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    Weird feels

    by thatguy431 on 07-22-2017 at 10:54 AM
    Started out at studio. Went home did something. Someone wanted to jam so I went back but there was a keyboard player that asked if I was playing bass. For some reason I didn't want to play with him and got mad said no, fuck me right? He asked if anyone learned his song. E. pulled out a piece of cardboard that had some of the chords and structure written out. They started to play but I left. I found myself in this big field, supposedly by my house, it was early morning, a bunch of people were outside waiting for the shuttle launch. I was sitting on a roof waiting. Saw it fly through the sky in the distance as a small white light basically. I was kind of disappointed it didn't blow up. Someone started singing about the successful launch. I started walking home, ran into my dad. We turned and walked to a circle of people and I saw C and her dad. I said hey. Someone had a huge rc dragon and flew it around the area in a big circle and it came to a stop and hovered upside down in front of the guy controlling it. C and I were wondering how it could fly when its so big and clunky, and she asked me if I was going somewhere. I said yea and was then in a car with D on our way. We were driving down Mackenzie and I saw the same light that was the shuttle falling backwards in the sky. I wondered if it was failing or if time had started reversing. The road we were on took on an ominous feel. The houses were no more and on either side of the road were fields of dead trees. I asked D if this was Mackenzie, he said yea. I said, I don't think so. I think I'm dreaming....dude I'm sleeping on my couch right now. He said naw man he's driving down Mackenzie. I said, are you sure? Then the road came to and end at a little white house, road covered in hay. The road went into a big lake I thought was lake eerie. I told D this was weird, it felt weird, really scary for some reason. Told him I was gonna wake up this is weird. So I thought I did. I was laying on my couch and I look around. I hear that high pitch TV sound turning on and off. I look at the clocks and they're flashing. I think its weird the power went off wondering if the surge was what threw me and D off course for some reason, convinced it must have. Still laying on the couch I see a mirror with a seemingly shadowy figure. I try to call out to make it go away but only weak sounds came out. This frightened me for some reason and the ominous feeling came back. I got up and inspected the clocks which were flashing in classical "power was out" form. I thought maybe we were robbed and that's why power was out. I went to check on my parents as I noticed the sun was starting to come up. I went in their room as my dad scrambled to the bathroom and my mom walked out to ask what's up. Told her I thought we were being burgled and was scared for them, was making sure they're safe. I heard the hum of TV going on and off again and asked them if they heard or noticed when the power went out. They did not. I looked at their clocks and they were solid, so power in their room didn't go out. I thought it was strange and got confused. I went back into living room with parents and the TV was flashing static and weird patterns. I asked if that was because of a power outage. He said no but it was acting broken. We were all looking at a painting or picture hanging above the couch that I've never seen before. It was a kind of earthy tone image of some comedian in a bar or something and as I stared it started moving around all trippy. I got lost in it for a minute then remembered we were being burgled, and I saw the guy try to take off. I chased after him and we were running around the house. He jumped to the roof, then I remembered I was dreaming, I can stop him easily so I held out my hand to freeze him but he just jumped over the house anyway. I was momentarily sad my powers failed but happy to know I'm dreaming and safe. I started thinking about the dream and wondered how it started. Thought about waking up to write it down and I kept going back to my body on the couch but couldn't make it roll over and pick up my tablet and write. I was so comfy I thought, fuggit, that scene with D on Mackenzie was so intense for some reason, no way I'll forget. I went back to sleep and someone was talking to me out in that dead tree area and said they needed more time with my parents. Waves started splashing up where we were and I thought the next wave will wash out the scene and I will have summoned my parents for him. But then the guy jumped out of view and I thought, oh duh, were going to them. Another wave came up and washed out my vision to white and then I woke up for real.

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    by thatguy431 on 04-29-2017 at 01:46 PM
    Started with some stuff I don't remember. Checked the time, it was 1155, I was late for catching the last bus back home so I decided to go back to the mall where I work and crash there. I started running and noticed there was snow on the ground but I wasn't cold, thought it was beautiful! Ran behind some building to make sure the roaming security guard truck wouldn't see me. As I ran through the lot I could see the security truck with the orange light periodically flashing in the distance. I started running again but speed didnt increase. I saw this building with a staircase going up it. I was gonna walk around but I thought I heard a girl screaming from behind the wall so I go up the stairs to check it out. I hear her scream again so I shouted "what's going on?" Two people came out one from below one from behind. I slid down the handrail of a different staircase that led inside to a warehouse area with the guys coming at me. I hit the one in his face when he got close but he just grinned so i picked up a nearby post and thrust it into his head. He didn't die but he stopped. Something dawned on me that these guys were zombies. Somehow I got bitten and the fight stopped, we were brothers now. We sat down in this mess hall area with a bunch of other zombies quietly snacking away on various body parts. I finished eating the flesh off a jawbone stood up and shouted I really don't like the taste of meat ugh. Everyone laughed, scene faded to black. A new scene emerged with a monkey in a lab going crazy and bit the experimenter. I thought to myself "ahh that's where they're going with this." A new scene came about on a plane. I was sitting there knowing I'm a zombie but trying to keep it cool. I kept looking at these two women seated behind and across from me. The one lady got up to use the restroom but she was bleeding when she came back. The blood was making me lose my shit and apparently everyone else's. All their skin started to look dead and decayed so we all attacked the woman and each other. Turns out the longer you are a zombie the more violent you become. Some zombies started killing each other in their rage. Another scene came about in a grocery and video game store. A random zombie would attack every now and then but we were all so underfed at this point the entire human race was turned or killed so we were all losing it. These fights kept occurring for a long time until someone bit my toes off and I decided to wake up.

    Here we go again

    by thatguy431 on 04-15-2016 at 11:04 PM
    Was at ups working and I heard a cat meow. I look down to see one of my cats. I figure he somehow followed me here. This is not a safe environment for a cat so I made tongue clicking noise to get him to come to me. I picked him up and told him I'd get him out of here. He doesn't like being held so he squirmed and I wasn't holding tight so he jumped away. I called him back to me and picked him up again and told him if someone drops a heavy package he'd get squished! He looked at me and said to me telepathically, you're the only one who can understand me and talk to me. He sat comfortable in my arms this this time while I tried to find my way out but the building kept shifting around. The feeling became more and more frantic because I didn't want to miss much time working but I didn't want my furry buddy to be lost or hurt either. I looked at the wall of doors where I unload the trucks and thought the exit is opposite this wall, but why can't I see the path? It was really frustrating and confusing. I saw my supervisor and I told him I needed to find the exit.....that's all I remember.

    I was walking down Lorain road, it was late night/early morning. I was kicking some piece of plastic along the sidewalk, I had some sort of enmity toward it, like it was a part of my van or something that broke off forcing me to walk (maybe from earlier in the dream I can't remember), and that was annoying me. I saw a guy across the street carrying a trashcan and picking stuff up. He saw me kicking whatever I was kicking and he started walking toward me with this disappointed look on his face like "why are you going to make me pick this up dude?" So he picked it up threw it out and said I don't have a gun I'm not going to shoot you. I turned around and saw another guy with a pissed off look saying oh good I'm going to shoot you then, toward the trashcan guy. I immediately started running as fast and far as I could. I was in between Mackenzie and porter on Lorain and I ran toward Mackenzie. I turned on Mackenzie and was looking at the yards for a good yard to cut through so he couldn't find me. I went through one yard that had a broken up white fence. I hoped there were no dogs to bark and reveal my location, thankfully there weren't. As I emerged back into the streets after cutting through a couple yards I was back on "Lorain" but none of the buildings were right. There was a plaza I decided to cut through but it was actually a dead end with more storefronts connecting the two bigger buildings. I saw a path that I could probably jump up and climb on to the roof. I almost made it firs attempt but slipped off. Caught the lip with my hands and effortlessly pulled myself to the top. I realized I was really exposed up here, if the gun guy walked by he'd easily see me, so I tried to lay flat but as I did two people walked by and saw me. The one guy was my friend, D. He climbed up with me, we shook hands and I told him what was going on. I felt safer now that we were three so I climbed down and woke up.

    Note: took "IQ boost" pills containing DMAE, huperazine, and other choline and acetylcholine boosters two days prior, also smoked calea two days prior.

    Updated 07-25-2017 at 06:36 AM by thatguy431


    Swimming with a pinch of Lucidity

    by thatguy431 on 06-17-2011 at 07:40 PM
    I was walking toward this pond that a kid from my church way in the past was standing at. It was a bright summer day and I wanted to swim. I could tell he was thinking the same thing. I told him we could just skinny dip, it's no big deal. Then my brother and some of my cousins came up to the pond and we all agreed to just jump in. So we did and I sat there swimming for a little while just going back and forth. My brother decided it would be fun to have a race. So all of us raced back and forth across the pond multiple times. It didn't matter how hard I tried, I couldn't swim fast at all, unless I was on my back, but, my brother said, smugly you couldnt swim on your back because it's against the rules. So I said I'm not participating then and he and the rest of my family started calling me a poor sport and shit, but I didnt really care. I just decided to float on my back and look at the clouds and take in the sun.

    I walked around the pond a bit to see how deep it got. At the deepest it went up to my neck. It was strange because I could feel the mushy sand/dirt of the ponds floor and I could feel the waters buoyant force when I was floating on my back. Usually when I float on my back, my legs slowly sink down so I can never stay floating for long, but this time I was perfectly floating on top of the water. I was amazed at my new found floating abilities. I decided to swim around a bit under water for a while. Without thinking about it I opened my eyes under the water and as soon as I did I remember this was a pond and maybe not the cleanest thing for my eyes so I came above water and tried to wipe them clean. As this happened, my cousin, S, asked someone if they think its ok to open your eyes under the water. I told her I just did and they arent burning or hurting or feeling dirty or anything, but I still doubt it's good.

    Then there was a break in continuity and it went to me and A sitting up the hill a bit looking at the pond. She asked me how it was. I told her I didn't really know because I was dreaming the entire time. She was worried and said, "You were dreaming? You could have drowned!" I explained to her that I wasn't dreaming while I was swimming, but, rather, the entire thing was a dream. She got confused and asked me how it could be a dream if we are here at the pond right now. I realized she was right. This is part of the dream. I got excited and told her this. And I said to look around look at these trees, this grass, the pond! It's all so REAL! So vivid. This is a dream right now! I can't believe this is a dream. I created this entire world in all its beauty. To prove to myself this was a dream I decided to jump in the pond because, if I were dreaming, I wouldn't feel anything. To my surprise, I could actually feel the water, but it wasn't a real feeling. Just an impression of a sensation, but sensation nonetheless, but I still knew it was a dream. I explained my mind to A during this. I kept telling her to look at all these different things, like plans, and buildings that were around. I was amazed at how colorful and vivid everything was. Then I realized since it's a dream, it has to end soon. I connected the parallels between the dream world and real life, about how its so beautiful, but it ends eventually. I got really sad and held A tight and told her I don't want it to end, talking about both the dream and real life. I kept saying how I wanted to stay forever. But knowing this wish was futile, I decided to make the best of it and have sex with her right there in the grass with people off in the distance. It doesnt matter if they see us, it's a dream after all! She went with it, and we had suuuuuch intense sex...but I knew it was time to wake up. And so Iwoke up.

    Updated 07-25-2017 at 06:32 AM by thatguy431


    Death of a Fatty

    by thatguy431 on 06-17-2011 at 07:22 PM
    So, it's been awhile since I've been recording my dreams, and I find I have significantly less recall ability because of it, so I've been trying to pay more attention again. Last night I had such a vivid dream, thanks to Calea Z. love that shit!

    It started with me sitting in a restaurant with a group of people, only I wasn't me. I was some 40-50 year old dude with thinning hair, somewhat longish, but not really. I was quite fat but my weight kept changing throughout the dream. We were sitting at this table and these people I was with was discussing whether or not I was allowed to join their "group" or something along those lines. I didn't say anything, just listened. They decided I would be ok to accept. Then I guess they just disappeared, and I ate some food. When I was done, it was around closing time, and I was supposed to go upstairs to the third floor to have my initiation. The restaurant place was huge. The dining area was the first floor, but it was gigantic. The second floor was something...I don't know, but the staircase was so wide and fancy.

    At the third floor, I was in this reception room or something, and it was really poorly lit, and dank, and smoky, and there were a bunch of people laying around on couches. I sat on one and waited because I didn't know what I was doing. There was a dude smoking a cig and he asked me what I was doing. I don't think I said anything, but he still knew what I was doing there. He started talking about how he thinks what these people do is wrong, even though hes a part of it. It's not quite human trafficking, or sex slavery even. It's prostitution, which he said isn't too bad, but it's just not right. He felt bad about it all but he could do nothing about it. In my mind I agreed with him, not realizing the group I was just accepted into were the people in control of the prostitution shit.

    After some time, I knew I was supposed to head into the next room for whatever reason. There were tons of beds with people fucking on it in absurd ways. Mostly with dominatrix type shit and bondage and everything that freaks me out (lol). Then two girls walked over to me and tried to take my clothes off. At first I was like, "Hmm, this could be interesting but..." Then one of the girls pulled out a huge pink dildo that had balls attached for some reason. I was like, "No, I don't want that." But the girl didn't listen and she started flopping it around and motioned toward my ass. I kept saying no, but she wouldn't stop, so I shouted, "IF THAT COMES NEAR MY ASS I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL SOMEONE!" At this point, I was back to a normal weighted person for some reason. My yelling startled the girl and I ran out. They had gotten my shirt off, but I didn't care to go back because of my disgust.

    I walked down the stairs and the restaurant was completely empty, but I could hear a tv and an old couple talking. Maybe the second floor? So I walked down the stairs as quietly as I could. For some reason my "mom" who wasn't my real mom, because I wasn't actually me, was at the door for some reason, and also, my pants were off and I was completely naked for some reason. She walked in and I put a blank look on my face. She said something to me and I fell over acting startled. She asked me if I was sleep walking again, and I acted really confused and played along with it so she wouldn't know why I was really there and why I was naked. I could have won an academy award for how good my acting was. I really felt the emotion that goes with all of a sudden realizing you are far away from home and not in your bed. It was awesome haha!

    So after that we left and started walking down the street, and apparently my clothes were back. The city we were in, my mind told me, was New York. There was so much noise and people around just hangin out being hood rats and what not. I realized all these people were in a gang or something, and started to get scared. I said to my mom, "How the hell did I make it all the way out here in my sleep?!?!" She was wondering the same thing. Right after saying that, I saw a dude come by with a cops night stick and I knew he was going to mug us, and I threw my hand behind my back to dampen the blow of the club. He told my mom, who was in like her 80s to give him all her money, and she just started to run. The dude with the club looked at me and said something about how shes old but hell still chase her and me down. So I turned and started running to but he was somehow in front of me. He swung the club at me again and hit me in the side. He tried to swing again, but I caught it before he could put much force into it, and I yanked it from his hands. I hit him in the head as hard as I could, which knocked him out. I started to run to catch up to my mom and as I looked up there was a gunshot and I saw a different guy pointing a gun at me and I felt this burning sensation in the left side of my chest. I realized I had just been shot, and fell to the ground. I was fat again at this point. I laid there dying wishing it didn't happen this way. As the last moments came I realized this was all a dream and forced myself to wake up.

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