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      Just looked it up, it was filmed in austin
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      Yeah, great movie! I saw it for the first time in a philosophy class, it was the first time i had heard of lucid dreaming. My prof said it was filmed in austin, not sure if thats true...
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      that was a good reality check post
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    5. are you dreaming?
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    I'm working with Elliot Gish as my Coach. He's great.


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    DEILD lucid

    by tblanco on 01-22-2019 at 10:02 PM
    I'm in an all white field. i can feel my hands. I'm reaching in front of me and I find a string, I'm grabbing and pulling on the string, now I'm Climbing the string. It turns into a small rope and i'm using my legs and whole body to pull myself up. I realize that the whiteness i'm climbing is actually a cloud and at the end of the rope is a big clear balloon. I climb to the top of the balloon and a gust of wind blows us free of the cloud. Now, I'm flying around, holding tight to this balloon, feeling movement and wind, I can look down and see this big forest below. I remember my dream goal to swim in a body of water and i start to look for one. I think about how i can propel the balloon to where water would be and tore a small hole with my teeth thinking i'd get the bugs bunny rocket ship effect. I get that fart whistle noise of air escaping from a balloon and as i shoot away the dream fades again into white.

    WILD and DILD Galantimine festival.

    by tblanco on 01-17-2017 at 04:15 PM
    Wild after 5 hours. melatonin before bed, galantamine after waking up.

    I'm in my dining room near the back door. It's dark. I see A behind the bar of the kitchen. And realize she's still at work. I look at her and her face is weird, smeary. Huge clownish red lips. I say out lout. "Your face looks weird. Your face looks weird. your face looks weird" the first two seem ok but the last one is all mumbled and garbled.

    New scene. I'm in an apartment, bright and white. There's a porno shoot going on. The man who is running the shoot is making weird demands of the girls and they seem uncomfortable. I ask him to leave and he does. We talk about how old school it was. We are gong to resume shooting after the talent goes tot are a break. There is a beautiful asian woman by the fridge and I ask her if she wants to fool around. She smiles and says "you know it" and goes to the back of the house near a bedroom. There's another woman standing in the kitchen with me and i walk over to her and start groping and kissing her a little. She's resistant so i leave her alone. I make way way to the back of the house and get to the bedroom I see the asian lady sitting on the bed and I ok at her and say "increase lucidity a few times. Same thing happens mouth like marbles. I rub my hands together to stabilize and get too excited. The dream fades into a display of fireworks.

    I hold still and try to come back into the dream and catch a couple of brief glimpses but don't make it.

    Hanging around in a living room watching a tv parade about the world ending. There are Elmo's an shit riding bicycles and holding signs about the world ending. Very brown room. TV is huge. I'm talking ito the people in the room about how weird it all looks and I'm saying I might be dreaming. I' do the nose pinch a few times and it's stuffy but I can breathe. I tell them the reason I know i am not dreaming is because I can breathe when I hold my nose. Then I'm like. Wait, that's not right. I check again and realize I am dreaming. I tell them, holy shit I am dreaming. They say how do you know? I say watch "I"m gong to jump into the TV."

    Then I Jump into the TV like it's a portal. I turn around and see them a nd wave then I go flying. More of a jump at first and I'm floating around a bit and I look at my. Hands and make my fingers long then I make my long fingers sprout fingers.

    I land I"m outside ina. Parking lot and an old shit car pulls up with pretty women. They want me to get in the car with them. One of the girls in the back seat is laughing the other is mad. I they tell me only one door works but then that's a joke. I tell them about the film festival and make a joke and one of them laughs I tell them I have a 20% success rate and they all laugh.

    I'm hanging with with some giant football;; [layer dudes. They are moving furniture. One makes a comment that a big athelete type could help i with this crazy big couch. I start singing "it ain't me babe, no no no." But then i do help them move the couch outside.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    DILD and WILD, thanks SENSEI!

    by tblanco on 08-25-2015 at 07:11 PM
    Fucking breakthrough!!! Pre wbtb DILD, post wbtb chain of WILDS. triggered by the sensei comp! I have 12 minutes of frickin audio notes to


    I'm on this gameshow and I can't figure out the point of it but I'm standing in a big black room where these different groups of people are doing weird superhuman feats. I wonder how they are happening. One person is like floating up in the air and their hands are glowing and they fall to the ground and everyone cheers. Everything is happy and exciting. It gets to my group and people are yelling at me "just feel it, just go with it, just do it!!"

    I hear a big voice "TONY, YOU'RE GONNA FLY! YOU'RE GONNA TELEPORT!" I'm wondering, what's happening? There's a waterfall. Like a glowing waterfall. It's a waterfall of lucidity. I realize that the gameshow is Sensei's competiton and i'm watching other people have their turns. I step in the falls and i feel the power of lucidity wash over me but i don't have any control. People are yelling "GO WITH IT!" I can feel this power, this realization that i'm in a dream but i don't have any control. I want to look at my hands but i can't do anything. I step back and the feeling is gone for a second. I step back into the glowing waterfall and I'm thinking about sageous' book for a second and this rush comes over me and it's beautiful. I think about what i want to do in this situation and i start to leave the moment and I'm back in my body.

    i had a WBTB and my daugter puked during my wild attempt. had to get that cleaned up and tried to go back and hold still but it took me an extra hour to fall asleep. I wilded right into my bedroom. i got heavy hands and flashes of pictures. For a while i saw a whipping pattern of light and some noise and i tried to make it into a dream but couldn't think of anything to dream.

    Wild, Remember, then flying.
    From the wild I end up in my bedroom. I can tell that I知 dreaming because the room is very dim and unstable. I am rubbing my hands together. I have a very narrow strip of vision. I知 looking at my hands and nothing is clarifying. I look around and say out loud 的知 in my bed and I知 asleep the room gets more clear after that. I walk to the wall and start rubbing the texture of the wall. I go through the hallway to the living room and go outside. I leap into the air and start flying, soaring over my neighborhood. I land on top of a neigbor痴 house and I look in a window and it痴 my bedroom! I知 reminded that I知 dreaming again and I run to the edge of the roof and jump and I知 flying. I think about how I can teleport and climb to the top of a building, like an office complex. Dream fades.
    School sex then battle!
    In the hallway of a school like a Hogwarts, fancy boarding school and I see a pretty thin girl that looks like amy schumer. I remember that I'm lucid and my sex drive takes over. I ask her if she wants to come sleep with me. We walk through a door and it痴 a bedroom and I start grinding on her. I tried to do thing where you start humping and it turns into sex but it doesn稚, it just stays dry humping. She痴 wearing a pink tube top and has blonde hair. I never finish and I end up going back into the other room. I am lucidish during this.
    In the other room it痴 now a big combat hall like at the end of the karate kid. I知 fighting a guy and I have chi powers. I can lightly tap my opponent and he値l fly across the room. He looks like captain lou albano, big fat guy with long stringy beard and rubber bands. He痴 wearing a karate gi with a black belt tied around it.

    False Awakening
    I知 talking to my friend ced after the dreams and I知 showing him my phone. Telling him that I致e been having trouble LDing but now I致e got dreams 塗ere痴 4 minutes worth, here痴 8 minutes worth. He says, 努ow, that痴 great dude!

    dreams after watching the fights.

    by tblanco on 08-25-2015 at 01:16 AM
    there is a fighter called shithead who lives in a room in a factory and he's sharing his strategy of how many punches and kicks he needs to throw and it's based on the caliber of the machine that he works at his job.


    im an mma journalist profiling a UFC fighter for a website. This guy seems terrible but the UFC is trumpeting him. he's got a win streak but it's been crushing cans. he's got a girlfriend and they are in a truck. he was offered another role where he doesn't have to fight and he's excited about it. UFC cancels the fight at the last minute to replace him with someone else and it makes him very upset.

    Tony's Workbook

    by tblanco on 08-20-2015 at 10:08 PM
    guy is doing sales into medical packaging technology, I'm looking him up on the computer to see if he's interested. my boss is kind of poopooing him. He doesn't have a ton of available information or success into what we are trying to do.

    false awakening. in my bed at home, sleeping with the baby, she climbs out of bed, grabs my phone and calls my wife crying. April comes home and says that carmelite told her that i let her watch mad max fury road. i'm amazed that she could dial the phone, surprised that I let her watch fury road, wondering if fury road was out on video yet.

    false awakening made me very happy. It came froma failed wild attempt and i know that i'm so close. I was totally questioning my reality and all sorts of aspects of it but not quite putting it together. so close.!!!