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    Lucid #29 skyscraper balcony

    by tashows on 03-29-2012 at 12:46 AM
    Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


    - I am on a balcony. It's railing is actually made of stone, really solid and very wide. I believe someone can actually lay on it. I just stand on it! I become lucid. No dizziness. It's like the dream became 100% stable and lucid at once. There is another building on the other side. Like opposing skyscrapers, with a wide road in between. A friend of mine is next to me, on another "railing".
    "Hey! I want to jump to the other building, but I am scarer, though I know this is a dream!"
    "Come on, you know it's a dream, don't be afraid!"
    "You are right, I don't know why..."
    "BUT I AM SCARED!!!"
    He was ready to jump too. The dream faded, before we jumped...

    - I am at a place with a weird metal construction, under which there are many paintball bullets.
    At that point my mother comes in my room and wakes me up. She asks me where I put a dvd she asked me to make.
    "There... in the corner.... under the bullets..."
    As I was saying that I was streching my hand under my bed, trying to reach something lol
    "under the wedding rings?" (in greek the "wedding rings" and "bullets", sound pretty close)
    "Nooooo.... the bulleeeeets...."
    At that point I realised what was going on, and started laughing and so did my mother... She left and I went back to sleep...

    Lucid #27+28 + 2 FAs + 4dreams!!!

    by tashows on 03-29-2012 at 12:25 AM
    Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


    I am near an old house we lived in. I did the nose RC and went lucid. The dream was very stable, but that's all I recall...

    I am in the car in a big square or sth. I randomly did the nose RC again.I got out of the car and managed to stabilise the dream, but that's all I can recall... Pretty fail, I know...
    But here's the nice part!!

    Today I slept in the couch. In the first 20 minutes I had very vivid images, but I could still hear my brother who was on the laptop. I was not sleeping yet. My brother went to sleep at around 1... After those two lucids I wake up at 5 o'clock. I eat a little cheese, drink some water and go back to sleep... In the couch...
    - FA#1: My mother comes to the living room and wakes me up. She tells me to go and sleep in my bed... That's something she normally does, so I just got up, went up the stairs and into my bed...
    - FA#2: My father wakes me up by gently shaking me. Now I realise that the previous incident was an FA. I get up and as I walk towards the stairs, he tells me that he woke up and couldn't move... I tell him a little about sleep paralysis and about the FA I just had, and then I walk up the stairs and into me bed...
    At 8 o'clock my mother wakes me up! Almost laughing at this, I immediately do the nose RC and finally went to sleep in my bed for real!

    - I am in a ship, getting back from vacations, when I see a friend. "Yo, what are you doing here?". I don't remember if he said anything, but he started crying...

    - I am in a hotel room with a friend. There is some problem with the window or the door... Water was coming in, a lot of water! My mother showed up to take a look. I then noticed I was naked, so I just wore some pants, not that I seemed to care about it...

    - I am at my uni. There are 4 desks. Each one has a secret space behind the pc monitor. I found in one of them two bottles of vodka. Then I saw a guy and girl who work there. I heard them talking about the drinks and then they went to a room which had a sign on its door, "sex"...

    - I am at a park, really big and nice. There is a really nice hill which is like it got out of a disney film or sth. I said to someone that it would be great if we played live on that hill. Then someone told us that they are going to make a presentation of the first holograhm here... I went for a walk around. After a while the presentation begins. It was pretty much a fail. It showed some really distorted images of people and the whole holograph thing, was only taking place, inside a big space, in which you were not alowed to go. It looked like those mirrors that distort the view...

    Updated 03-29-2012 at 12:27 AM by tashows

    lucid , false awakening , memorable

    Lucid #26 at home

    by tashows on 03-28-2012 at 11:49 PM
    Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


    I get up from bed and go to the bathroom. I look at the mirror. I don't wear a shirt and I notice several random hairy spots on my body... "Wtf? I need to shave that!". I turn around and then I notice I have no hair on my belly... I pinch my nose and breathe. Here comes my regural dizziness... I have thought that the fact that I take deep breaths when I do the nose RC, can maybe affect the way I breathe with my waking body and so this causes me to wake up most times... So holding my nose, I take some normal breaths. I sit in the bath tab and close my eyes, because I get too dizzy. After a while I get up and open my eyes. I felt the dream fading. My sight was really dark and I could only see a very small area... I take off my glasses... I didn't even know I had them on, it just felt it would work and it did... I can see clearly now. I look at the mirror again and I look excactly the way I look in real life. I was just curious. I go downstairs. The dream was so clear, I even remember each step I took. I reach the living room. My brother comes in front of me and stares at me and my parents are sitting in the table. I see a meatball on the floor. I look at them and decide to make sure this is a dream, before I try to do something crazy. After RCing again, I raise my hand in a really wizzard-like way, towards the meatball and I levitate it! Then our dog comes to my mothers legs. I now raise both of my hands and I levitate the dog!!! MUAHAHA My parents start laughing. After that I levitate a piece of paper in front of my mother who seems to be really entertained by that. She laughs and asks me how I do it. I smile and the dream fades
    lucid , false awakening

    Lucid #25 α sign

    by tashows on 03-28-2012 at 11:31 PM
    Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


    I actually wrote this down a few days after I saw it, so all the details have faded away, but I didn't want to lose track of counting my lucids :p
    The only thing I remember is that the dream was very stable. I was looking at a sign, which had a letter "α" on it and it was changing shape...

    Lucid #24 Losing my teeth.

    by tashows on 11-23-2011 at 12:56 PM
    Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


    I am at a farm house or something. There is a little girl with me who has amnesia. I know that in the past she has been here, before the amnesia. As we walk the girl runs in front of me and I feel that she is in the exact spot of one of her old memories. She freaks out. I can see the images in her mind. It seems that she had stabed another girl in this place... The girl sits down and thinks how bad person she was... I go to eat something... lol... I reach the table and see many relatives talking. I grab something to eat and then chew on something hard. I spit it and I see it's a tooth! Soon more are coming off. I totally freak out and so does my mother, who is looking at me just spitting my teeth one after the other! Then I thought of a post in the forum, when someone did a reality check every time he felt something strange about his teeth. "Ok, wait a second..." I do the nose RC. My mother still looks at me...
    "What was that?"
    "Nothing... I almost had a nightmare, but i realized it from the teeth... I am in a dream."
    My father nods to me. He seems to be proud of me about the way I figured out this is a dream...
    One of my cousins:
    "Do you see nightmares often?"
    "No, not really..."

    Then I woke up.