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    Fighting and Giving up

    by TakeShotAction on 08-04-2012 at 06:56 AM
    My friend and my other friend we're in a fight, one of those friends is the type who would never back down from a fight even more so than myself, i ran outside to help them out and they we're out on an oval, my friend (Tough one who i'll call "TO" from now on) TO was on the ground while the guys 5-6 guys who fought him we're about 100 meters away, i told my friend to get up so we could kick their asses together, he said something along the lines of "There's no point... they're in a completely different league to us and they will win, i got up and i ran over to the 6 guys, about 4 dropped when i only smacked them in the face or kicked them once, a few of the bigger ones took a few more hits but they all fell down to the ground, i looked at my mate and said "What the hell these guys pretty much ran into my first ahaha?" and my mate TO said "Holy shit dude i must have tired them out heaps badly because before they we're like ninja's".
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Smoking Joints and Knee Decapitation

    by TakeShotAction on 08-02-2012 at 03:15 AM
    I found myself with 3 joints laying in bed and i smoked 2 of them, my mum suddenly came home with my geandpa and auntie while i was smoking them saying "You can smell him puffing down on joints, he'll light another one up soon!", I went out and said hi for a bit, this dream went on for alot longer but i can't recall anything else.

    Another dream i had went on for ages but all i can remember was picking on alot of people then having a vision that a face was in my knee so i grabbed 2 knives and started scraping at my leg until my knee ripped out, my knee and upper thigh was completely mutilated lol.

    There was about 4-5 different dreams, they went on for ages, i only remember 2 of them and this much of them unfortunately because i decided to sleep for even longer.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Hectic All Around

    by TakeShotAction on 08-01-2012 at 09:02 AM
    I had to go to a friends house called Jordan, his older brother was some bald guy cleaning out his fridge and freezer (Not his real brother) and it seemed like the whole dream he was very frustrated that he was having to do this, occasionally I'd chat to him and he was a decent enough bloke, the place he was standing was directly in the path of the toilet and he got very frustrated anytime someone had to go past him to use the toilet. His brother Jordan was having allot of problems with his bong, he said he had no cone piece and came up and asked me what to do, he suggested using cardboard or paper and i told him that was stupid because it was just going to burn, so we needed to use Foil, he got some foil out the cupboard but the piece he broke off was too narrow so i ripped off a more square shaped piece, i pushed it in about 1CM into the hose part of the bong and he poked holes in it with a pen, was a pretty decent cone piece to be quite honest, he did the weirdest things with his weed though he put all of it inside the bong instead of water, and every time he needed weed he'd get it from a different tin, i kept saying what the fuck are you thinking? He told me to shut up and smoke my cone so i did, I somehow managed to sink it.

    A few other people came over and we all went into his backyard, his backyard was so hard to explain as it was like a map from halo or something, it had a huge concrete part and a ramp around it, and below it was allot of vents and industrial stuff, we all sat down and he wrote a message on his phone and showed it to me saying something along the lines of this "I have a huge thing for porn that has to do with girls crapping and guys rooting their crap" I was disgusted but i didn't want to make him feel bad, A few people we're trying to read his message and i told them to fuck off because it was private and he didn't want anyone else to know, i wrote a message on his phone back saying "Look man everyone has different Fetishes and that's what makes us human, don't worry about it" i showed it to him and he looked very relieved

    All of the sudden this girl came past and took off my beanie (I wear beanies' allot lol) and she chucked it off into the industrial part, i was like "God damn it why did you have to do that?" So i somehow got down there and managed to get my beanie back.

    Then my dream changed, or it continued and i have missing time, but this was when my dream started to become lucid, i was inside my old classroom, and thanks to these forums which i joined yesterday i believe that's why i became lucid, I felt myself slipping out of the dream and i was going to go with my usual approach of trying not to think about it too hard, but then i somehow remembered this website telling me to spin around in circles, so i did a 360 and the fading slightly went away, i was very surprised that it actually worked, then i remembered that this website also told me to touch things, so i touched my jeans, that helped a little bit, then i touched a random couch, Me touching that couch really really sucked me straight back into the dream (Special thanks to this website for teaching me that skill) and i now had full awareness that i was lucid and i could constantly think *I am lucid* while i was dreaming which is something I've never been able to focus on too hard otherwise i would have woken up, I'm usually lucid dreaming with the thought in the back of my head that I'm lucid but like i said, think about it too hard, i wake up.

    Of course the first thing most of us do when we go Lucid is to try and fly, so i started trying to do that but it was really difficult, almost like my increased awareness of lucidity was preventing me from doing anything i wanted, I then worked out the more aware i am the weaker i am in my Lucid world, I managed to jump pretty high, and then i nearly fell flat on my face but managed to hover above the ground (Even when I've struggled with flying in a lucid dream, every time i nearly hit the ground i always manage to hover due to past fears of hitting the ground and waking up) I knew that if i hit the ground I'd wake up straight away so it was kind of a reflex to hover there, I had some trouble getting through a gate but i managed to fly above it slightly to the left and escape, there was like 5 nuns walking down a path when i got out so i randomly decided to steal her key i have no idea why LOL.

    In my next dream i was no longer lucid, me and my friend Ben we're playing Xbox and i was getting a really high score in some skateboarding game where we both got like 10 second turns to get points and there was like 30 rounds, when i was on about 180'000 and he was on about 110'000 we had like 5 rounds left and he managed to pass me with a score of about 500'000.

    Then i woke up