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      Naww not at all sandy. We all love you just as much

      Now getcho ass in chat!
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      Hey sandy! Been a DG since August last year, lol

      how are you? Been missing you in chat! I hope you're well
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      I totally agree. There's no reason to bring any negative emotion to bed. IMO. The more contentment, confidence, and sense of adventure I can carry with me into the dream, the better my results.

      I remember a couple of lucids that I had while my son was ill enough that I felt a bit upset about it most of the day. My dreams took on a much darker, more somber tone during that time. They weren't "bad", and they were still interesting, but I generally like for my LDs to have that sense of happiness and unlimited play. There was far less of that in these.

      So yeah, I can't imagine carting around anger would be of any help, even if a person could still get lucid with it.
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      That's an interesting thought. I'll keep that in mind. I really try to never go to bed angry if there's any way that I can avoid it. Now that I find myself nodding in agreement that it could be a lucidity killer, I'll probably really be trying to avoid it.

      Okay, actually, I can think of one example! One night the dogs went completely nuts, did a bunch of barking and freaking out, and woke me up. I had to get up in the middle of the night to deal with this and was a little bit pissed during this unplanned WBTB. I managed to have two lucid dreams that night, and I was extremely surprised. I wasn't very angry about this, more just peeved, but it's the best example I've got.
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      Heh heh... you may enjoy putting the fast SSILD cycles first. Kind of relaxing and keeps me in the "chill" frame of mind that seems to work best for SSILD. SSILD is not really a technique to get too freaky or exacting about, and those fast cycles help loosen me up, it seems.

      Cool idea, especially if you've got those really solid dreamsigns! For me, it's lots of scenes with my wife, kids, and DV members. Lots of non-DV friends, too, but the casting is too spread out to be able to do much with that.

      Looking a bit more into the Journey Method, it looks like it is the same as the Memory Palace technique that I used! Cool! You'll have to let me know how the project goes if you decide to go for it.
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      That's excellent, man! Glad to hear that SSILD is fitting so well for you. I'm using the 6 fast cycles -> 3 slow cycles configuration that is more less like what CosmicIron laid out in his most recent blog post. Is that about like what you're doing? I'm still deciding on exactly what to do during micro-awakenings. Haven't got that figured out quite yet.

      Funny you should bring this up, because this memorization trick sounds like one of my favorites. I know it as the "Memory Palace" or "Method of Loci". I memorized a grocery list as a test may 12-16 months ago. I still remember almost the entire list!

      If you have a common location that you always end up in, I bet a tech like this could be huge. If the dreamsign is a thing, maybe you could give yourself a sudden, almost panicky jolt of "Omigosh, is this all a dream?" When I'm at the top of my game, I've usually done this throughout the day, although I don't organize it by dreamsign.

      What approach did you have in mind?
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      haha, PM shock, he'll know
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      Sorry for your loss. and COOL.. thanks for telling me wth a dreamsign is XD
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      No idea actually
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      what are dream signs?
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    by The Sandman on 09-18-2014 at 08:58 PM
    I haven't been journaling and this has hurt my dreaming. I also have not been cycling. This obviously hurts my lucids.


    I was with some girl. I ended up at some point being with a twin of hers at the same time. Both were in wife-beaters. I realized I was lucid and decided to rip open the first girls shirt. I never actually saw any boobs. They ended up being these little token kind of nub things.

    The dream ended here. I was just glad to go lucid. Maybe it will prime the pump and I'll get back into it.

    # 71, 72, 73

    by The Sandman on 06-13-2014 at 06:06 PM
    I have been really out of this whole thing for a while, but I recently had a few lucids that I am going to jot down very briefly. I have forgotten most of these, but they were all really long, so I was happy with all of them.


    I was trying to strip a girl. At this point in the dream she was like a manikin from the waist down. She had no torso.

    I was trying to get her pants off, but she had layer after layer of jeans on. I really can't remember what ended up happening.


    I ate a girl out well. I had a nice mouthful of her vagina until I started getting hair in my mouth. Eventually I started eating her ass.


    I flew up. I didn't want to get heavy, so I focused above me and just flew. I made it to the top of the tree line. It was night time.

    I ended up seeing a man. I started to fly. I asked him if he knew how I did it. He didn't answer. I asked him if he knew something about the logical part of your mind being off when...?

    He responded, A tornado! (how I was flying)
    Another DC told him, "You would know if there was a tornado!"

    I finally said, "I'm dre-eaming! I'm lucid dreaming!"

    The End

    Each of these dreams were much longer than the salient points I can remember. I enjoyed all of them quite a bit, and I'm really happy to have some success again.
    lucid , memorable

    # 70 Just A Bit Of Making Out

    by The Sandman on 08-03-2013 at 05:44 PM
    So The lucid portion of this dream was just making out with this girl, but I log my lucids, so I'm logging this dream even though it was a really short bit of lucidity.


    I was on a beach in Hawaii. We are trying to arrange to move there IWL. I was with my son. It was a black-sand beach,
    though the beach was actually rocks, some black and some brown volcanic rock. I wanted to start throwing the brown rocks
    into the water to slowly make it a real black-sand beach, but that was going to take forever.

    We saw a boy my sons age in the water by himself. We seemed to disturb him as he started walking away to the beach on the
    other side of the water. We went in the water, though I didn't feel the water. We made it to the other side. The beach was
    made entirely of rocks that were starting to crystalize. These were like rocks I found on a small natural sand bar at
    a simple creek IWL. They actually were terminated stones, though very few were clear.

    Anyway, I started looking at all the rocks. I was very impressed. Then the boys mother came around as did her husband. I
    liked her though. I talked to her about her work. She was in real estate, so I talked to her about what I used to do in
    real estate. Then I started talking to the guy. I asked what he did for a living, but he wouldn't tell me. I think I
    bothered him talking to his wife.

    The dream transitioned to where I was driving away from some house at night. I passed some lawn bags and went back for them.
    I wanted the leaves in the bags. I went back and eventually, somehow at some point I ended up at a house with the girl that I
    was trying to get to my whole dream.

    Dream Skip

    I was watching something on T.V. The program showed a table with space on it using crystal balls as planets and broken
    mirrors to shape other planets. It looked almost exactly like a table I had started working on, except the one in my
    dream had a galaxy close to the middle of the table.

    I couldn't believe anyone else would have the exact same idea that I had. I started collecting my crystal balls to
    put in the table I created so I could show someone that I really had the same idea as whoever was showing the table
    on T.V.

    I went downstairs to where my table is and ended up seeing this chick in bed. At first she was dressed, but then she
    had opened her shirt and dress/robe thing. I lay down perpindicular to her and saw her naked body. Her breasts were
    a C cup, very attractive, and she had a strange bit of hair on her vag. I started making out with her and then realized I was dreaming.

    I made out with her for a bit and worked on putting it in her.
    I continued working on putting it in, but my lucidity was gone. My dream simply continued from this point.
    Then my dream ended , but it was resolution to the rest of my dream trying to get to this girl (that guys wife from earlier).

    I also find it important to have even these short bursts of lucidity to program your mind FOR lucidity.

    Updated 08-03-2013 at 05:47 PM by The Sandman

    lucid , non-lucid

    # 69

    by The Sandman on 07-29-2013 at 06:24 PM
    I've been trying to log only my lucids, but my memory fails me now. I'm convinced that steady journaling of my dreams aids in more complete memory of all my dreams. I'll set up another page for my regular dreams so I can continue logging only my lucids here.

    I've been lazy with my cycling, but I woke up at around 5:00 AM and decided to cycle. I didn't do do much, and the cycling was disturbed by itches and other discomforts, but it didn't seem to matter. I ended up going lucid. This technique is like old faithful for me.

    # 69

    I was in a strange house. I don't really remember what was happening, but someone was leaving top-shelf alcohol in my glass. I would finish what the person didn't drink, but I knew something was wrong. After finishing the end of a second glass, a woman appeared and said something about it not being community alcohol, though she said it some other way, and did not get upset about it at all. In fact, she started pouring me more.

    I liked her even though she was about 10 years older than me. She was sexy and I think I got to see her breasts.

    I started thinking I might be dreaming, but was afraid to take the woman. I looked at my hands and they were split so that I could see air through a couple fingers. I put fingers from my other hand through the cut slits in the other fingers to prove I was dreaming. I still didn't believe it, but I took the woman and paid close attention to whether she acquiesced or not. She never flinched.

    Soon I was with a girl who was much younger than her, but I think she just turned younger. I put my hand up her shirt and felt her up. I pushed her bra up and saw her tits. Then I undid my pants and put her hand on me.

    Then two guys walked in. One had an assault rifle. I started to beg for him not to kill me, but then I stood up and started to beat the shit out of him. My punches didn't have the umph I would want, but I kept punching and got the better of the guy with the rifle.

    I never got back to the girl before I woke up.


    by The Sandman on 07-25-2013 at 04:02 AM
    This was another really short lucid.

    I was on top of a building with a bag of money, but I was thinking in my head, "What if someone had a bag of money and--." It was a stereo typical,drawn, two-dimensional bag with a money sign on it." The bag was drawn.

    Then I saw The Greatest American Hero on top of the building with me, but his hair was a little flat, and he looked a little gay, so I called him the Gayest American Hero, and realized I was dreaming. Realizing I was dreaming, I thought I would trick The Gayest American Hero. I "fell" off the building with my bag of money, but I fell a foot and then hovered, while the Gayest American Hero flew down expecting me to fall.

    I then flew back up, but typical of me, at the top of the building, I needed to help myself with physical force.


    I had another dream where I saw an old woman who was so old that her skin was gone and she had a layer of clear skin. Her eyes were big like eyes from a sponge bob cartoon.

    I had a ball with gell and little hard, clear tear-drop shaped plasticy things. I squeezed the ball and one of the plastic things came out and landed on the old lady's leg. She was a bit disturbed, so I apologized and pulled it off of her a bit embarrassed with myself.

    Updated 07-28-2013 at 07:07 PM by The Sandman (Corrected Spelling)

    lucid , non-lucid