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    "What you are, and what you hope to become, is always within you. To find it, you must let go of all you think you know of yourself."


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    Video Game into lucid

    by Tap on 11-20-2019 at 03:02 AM
    Me and W are listening to music on a tablet. She leaves the room and I start looking for a different song to put on. She comes back in and tells me she wants to show me something cool on a video game. She hits something on the tablet and things start coming out of the ground. All of a sudden the area we are in is much bigger than before. It's like we are inside the video game. I see this giant monster and I shoot it with a rifle that puts this large metal ring around the monster, basically tying it up and slowing it down. I think to myself I need to hurry up and kill it before it gets free. I go to shoot but I'm out of ammo. I swap weapons but it's out as well. The monster breaks free and morphs into a blue rhino. It charges at me and W. I realize that me and W are about to cornered into this room it's pushing us to. I take my rifle and push it against the rhino's horn and try to hold him back but he's way stronger than I am. As I'm struggling against him, he's slowly moving us more and more into this room that I'm trying to avoid. Then I think to myself, just imagine pushing him is effortless and so I do. I push as hard as I can while imagining he's weak and weightless. The rhino goes flying out of sight like a rag doll. I'm excited by this and I start low gravity jumping and flying around the building we're in.

    I'm no longer worried about being out of ammo cause I know I can handle whatever comes my way. I exit the building thru these barn like double doors. Once outside I jump about three stories into the air and I can see on top of the roof to the building I was just in. I kinda linger in the air for a sec and it hits me that this is a dream. I think to myself oh shit, ok stay calm…what is it that I want to do. Before I barely finish the thought I lunge forward into the air flying. But then I remember that I've had problems with cutting my lucids short in the past by going straight to flying and so I land and take a breath. I start with some little low gravity jumps and then transition into some low altitude flying. This seems to be working and I'm actually able to enjoy flying without immediately having the dream fade to black. However, I'm having trouble staying steady. As I fly my altitude is going up and down. I accidentally go thru the street, as in underground and then pop back up into the air, but I think because of going underground I expected darkness. Which caused my dream to start fading. I tried to hang on by looking at my hands, which kinda worked for a second but then the dream shortly faded.

    I thought I had woke up. I was in a dream version of my bedroom. I realized W wasn't in bed and I heard a noise in the hallway like the gate at the top of the stairs opening. I went to go into the hall to check it out, but then I found there was a gate inside the room before the door (which isn't there irl). The door and the gate were getting caught up in each other and I couldn't get the door open…Wake

    Updated 11-20-2019 at 03:04 AM by Tap

    lucid , false awakening

    Stealing a car

    by Tap on 06-02-2019 at 01:09 PM
    Me, Z, and someone else are in a parking lot trying to break into a car. I break out the back windshield and start pulling out shards of glass. I walk over to a control panel and find a way to turn of the alarm and open the doors. Still I'm worried the cops will be here soon. When I look back to where the car was it's gone. Z and the other guy have moved it to the street and are waiting on me. I get in and we ride. For some reason we end up switching vehicles. However, this next vehicle is like a big trashcan that we're all climbing into. We end up at a diner. I go out into the parking lot and start flying around. It's weird though because it's like I'm gliding around on a parachute except with no parachute and I can control the speed. I'm on the phone with "A" talking about how I'm gonna get the rest of the way home. I try to tell her about this crazy flying that I'm doing but she isn't really listening. I wake up shortly after this.

    Floating animals

    by Tap on 06-01-2019 at 12:39 PM
    The beginning of this dream is very hazy but I remember being in a car on a dark street in the city. Someone across the street starts shooting at me. I for some reason go across the street and get in the car with them. They are paranoid about cops. I end up out of the car in a neighborhood and now I'm with Z. He leads me to climb up on this wall and into someone's back yard. There are several people there and animals running around. We go inside and I'm not exactly sure what happens next but we eventually end up sitting at a large table and the guy next to me announces that he's getting married. Everyone starts celebrating and cheering. People start giving him presents. I go outside and while I'm outside I see a group of animals walking in a line down the street. There are penguin and monkey like animals, but really none of them are real species. They are walking toward me so I decide to walk across the street and continue watching them. As I watch they start floating in the air. I see this and I'm thinking I've got to get a picture of this. I'm reaching in my pocket to find my phone and I feel a vape in my pocket but not my phone. I keep feeling around and finally it's there. By this time they are floating out of sight behind nearby houses. I immediately fly up onto a roof to get a better vantage point. As I do though they drift out of sight once again. Out of nowhere, I hear a voice tell me "Good luck flying after this". As if the voice has control of this? I respond back that I don't there help. I wake

    Flying with Vagita

    by Tap on 05-30-2019 at 05:17 PM
    Bed @ 10:05pm

    2:52 am
    Flying with vagita
    Dreamed I was flying thru a cavern with Vagita. (We recently went to IFLY and that’s what the flying was kinda like except without all the wind.) I would lean to far one way and start to drift off course but then I could swim back to where I was trying to go. I was going slow so he could keep up. Over a hill there was a construction crew. We didn't want the crew to know we can fly so we hid for a sec to decide what to do. Then I decided we would distract them with girls. So I made a bunch of girls appear and we started flying over them.

    J had some weird model work truck called a tostada. Me and a couple other coworkers rode through a parking lot in the back of it. Me and my boss are walking back together and I tell him that when J gets his regular truck replaced I got dibs. My boss says dibs at the same time.

    Dreamed something that had to with my sister.