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      Yeah! I am all for supporting the music industry but the prices today are ridiculous.
      Woah that's a really long time! I have only played for about 3 years now. I tried playing when I was younger but couldn't get into it as much.
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      Ah no I don't think I will. It's not bad but records are so expensive today. Bless Spotify xD Haven't listened to that song. To be honest I haven't heard of it until now when you told me. Huh, I'll have to look it up.

      Sounds awesome! I don't have facebook anymore but from what I can see from your video on your page I would have definitely liked it if I had an account. For how long have you been playing the guitar? (curious ;P)
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      Oh nice, power metal is a tough genre (Y) I really like Dream Theater! Especially "A Change of Seasons". Ibanez guitars are designed in such a simple way. Don't get me wrong, it's a compliment.
      You play in a band?
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      Haha I play mostly metal and rock And I play on a Hagström Ultra Swede. A 7 string? Whoaa I have never tried one of those x) Sounds like it's a hassle though. What do you play?
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      Hello! I'm happy to see another guitarist on the forum
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      Happy birthday!
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      Thank you!

      And, you probably will see me. If you happen to go towards the artist's area, that is.
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    April 17
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    2 from 7/11/11
    Grown up to the love of classical music, guitar, and video games. I found exploring the world of dreams, my own mind, various levels of "reality" and the more advanced workings of the mind/consciousness and the subconscious a fantastic journey. I have a growing interest in spirituality, meditation, Lucid Dreaming, dreaming in general, Human Psychology and Quantum Mechanics and am thinking of pursuing these topics as possible career paths. I write my own music and am currently playing in a few metal/experimental bands. In these bands I play a variety of instruments ranging from guitar to drums, to flute and beyond and am reaching for further expressions of my creativity. Perhaps by taking my creativity to the dream world? haha, maybe once I get my LDs more frequent! -Tyler
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Music, Lucid Dreams, Past Life Regression, Gaming, SC2 (tTops), Reading
    Student, Guitar Teacher
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    [New Start] Lucid Dream #2

    by tboi3000 on 07-16-2011 at 05:08 PM
    School Transformation (DILD)


    I walk into my school. I turn left. Suddenly the school has transformed into the middle school just down the road. I look behind me, instead of the main office being there, now there's a white steel door that is missing it'sdoor knob.

    I was able to catch this pretty quick as it has happened before in one of my non-lucid dreams. . .

    I shout "THIS IS A DREAM!" about 3 times then do the "plug nose breath in" reality check to varify I am dreaming. It proved true.

    I walk to the foyer and decide to try to 'pop' the first person I see..unfortunately it didn't work, so I tried to move them across the room in a Jedi sorta way. By now, my heart was racing because, unlike my other LD, in this one, my level of awareness was really high.

    I tried to calm myself down by breathing deeply and by focusing on my surroundings, I even tried to spin myself around..but having never really attempted dream stabilization methods, my dream faded.

    Still being in that 'full awareness' state, I decided to try a DEILD and dream-chain another lucid dream.. but then I thought "It must be getting later, I need to go to work xD"

    [New Start] Lucid Dream #1

    by tboi3000 on 07-12-2011 at 10:23 PM
    At the Cabin (DILD)


    I am at my grandparents cabin. When I walk into the bedroom me and my brothers share, this girl walked out..Apparently I know her and she is my twin brother's girlfriend. He's single at the moment..

    I start looking around for my girlfriend, but she is nowhere to be found. I want back into the living room where I see my great-grandmother..she passed away when I was six..

    I think to myself: "This must be the past..but that doesn't make any sense..? I must be dreaming!"

    I do the 'plug nose breath in' reality check that proves I am dreaming.

    As I realize this, i get the feeling that the projections of my family are monsters or demons maniphested in their bodies. I punch my grandmother in the face and run off. I feel great rather than scared and try to escape by jumping through the ceiling then flying away.

    I couldn't get over my senses of reality and just punched the ceiling and landed on the ground.. I ran out of the door and I tried to fly by jumping as high as I could off of the deck..but before I did this I did my usual series of reality checks just to double check that I am dreaming...So that I don't actually hurt myself..but Still a failed attempt.

    At the amazement of a non-trained Lucid Dream, I look around, judging the scenery, comparing it to my reality. It was amazing, after such a long time since I was training for Lucid Dreams, to have oen completely by accident!

    I now run to the end of the road, making sure the demons cannot catch me.. I 'create' a 2010 yellow "bumblebee" Camaro and try to jump as high as I can one last time to fly..but the same thing happens and I land.

    As I get into the car, my dream fades.
    I am now looking at the back of my closed eyelids.