some sort of concert or photoshoot or something. There was a bowl of green soup on the table in the kitchen. I picked it up and drank from it, for seemingly no reason (I didn't even know whose it was). Then I went upstairs, and heard a girl cry out "who drank my soup?"

    I went down into the basement and found two kids (not japanese) playing a wii game like Taiko no Tatsujin. They handed me a controller and I played with them. Then, the dream skips to nighttime, and people were getting ready for bed. The basement had a few couches people were laying on, as well as blankets on the floor. We were going to go to sleep when some guy was obsessing over something (I can't remember what it was). Everyone told him to knock it off. (this part of the dream is really blurry, I can't remember it well). I think this bad guy showed up, and afterwards people were losing touch with reality and pretty much losing their minds. A doorway opened in the wall, which we walked through, and there was a huge endless pit in the middle of the floor. Someone fell in.

    Instant millionaire / WILD attempt

    by Taffy on 05-07-2013 at 06:26 PM
    I was at a concert in a big room. The room was somewhat dark, with a blue-ish glow. Tony hawk comes out and people start cheering. He comes up to me and I give him a high five. This makes him really happy so he decides to give me a million dollars. My mom persuades him to give me 2 million instead.


    Later on, I got up at about 1:30. I laid down to try a WILD. I wanted to give up after about 20 minutes, but I persisted. Shortly after, I got the vibrations. But they went away quickly. My eyes even opened up during the process. Afterwards I just went back to bed regularly.

    Updated 05-07-2013 at 06:33 PM by Taffy


    2 dreams

    by Taffy on 04-10-2013 at 02:54 AM
    I was in some kind of hotel/party hall type building, it almost reminded me of how a funeral home is decorated: ornate carpets, columns, etc. I was near the entrance, and on the wall there was "SeeU / See o" with the last e crossed out. I assumed it meant SeeWu. A SeeU & SeeWu duet was playing, but I didn't recognize the song. I walked into a side room. It was kind of dark, but there were a couple lamps lighting up the place. A guy came in, who was a guitar salesman. He handed me a plastic replica of a guitar, which I pretended to strum.


    I was outside with my dad and brother on an unfamiliar street. We were looking for a neighbor's dog. The dog ran away after the neighbor was robbed in his home and shot by the robber. We hopped a fence and entered a baseball field. We looked around a bit, finding a couple dogs, none of which matched the description. Then I wandered off for a bit, and when I came back my dad had found the dog. We went to get waffles to celebrate. The waffles were kind of freezer burnt though.

    WILD attempt

    by Taffy on 03-26-2013 at 07:34 PM
    Tried to WILD during a nap, I wish I took note of what time it was when I started, but it's 2:28 now. I close the curtains, laid down, and started. It was still really light in my room though, and my dog wouldn't leave me alone so I let him sit at the edge of the bed. Basically, there were way too many distractions. I could hear cars outside, it was just the worst time to do it. But I tried anyway.

    I layed down, closed my eyes as usual, and put my hands over my chest. Initially I felt nothing, and was about to give up, but I thought to myself "no, if I really want a lucid I have to keep going." So I did keep going. I started to feel vibrations, and then my heart started pounding. I was trying to visualize a bunch of random objects (first a car, then a little figure) but nothing worked. I just waited patiently after that. But then my neighbor's obnoxious dogs started barking like maniacs, so I had to get up. Shame. I'll try a full on WILD tonight with WBTB if I can.